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  1. Anything constructive?
  2. Davis can run routes, has very good hands, capable of spectacular catches and has speed. Williams is just a big guy who can catch. In the NFL a person with Davis' skill set has a way better career.
  3. It kinda does matter. Corey Davis is a SUBSTANTIALLY better WR. Williams isn't gonna be successful. The dudes a DGB slower clone minus the off the field issues. Can't run routes.
  4. I don't want to live in a world where we take Mike Williams over Corey Davis. It's really not even close.
  5. Jeez, picking Taco would be a bummer.
  6. My majesty...
  7. Dudes got an IQ of 2. His combine meetings are what made me officially close the door on him.
  8. I can't remember the last time I saw a player as afraid of contact as Takk. Dude refuses to use his hands.
  9. Loud minority I guess, lol. I just remembered the night club incident. This idiot litterally threatened to get his AK-47 and shoot the club up. This guy doesn't belong in the PUBLIC, what makes people think he belongs on a football team?
  10. HELL NO to the first round and Chad Kelly stalks "adult actresses", gets into fights and in general he's just a freaking creep. You can look at the guy and tell that he's bad news. Harbaugh would have beef with Ozzie if that happened. I don't understand why so many people here want him.
  11. We got a pretty high third round pick for Jernigan and a comp third. That's more than we would've gotten next year when we would've gotten a comp 4th round pick. Good trade on both sides until Jernigan burns out after 6 games and Eagle fans start wondering what happened. This forum is mad depressing.
  12. Think I'm officially on the Corey Davis bandwagon. This guy would give us a monster.
  13. Controversial one here; I'd say Mike Williams. Dude can't separate to save his life and his routes are below average even for a college player.
  14. Why is he in the arena league? That's below him. Just retire bro.
  15. What's the fascination with Hooker about?