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  1. "IF" Browns would take Flacco &our 16th for their 1st&33rd we could FIX defense and sign Kapernick or even Cutler as stopgap REBUILD decent team. Flacco & our 16th,74th for 1st&12th would be DREAM scenario. DO you really want to face the Browns 2x with Flacco at QB and Gordon, Coleman and more at WR? They would no longer be just counted as a win for us. Especially if we had Kappernick at QB. I get Cutler but he is so undependable that his contribution in 8 games or less would virtually make Mallet our starter.... do you really think we would be better off there? I get it... I dont like Joes ridiculous contract but a trade like that would set us back 5 years. Teams without franchise QBs just DO NOT win in this league. That is why the Browns are the Browns. Now it would be different if we could trade Joe for a Phillip Rivers or Joe for Matt Stafford..... etc. Not saying that they are better then Joe but they are franchise Qbs who we could continue to build around... Problem is why would those teams trade those guys to us for Joe... take on Joes contract and still give something else up?????
  2. I think 6-3 headed into the break is realistic.... 5-4 is very possible but 4-5 would be unacceptable. IF we go 6-3 before the break... 11-5 is a very realistic expectation. 12-4 would be lofty but possible. 10-6 would be the minimum expectation. We should not sleep the Jags (great young defense and a lot of offensive weapons). The Texans will be much improved also. They will have one of the best defenses in the NFL this year and they do have weapons at WR! They will not be an easy out. The Titans are another team that could scare us.... they have a very good OL with a very solid defense and a great RB. The titans will not be an easy out this year. The Dolphins are supposed to be much improved this year also... The Lions - Bears and Colts should be wins. The Browns are never an easy out for us but need to also be counted as wins. That would give us 5 wins just right there The formula remains the same as always however. Win the divisional games and home games. If we have the best record in the division vs divisional opponents... and win the home games we are sitting pretty. In fact if we won all of our divisional games and home games we would be 11-5. If we split with the sqeelers and won the rest of our divisional games but won on the road vs Minn and Jax we would only need to win 3 of the next 5 home games vs (Chi,Miami,Tex, Lions and Colts) to go 10-6 In other words with Browns 2x, Cincy (split) Pitt (Split), wins over Minn, Jax, Chi, Miami, Det, Hou, and Indy) that would leave us at 11 wins Additional Win vs the Titans, and could leave us with 12 wins.. Leaving us with 2 throw away games on the road vs the Raiders and Pack... even a split there would leave us with the top seed. and 13 wins. We always find ways to make it interesting and drop games we shouldnt drop (Tenn, Hou, or a Browns, Bengals game) SO I am calling our season record. 11-5 or 10-6. 10 -6 would be a little bit disappointing.
  3. 1 thought: 2 TE sets and a healthy rotation
  4. well add in ILB to that needs list. We need to land a WR and ILB in FA... Maybe even a S- We need to re-sign Ducasse and then look to draft S-Gibrill Peppers CB OT WR RB
  5. Proud of you Zach Orr. Even when nobody believed in you and you came in here as an UFA... you never doubted. You proved everyone wrong and that is a testament to your character. Your type of character is rare and it will be missed. Good luck in the next chapter. God Bless!
  6. We need to trim the fat. 1. Webb is not earning his contract 2. Elvis has not earned his contract for 2 years 3. Sharece owes us money 4. Hurst owes flacco some money 5. Powers / Arrington/ Elam / have never earned their contract 6. Zuttah is beyond his ability to play to the level that we are playing him 7. McClellan is a high paid ST player 8. Talifero will never see the field again (I could even throw Kamar in that list) Thats ten players that need trimmed Then there are probably a couple that has earned it but we will not be able to retain them 1. Brandon Williams 2. Rick Wagner I would love to find a way to keep both but I just do not see it. Fortunately we found Pierce and Alex Lewis who could probably step right in Then there are a few who are still under friendly contracts who we need to really develop and get more out of or they will be on the top list in a season or two. 1. KC 2. Perriman 3. Maxx 4. Cannady 5. CMoore 6. ZSmith 7. CDavis 8. Kafusi (but that may not be fair to list him yet) 9. Willie Henry 10. Camp * but he has to stay healthy to have a chance to develop him Think of it this way... that is 20 plus players on the team that are not playing up to expectations and two that are that we will probably lose (along with SSS who retired) I can add in that Joe is not playing up to his contact and that is 24 roster spots who under performed or who we will need to find replacements for. Thats over half of the roster... We have a lot of work to do in the off- season if we really expect to right the ship. I still think that Ozzie, Harbs and company are the right people for the job but they have their work cut out for them... believe that!
  7. The OC / HC abandoned the running game way too quickly this year but maybe bc they know the personnel that we have and they have little faith in their ability. Thats probably what Harbs has been calling for a RB who can be a game breaker since the season ended. Dixon and West showed good potential as a pass catching / short yardage back but they also seemed to struggle with consistency and vision. I think this had a lot to do with the coaches lack of trust in the run game. I would like to see us add a game breaker at the RB position and get back to our mauling identity.
  8. YUP, we need a new Center... Urschel who has been the backup... Could he be a replacement? I don't think Urschel should even be in discussion since a 4th round rookie basically took his job. I think he is decent depth, but they need better players than Urschel on the line. I am with you... I think Urschel makes a solid G and very suitable back up at G... but he has struggled at C and struggles in front of the QB is never good! We need a quality C either via the Draft of FA
  9. i like the swap; Roman for Castillo but losing Fraser hurts- In fact.... I really dont know how we can retain dean pees with out LF. I think Pees improvement this season was mostly due to the addition of LF.... and even with him with had a collapse in the final quarter and maybe even final half of the year. Would love to see us replace Pees (maybe keep the Bills / Ravens swap going and bring Rex back) or even his brother. IDK anyone other then DP... I dont think we can survive another year with him heading our D. The D has under performed since he got here and we have not been able to close a single team out over the past 3 seasons.... In fact over the last three years nearly every loss we had saw the defense not be able to close a team out! How long can that continue? SMH
  10. Waller is fast. With the O-line back Joe will have time to use that. Same with Wallace and maybe Perriman if he can learn to get separation. Looking forward to seeing Waller light the sqeelers up! He is a mistmatch and their defense is vulnerable to TE's
  11. KC also.... man KC is seriously disappointing so far. Hope he proves me wrong but I feel like we have seen this movie before also!
  12. what if we win the next two games coming out of our BYE week? That leaves us 5-4 and in first place (at least by way of head to head tie breaker) and we will be 3-0 in conference. The leaves us healthy and in a pretty good place
  13. You're joking right? Aikmen has proven to be better than everyone I highlighted. Right now, Aiken is the 3rd best WR we have behind SSS and Wallace. I dont think that was a joke... You can think that Kamar has out played all of them but Perriman is a high draft pick and will be given every chance to succeed (and yes even over Kamar) C also a high draft pick who will play to Joe's strength... allowing us to stretch the field. Camp.... is a better athlete and a mismatch in the slot that Kamar cant be. While I have my doubts about Campanaro's ability to stay healthy in this league... I think he brings something to the table that Kamar cannot. I think Waller is even more of a mismatch... While I dont know why he is in the conversation bc he is playing TE>.... I do think Waller can be a giant mismatch.... But I get the point... the point being that with Moore and Perriman being a high investment... Wallace and SSS being our top WRs and Camp and Waller being the players we are looking to for mismatches moving forward... I am not sure where that leaves Kamar in our offense???????? Which is evidenced by his drastic dropped in numbers this year... suggesting the Ravens see it the same way!
  14. Huff? An upgrade? Is he still even in da league? Say what.... LOL... it is Marqueston Huff.... out of Wyoming not Mike Huff from the Raiders.... Different Huff and yes he is very athletic and good speed.... I think he can easily play S as well as Webb and believe he can even be an upgrade!
  15. I hope he is healthy and ready to go but i think it is time to acknowledge that our issues at S are more systemic then bad luck Since Dean Pees has come to BMORE finding a good S has been tougher then finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Ed Reed has his struggles under Pees and complained about it and everyone suggested that Ed was just getting too old... SMH We had Pollard... the argument was that he just could cover the pass... but played well in Tennessee after he left We had Ihedigbo.... and he couldnt cut it but played well in Detroit after he left. We had Darian Stewart.... who looked like the worst S in the league while he was here... we ran him out and Stewart has been a big part of the Denver Defense who just won the super bowl and still looks great. We had Will Hill who before he cam to BMORE he looked like one of the top S in the NFL.... he came here and while he showed flashes ... his time here was marked by utter inconsistency. We had Huff who was a complete failure. We drafted Elam in the first round ... who was supposed to be a cant miss draft pick... he looked okay as a rookie but regressed ever since. We drafted T Brooks... who simply couldnt cut it here... but has since left and is spending time with the Eagles... We had Branden Trawick... who looked horrible here and but is now with the Raiders and is contributing. We traded for Kendrick Lewis who looked great in Houston before coming here and since coming here he has been horrible and probably played his last game with the Ravens. We brought Eric Weddle in and he has played great for us but he is clearly a super talented player and the exception ( and i really wonder how much Leslie Frasier has impacted his success here). Players play great before coming here. Get here and Suck.... Players suck here... leave and play well. We draft Safeties and they cant cut it (no matter if they are first rounders, 2 rounders or lower)... We are having so much bad luck at that position and so many struggles and the misfortune of seeing players play the same position at a much higher level for other teams..... to the point that We had to acknowledge that this appears to be more systemic then bad luck. It is time for Pees to begin to answer for the fact that Safeties cannot be successful in his system and why this has a lot to do with the fact that we cannot close a team out! This is no longer bad luck and way beyond coincidence!