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  1. I was really thinking about how we could try and get good value and production that fills needs now and in the future. I think to do this, an option I like, is to trade back 7 or so places for a late 2nd. 1st. Forrest Lamp Our 2nd. Sidney Jones Trade 2nd. Curtis Samuel 3rd. Ethan Pocic Comp 3rd. Anthony Walker Jr. After that it's hard to even keep picking, but the point is, with a trade back I think there's great value and a chance to fix the offensive line which is the main priority in my opinion.
  2. I was just about to say that. If we got Tunsil at 6, I bet Ozzie is willing to give up his 2nd and 3rd round pick for Dodd if he's there at 20.
  3. Then Jax take buckner, bosa, or jack and Tunsil waltzes his way into Baltimore.
  4. Although I don't think it's likely, if you truly wanted Elliot you would have to jump Dallas, and San Diego wants to trade out, so who knows! Dallas might even then trade out!
  5. Actually that isn't quite true. Walter football says Dolphins want to move up badly for Elliot at 3 maybe????
  6. 2 mocks from today have Jack going to Cleveland....
  7. For me I will be happy with anyone we get and will be very supportive, but my own opinion is Tunsil, VH3, Shaq Lawson, or Jack. Everyone else I'm unsure about. VH3 and Lawson can probably be had in a trade back.
  8. Just rewatched combine stuff. Really forgot how good VH3 looked and how poor braxton miller was. I'd be happy with Hargreaves at 6.
  9. I would just like to point out that I was very high on Treadwell awhile ago because I watch a lot of Ole' Miss games and I liked the way he played. You could tell he wasn't the fastest, but he looked like he could've been an Boldin type guy which I though could help our team. But Charles Tapper a DEFENSIVE LINEMAN ran the 40 in 4.59s and Treadwell ran it 4.63. Tapper's vertical was 34in and Treadwell's was 32.5. They're both 6'3'' , but Tapper weighs 51 pounds more than Treadwell. He looks like he's got the skills to ball in the NFL, but I just really am starting to doubt he is athletic enough to gain consistent separation. People say Dez wasn't blazing fast, but he still ran 0.11s faster than Treadwell and is much more aggressive. Idk I just am really all in with Shepard as the best receiver in this class.
  10. Charone Peake is really starting to interest me, I think and it is only a guess, but I think he lasts until our first fourth round pick and I truly believe he could be BPA there.
  11. Trade back for Lawson Rd 1 Sua Cravens Rd 2 but for inside linebacker next to mosley. Shilique Calhoun Rd 2. Kendall Fuller Rd 3 Rashard Higgins Rd 4 Willie Beavers Rd 4 Keith Marshall Rd 4 My ideal and final mock
  12. As soon as I saw this thread I said oh my gosh Travin Dural! Lol he'll be just like OBJ imo. But yes he did return to LSU.
  13. I don't think Jones is there in the 6th, but that would really make the defense youthful.
  14. Saw two mocks yesterday that didn't have Lawson or Dodd in the first round. Seems awfully unlikely in my opinion.
  15. Bad news in my opinion, Cincy is now moving on from Corey Coleman or Josh Doctson as their first round selection, and are now zeroing in on my favorite Sterling Shepard. I told you all he was first round talent and would be a steal in the second. He'll wreak havoc from the slot if Aj Green is on the outside.