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  1. That would be so counterproductive. I hate it!
  2. Wow tough question. I honestly would be happy with any of the 12. Idk I'd have to go pass rush. Garrett, Allen, and Thomas are just animals but probably going top 5. Hooker and Adams are also Animals! But probably won't fall out of the top 10. that leaves 1-CB Lattimore 2- CB Humphries (I know Iv been raving about the CBs in the second but if one of these 2 falls I take all that back. These 2 are shut up and "change your plan" type players) 3- ILB Foster (just imagining him and Mosley gives me shivers) 4- Williams WR 5- Lattimore RB 6- ramzchak OL (however it's spelled lol) 7- Davis WR thats my preference at the moment you?
  3. Oh my my. I'm already licking my chops... It's gonna be a delicious second round indeed
  4. Please watch Ryan Andersons OLB Alabama film. Tell me he's not Suggs 2.0......
  5. I agree on the talent from16-50. Those guys are impressive but please excuse my greed. If the stars align, we get a top 10 talent at 16 and a first round talent in the second. Heck move up a few picks in the second if you have to.
  6. Great post. you listed 9 guys that are absolutely top 10 talents and I'd add 3 more guys to the list as home runs if we can land one. ILB Foster CB Lattimore, Humphfries S Adams, Hooker RB Lattimore WR Williams, Davis OT Ramszcysk il also add Garrett, Solomon Thomas, and Allen who are probably no brainers at this point (just to make the list 12 players) that are worth taking regardless of what we have on our roster. Let's call these guys (1A) Robinson, Ross, Cook, and Barnett are good players to pick at 16 but each one has a little dent on his full package. Let's call these guys (1B) I would start rooting for the guy day one but my greed wants (1A) the way I look at it is that we need 4 guys outside of 1A to get drafted in the top 15 in order for us to land a 1A guy. Someone like Quincy Wilson CB Fla or Howard TE Alabama. Maybe a QB or two in the top 15 would be nice. Any of the 12 listed (1A) would feel like CJ Mosley all over again and I'd celebrate winning the draft early.
  7. Moving back ten spots would probably land us a late second to early third and change. But that would be an extremely risky proposition. There's a pritty steep drop off in talent after pick 20ish. I wouldn't mind moving back a few of the draft is mean to us but no later than 20. Second round is also risky because we're sitting right at the dropoff point. If we move back in the first it should be to move up in the second.
  8. Jefferson himself said he turned down 1.5m per yesr to accept the Ravens offer.
  9. And that's the kind of statement that drives the opposing side crazy. He made so many good points and eloquently stated them. You held on to the one point that he "spoke wrong" and threw out everything he said when in reality you know exactly what he means. i literally cringe every time a conversation like this happens. On one side, people who criticize Joe often take it too far to say something like cut him or trade him when it's not even logical. On the other hand, people defending Joe will go so far that theyl throw everyone around joe under the bus to defend him.
  10. Mad respect to Jefferson. "If Webb comes back the number is 100percent his" wow! On a side note, turns out Carr doesn't factor in the comp formula. Which kind of explains why Ozzie is not willing to sign anyone that does. A third round comp for Wagner would be a nice thank you to Baltimore.
  11. I'm with you on this one. I appreciate that pitta took a pay cut when he honestly didn't have to agree to that much of a cut. But also factor in last year he did take a 4 mil cut but recouped 3 mil of that and it counts against the cap this year. just to keep rhings simple, he'll probably get most of it back if he starts and plays most games but if he gets hurt then the Ravens are off the hook.
  12. I'm no doctor but I'm pritty sure him playing those last couple of meaningless games didn't help. It probably screwed up his shoulder more and postponed rehab for at least a month. Great way to protect your franchise QB lol
  13. On a side note, cam newton is having shoulder surgery. It's sad but hillarious when I thought our training staff messed up Perrimans diagnosis. These fools diagnosed it righ early December but it took them 3 months to do the surgery. what the heck! Why would you do that?!
  14. I'm also fired up but this all means nothing if Pees goes vanilla every fourth quarter. No more excuses Mr Pees. Top 5 overall is the minimum expectation
  15. True that. It's never in your favor when you publicly complain. I'm surprised because he specifically complained about touches then goes to a team that most likely won't give him touches. He had other visits didn't he?