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  1. I'm certainly not disputing that OJ is an animal. I probably like him more than you do. watson is probably gone and pitta shouldn't even be asked to block. Pitta is still a top 10 TE in this league so let's get used to it. It wasn't pittas fault that Coordinators drew up horrible plays at horrible times. Nor was it his fault that Flacco threw him the ball. Gilmore and Williams were second and third rounders. Just giving up on them because they got hurt is counter productive. Sure Howard might be a bit of an upgrade from who we have but the opportunity cost is us not addressing a greater need. A pass rusher, WR, Lineman, and even a ILB would help this team more. Than an upgrade at TE. thats all were trying to say...
  2. What will make or break this draft is what we do following the draft. We can't address all needs but surely can solidity most
  3. I'm with you guys on this one. Fournette would demand 8 man boxes on a regular basis and relieve so much pressure off Flacco. That said, moving all the way up to 7 would cost a ransome. Sure make the call but realistically, we can't afford to move up much higher than 12. If he falls to 12 then it's a real possibility. If fournette goes in the top 8 then don't break your heart over it. It just wasn't meant to be
  4. Great post. Couldn't have said it any better. Howard is a monster but it just doesn't make sense
  5. JuJu is an animal indeed! It may be a blessing that he had a horrible QB that hurt his numbers. I'm not sure if he's available unless we move up in the second and snatch him. Kopp on film looks just as nasty but one must factor the competition. I think it's a solid plan B
  6. You make a lot of valid points. I absolutely agree that having another superstar ILB is a luxory more than a necessity. I disagree with the notion that you can have a top 10 defense without an ILB. And to his red flags, though theyr all minor issues its starting to get harder and harder to defend. I mean seriously, how stupid do you have to be to fail a drug test when you know when it is. And to add insult, he then managed to get kicked out of the combine. as a talent tho, he's defiantly one of the best 5 players in this class. Iv been rooting for Foster all offseason but just the risk of him being suspended may take him off the board. If that's the case then I concede. i wouldn't mind Williams or Barnett but a trade back would crush me. Who cares if you over draft the guy you like. Only trade back of someone really desperate offers you something you can't refuse. and don't ever be shy do put your views out there as you normally do! Sometimes we agree and other times we don't. It's just the way you said it dropped me off my chair lol. we all bleed purple together 3 more days!!!
  7. Your definitely not the only one. We would like to upgrade at WR, CB, and Pass rush. We need two more starters on the Oline! and some quality depth considering Ducass beat out Jensen, Hurst, and Urschel... i don't think the draft alone addresses those needs
  8. Stop responding to this nonsense. That wouldn't even work on madden lol
  9. No you stop it! He trolls and you bite. Don't respond to nonsense like that and maybe just maybe he stops lol
  10. Tim williams, takksrish Mackinzy, Ryan Anderson, and Charles Harris. Please excuse my spelling lol yeah I think your right. Williams is probably long gone by the time we draft. And take Foster off the list. News came out he failed a drug test at the combine.
  11. To be fair. It does say "realistic dream" so all bets are off lol If that actually happens then we can donate the remaining picks to the poor Browns. That's addressing 4 areas of need with potential pro bowlers in one draft. Are you crazy?! If this is your dream then please don't wake me up! Daaaayum!!
  12. I'm also thinking reduce injuries. If we can reduce injuries by 10 percent then that will be the best addition of the offseason lol i honestly don't know how much Saunders can help Flacco. I for one am anticipating Flacco renting a farm in the middle of no where and invite all his WRs for a nice few weeks of running routes. Now that would do wonders! And the WR that doesn't show up can enjoy warming the bench for the starters
  13. Flacco obviously wasn't comfortable in his pocket last year and i think it comes down to 3 reasons. 1- The Oline was never close to full strength. That would cause most QBs to force throws early or just check down un necesarrily. 2- Coming back from a serious knee injury is not easy and I absolutely get it. I also commend Flacco for not using it as an excuse but we all know it factored. 3- most importantly, the scheme was a horrible horrible fit! Flacco never has been and never will be a timing or touch passer. Flacco needs his first read to run an intermediate route. His second read should always be someone that finds a sweet spot in coverage 6-12 yards. Finally, he needs a WR going deep at any given play so that he can throw up a 50/50 ball to him of the first two reads are covered. That means the deep guy has 1vs1 and that's playing to Flaccos strength! id also like to see Flacco have the option to audible to a run when defenses show obvious 7 players in coverage. Just run behind your overload and take 6 yards. Then no huddle and take 6 more yards when defenses disrespect us with playing 7 DBs.
  14. I love me some Jimmy smith! I think he's a top 10 CB when healthy. It just kills me when I think 3 of his last 4 injuries came when he was making a tackle from a weird position. Just put your head down and go for the runners legs! Who cares if you miss a tackle here or there. It's his cover skills that we really need. If Jimmy plays all 16 games. I promise we make the playoffs and no one would want to meet us there!
  15. I agree that pass rush is a greater need than CB and WR for that matter. I'd even bet good money that we draft a pass rusher in the second round if for whatever reason we don't take one in the first. I like Barrett's strength and his elite run stopping abilities. I don't love his burst or little use of finess moves. I honestly don't see much of a dropoff from him the the next 4 best pass rushers. When you compare that to WR and ILB There's a huge dropoff from Williams, Davis, Foster to the next best. i agree that this CB class is loaded all the way till the 3rd and it's no longer an urgent need at all. Il definitely take Humphrey back