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  1. Knowing the Ravens' history it'll probably end up being some undrafted RT that becomes our starter, and does pretty well.
  2. I think Davis could drop to us thanks to Ross rising. If Ross is the 2nd receiver taken, then Davis likely slides since not as many top teams need WRs this year.
  3. This isn't true. Not entirely. The Ravens take the best player available at a position of need. Even in Mosley's case it was the Ravens knowing that they would need a franchise ILB within the next year and him being better than anyone they could get the next draft. Slightly improving guard in the first round while ignoring gigantic holes elsewhere should only be done if the guy is going to be hall of fame caliber or at least top five in the league at his position. He could potentially become a probowl level, but I don't think he'd reach that that high on the guard rankings in the league. Thus it wouldn't be a good pick. Especially when we could get an interior guy like Elflien in the 2nd or Isaac Isiata in the third. Or trade back for Lamp.
  4. I wouldn't call them lesser lineman though. They're better tackles and Cam is the better guard. We need a tackle, so we take the potentially great tackle rather than the potentially great guard.
  5. I'd be willing to use a third comp pick on him, since he seems like a faster Edelman.
  6. I used the CBS board and the NFL Mock for team needs, and I think this might be one of the most unrealistic ones I've done. Though I wish it could turn out like this. 16: R1P16 EDGE DEREK BARNETT TENNESSEE 47: R2P15 G DAN FEENEY INDIANA 78: R3P14 CB ADOREE' JACKSON SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 99: R3P35 EDGE RYAN ANDERSON ALABAMA 123: R4P16 WR AMARA DARBOH MICHIGAN 159: R5P15 RB DONNEL PUMPHREY SAN DIEGO STATE 186: R6P2 WR RYAN SWITZER NORTH CAROLINA
  7. Already a thread for it. Feel free to post your own draft on there.
  8. Yeah, but unless Cam is playing center, then he's going to be a RT for us, not a guard. As for Ramczyk, I think he could be a top ten RT in the league.
  9. He's an extremely rangy center fielder that the Ravens defense has missed for awhile. We're kinda set at safety now and he's a bit of a luxury pick, but still, he could be one of the top 5 safeties in the league after a bit more experience.
  10. Yeah. A trade down pass rusher with possibly be Williams or Watt.
  11. If the Ravens go OT in the first round, I'd really prefer Ramczyk over Robinson. He's a far more natural fit at tackle on the NFL level than Cam will be. Granted, I don't want to go OT in the first either way, but if we are I'd rather have the sure prospect over the guy with a lot of "coachable" bad habits.
  12. Agreed. I would much rather move down than up.
  13. I agree. And I still really don't like Robinson as a tackle. Could be a really good guard, but I think he'll struggle on the outside.
  14. Well, we got some big signings during the first few days of free agency so that changes a bit of the draft strategy. Here's another go at it. Round 1: Corey Davis, WR, WMU Sticking with Davis as the top pick. He's just too good of a fit and too good of a player to pass up if he's at 16. One thing that I didn't mention before, but we saw that Flacco is great at throwing those intermediary passes when he's got chemistry with a guy he trusts (Boldin and Pitta being the prime examples). That's why Corey Davis could be the perfect WR to pair Flacco with. And he's the perfect complimentary WR to Perriman. If the safeties back off to deal with Perriman, Davis will abuse the underneath coverage. Round 2: Derek Rivers, edge, Youngstown State Small school guy that dominated at his level. He seemed to only get better when under the spotlight at the Senior Bowl, Combine, and Pro Day. He has every trait you could want from an edge rusher: quickness, athleticism, a good bend, decent strength, and combines it all with a relentless play style. And his ceiling is really high, meaning he'll keep getting better while learning from guys like Mosley, Suggs, and Weddle. On top of that, the Steelers seem to have taken a liking to him. One more chance to grab a high player off their board. Round 3: Isaac Asiata, interior O-line, Utah Moving him up since its kinda wishful thinking that he'll still be there for the comp pick. He could even be gone by this point. That aside, he has the traits to become a good center and is the perfect guy to push nose tackles off the line of scrimmage. Hell, he'd probably have the time of his life going toe to toe with nose tackles. If he doesn't work out at center, then we still get someone that can play nearly at KO's level at guard. Round 3 (comp): Howard Wilson, CB, Houston To put it simply, he came out of college a year sooner than he should have. He has pretty limited experience. However, he has all the natural traits you want at CB. Fluid hips, plays without fear, good speed, great length, and good instincts. All he needs is experience. Since the Ravens got Carr, we don't need to throw a young CB into the fire. After a year learning from Weddle and spending time in an NFL weight room, he could become one of the great hidden gems of this deep DB class. Round 4: Brad Seaton, OT, Villanova Seaton is a big, big man who is pretty good at imposing his will on edge rushers. Unlike a lot of massive tackles at the college level, he actually has pretty good lateral quickness to go along with his size and strength. Does he need a bit of polishing? Sure. But after the initial growing pains he could become a very good RT and swing tackle in the NFL. In the long run, he could be an upgrade over Wagner. He's also one of the few college tackles with his own highlight video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu6FDBZKXNU Round 5: Elijah Lee, LB, Kansas State A sideline to sideline defender that is also a good blitzer, and has some upside in coverage. His ability to find and get after the ball carrier through traffic can make him a great special teamer right away. Plus he'll provide Correa some real competition for the ILB spot, and be a competent backup. Round 6: TJ Logan, RB/Return specialist, UNC Logan is a speed demon through and through with the ability to take it to the endzone anytime he has the ball in his hands. Could be a very good returner in the NFL.
  15. I agree. A great front 7 can carry a mediocre secondary. But a great secondary will still struggle a lot to carry a front 7 that doesn't have much pass rush. Along the same line of thought, a dominate o-line is extremely helpful too.