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  1. RiseNconquer81, why are you so upset with the FO? Please write me back and let me know I would like to have a conversation about it with you, not an argument, maybe if we pick each other's brains with both could get some perspective from our views.
  2. I think it's hilarious listening to all of these wannabe GMs on here who actually think they know more then people who have made a living their whole life in football. Their ignorance is not worth your time debating them because it will get you nowhere but aggravated. I know it doesn't mean much but I just watched Teddy Bruchski say he thinks Mosley will win DROTY.
  3. Remember what side of the ball wins championships and what happened to the best offense of all time.
  4. Some times you'll have that, and because of that D we just missed the playoffs, we had to replace a lot of guys on D last year and you have to play D in a The AFC North, 1 year out of 6 and going 8-8 with all of the new guys and the injurys that's not that bad.
  5. I heard ya loud and clear cuz, out of those guys I think only two have a good upside, and that's B-Will, and Tyson. Canty's getting old and I'm a ND fan and Moore was just on a good unit I don't think he will ever start on a Ravens quality defense.
  6. That's OK, the knock on him is lazy, and after what we just went through the FO probably didn't want a McKinney jr.
  7. Last time I checked Moses is still there and we could draft someone else, and we have Wagner and still could sign Winston.
  8. Are we looking for a starting QB? No, but if Ngata doesn't sign a extension next year we will need a DT because we will cut him, we are not paying him 16 million again next year, so I would say BPA DT is a higher priority then BPA backup QB.
  9. If we continue to have solid deep drafts year in and year out I don't understand why people think the FO forgot how to do their job, some people on here act like they have no trust in the FO what's up with that. All I ever see on here is people saying best franchise in the league, best front office, Superbowl Champs, and I love the Ravens. Then when the team doesn't draft who someone at home watching the draft on T.V. wants them to draft then everything they have accomplished over the last 15 years means nothing and they don't know how to do their jobs anymore, those guys need to stay in their lane and leave all of the heavy lifting to the guys who are qualified to do so. Thank You!
  10. Not only do we have 2 rings but we've been to the playoffs 9 times since 2000.
  11. Oh, and to piggyback on that post, if your not counting cheating then no one has more rings.
  12. Well being that only 1 team has more rings then us since our inception, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  13. Winston is still a option that Gary could reel in if we need him.
  14. Nikilas, dam!
  15. I'm not understanding why people think Canty's position isn't open for compitition.