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  1. Definitely agreed. Even when you re-watch the highlights and listen to the commentators talk about how hard it is to catch the football in 19 degree weather, it makes you think. Especially on the drive where Joe hit Owen Daniels in the back of the end zone and he just couldn't hold on. The illegal receiver situation was one thing, but the Patriots "deflated" ball fiasco takes the cake. But we got the Patriots this year!
  2. Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said the team could acquire another offensive lineman through free agency, or could pick up a player another team cuts
  3. I believe Cody might be the odd man out. Even with him gone, how many DT's do we still have?
  4. It seems like all the mock drafts and experts were kind of off (as usual) with what they thought a lot of NFL clubs was going to do.
  5. I got a feeling Eric Watson and Ed Reed may be heading to Baltimore after this draft. I'm not saying the draft wasn't good, because it was, but we still have holes that should be filled with veteran depth.