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  1. After what Ozzie said himself about recent draft efforts, I would hope for and expect a real splash pick in the form of the best player available. I hope Bosa, Elliot and a QB all go in the picks before ours, ensuring Jack and or Buckner are available at this pick. Sounds as though there is little chance Ramsey makes it to 6.
  2. Who am I to question the great man!
  3. Sorry, that was dreadful. Lol
  4. Idiotic logic. Teams who win Playoff games will face the same lay off, with all but 2-3 weeks difference. On your logic, no team has any reason to enter next season with confidence due to time between games. Utter rubbish, players say all the time that it matters. Whether or not you miss the Playoffs, or lose in the Playoffs, there are always positives you can take away. And I dare say "more than half" those guys will be, what sort of wild overhaul are you expecting? It's not likely or even possible (or logical), in any sense.
  5. No attempt to a-pees the fans, clearly.
  6. Players don't forget good performances quickly. Especially in a season marred with disappointments.
  7. Lol, his comment just sounded ignorant.
  8. Interesting. I would really like to start adding continual depth to the position. One area Pittsburgh has really done well at is drafting wide receivers in recent years. Wallace goes, Sanders steps up. Brown steps up, they can afford to let Sanders go. Now they have Bryant, Wheaton and drafted Coates last year to start developing him. Side note, hopefully Perriman turns out like Martavis Bryant (minus the off field antics). That guy is a monster and is lightning fast.
  9. It gave hope for next year, though. The defense played well against a potent offense, which is what many of us needed and wanted to see. It will be a source of confidence moving into next season.
  10. That cap number just simply is not sustainable, or warranted. Wake up and get to work, Linta.
  11. What kind of number? Lol
  12. Interesting. Wonder who they would have in mind at #6 as a pass rusher. I was thinking WR or CB personally.
  13. I figured as much, I read through the thread. Given the varying interpretations, I had to ask!