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  1. So glad to be a fan of such a classy organization! From the top down. Go Ravens! I cannot wait to watch him announce our pick.
  2. I have a feeling it's Offensive line as well. But will it be Lamp or Robinson? Ozzie likely will be wearing his crimson shirt under his blazer on draft night and will smile as he picks RobinsonšŸ˜‚ TBH, I don't see anyway the Broncos could afford to not go Out line, even with Barnett there.
  3. This isn't the 90s anymore lol teams have ample tape on those late round gems now, which boosts their stock into the early rounds. For an elite line you must have at least 3/5 blue chip lineman with two average to above average complimentary lineman--e.g., the Cowboys, who had the elite guys like Smith, Martin and Frederick, but also had good complimentary guys like Leary and Free.
  4. I'm sure Ozzie will use his resources to find out the risk. If he gets called I won't blink an eye. Jernigan btw also had a diluted test and he never had a drug problem while here. Also remember people, when you go to college, it is often that one period in time where you break loose and get a little crazy. If a lucrative career is dangling in front of you I think most players find ways to settle in, despite the constant fear of fans that always believe that because you smoked pot in college that you will automatically not see the field.
  5. Agree on all accounts. He is perhaps the best run blocker in class and has ideal strength and size. I knock him in pass pro, but at guard, he could dominate because he doesn't have to worry about the outside speed rush. When Cam makes the initial punch he is very effective. However, I am a huge fan of Lamp and his quick feet and balance make him so attractive as an Option line prospect, along with a bit better versatility due to his potential to play center, but I don't think he could revive our run game the way in which I think Robinson could.
  6. A draft day surprise hits and Jonathan Allen takes a tumble all the way into Black & Purple. JK JK. I'm hoping for Barnett or Williams, but this one shot vote needs pragmatism. With that being said, I'm ticked everyone beat me to the punch already. I like the odds of Cam Robinson being the pick. Bama boy, check. Versatility, check. Offensive line has been ignored for a little while and I think the FO knows we need a great one to revamp our run game and get the most out of our QB. I have a hunch that Reddick could be our pick, but I am going with, Cam Robinson, Final Answer.
  7. In what aspect? Only his press is unimpressive. His down field coverage is spectacular.
  8. Foster at 16 would be a steal. He is the epitome of what being a Raven is all about. We don't have any enforcers currently and he would put some teeth back in our defense.
  9. TJ Logan getting some love! I like it. He is a great mid round addition that will be the change of pace back that we need.
  10. Value is there. Conley has been overshadowed by Hooker and Lattimore, but he's no slouch. With some coaching on his press technique, he could become an elite cover corner.
  11. Foster is borderline top 5 to 10 prospect. If he is there at 16 and Ozzie gets the thumbs up from Savannah and Co., then no doubt he will be a Raven. Only players I have ranked higher than him are Garrett, Hooker, Adams, Barnett, Allen and Fournette.
  12. Doing simulators is basically living in fantasy land lmao most teams don't want to trade up this year knowing that the strength of the class is it's depth.
  13. I hope we come out blazing because that stretch with the Steelers and Raiders will be tough then we have a lot of manageable games. I worry of that late November to December stretch though. Packers, Lions, Texans and then Steelers on the road again of course. I'm optimistic and would make a prediction post draft but it looks like another 8-8 or 9-7 season.
  14. Semi-realistic: 1. Derek Barnett 2. Sidney Jones 3. JuJu Smith-Schuster 3. Ethan Pocic More realistic: 1. Forrest Lamp 2. Quincy Wilson 3. Ryan Anderson 3. Desmond King.
  15. I love the thought of getting lamp because he just seems like such a safe prospect with his balance and quick feet. However, Cam isn't as bad as people on the board like to believe he is. As a guard he could be an elite run blocker. He has rare brute strength. Even as a RT I don't think he would be bad. He has some clunky footwork at times, but when he initializes the contact and latches on, he is often very hard to get through or around in time. Watch Garrett v Robinson.