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  1. Wasn't that also the Le'veon Bell draft?
  2. "30 seconds of logos" *ding*
  3. Glad to see we've reached a consensus.
  4. People would still hang this on him even if that is true
  5. I've played into the first few hours but I haven't had time to just sit and play for hours like I want to but I was hyped for this game when it was first announced. It's great to hear so many people really liking this game.
  6. chub for Chubb?
  7. I'm sure he's terrified
  8. "That right there is funny!"
  9. wh...wh...HUH!?
  10. You're going to hell for that As am I for laughing at it.
  11. Ok, here's one, Look in your pocket and you will see half of my name Crap, wrong account.
  12. Man i'm gonna miss this place
  13. This thread is so sweet, it's bound to give be diabetes