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  1. I was thinking one of them may be available to us with the first of the 3rd round picks... I think JuJu is going in the second and I think he's exactly what we need. Short term and long term. I hope we make it happen
  2. By later rounds do you mean the second round? Cuz I think both of those guys are going the second for sure, maybe Kupp slips to the third.
  3. Agree 100%! I almost think the value of Getting Ju Ju in the second, and drafting an edge rusher in the first, would be better than vise versa.....but it would be hard to pass on Davis. I'm a huge JuJu fan though. His 2015 tape is top notch. I think he can be everything Davis can be, plus JuJu has great character and drive. He just might be a tiny bit less explosive than Davis. But Smith has better hands imo and might be better overall when it's all said and done. Imagine how much better JuJu would look going against the competition Davis faced. I'm really hoping Barnett is there at 16. I like Lamp too. Trading down 5-10 spots and getting an extra awesome pick for this draft, while also picking Takk, or Taco, or Harris in the first would be sweet. Something like this would be sweet. Trade down in the first, draft Lamp. Take Lawson with the extra pick. JuJu in the second. Then we still have 2 3rd rounders. Time to do work on Thursday and Friday FO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT
  4. This isn't the 90s anymore lol teams have ample tape on those late round gems now, which boosts their stock into the early rounds. For an elite line you must have at least 3/5 blue chip lineman with two average to above average complimentary lineman--e.g., the Cowboys, who had the elite guys like Smith, Martin and Frederick, but also had good complimentary guys like Leary and Free. And for the record, the Cowboys team that invested ZERO first round picks in it's OL like could crap on this team that spent three picks on the same thing. Smith Martin and Frederick are first rounders...............?
  5. I saw that on that big group mock today. I wouldn't pick Cook at 16, but it would be interesting. We do need playmakers
  6. JuJu is an animal indeed! It may be a blessing that he had a horrible QB that hurt his numbers. I'm not sure if he's available unless we move up in the second and snatch him. Kopp on film looks just as nasty but one must factor the competition. I think it's a solid plan B Agreed. Kupp would be a good back up plan. This is one draft I don't see us trading up in. Too many AWESOME players between 20-100 to give up any picks. In most drafts, I think Ju Ju is a first rounder for sure. Hopefully he slips to our second pick. He just mite. He's been going later than that in a lot of mocks. I really really hope we draft Ju Ju, but bottom line is we need a tough possession wr. I don't think anyone can argue that's not the case
  7. That's awesome. Ozzie needs to replace the holes left by the departures of Tommy Streeter and Aaron Mellette. Antonio Brown & Brandon Marshall agree with you, the Ravens should definitely trade up in the 1st Round for the highest rated WR and stud play-maker. Just imagine how they would look if they did that to take WR Kevin White, DGB, LaQuan Treadwell & Justin Hunter - the size and speed - WOW. That would be like 18 Super Bowls in a row! With that WR core, Flacco would throw at least 80 TDs and 10,000 yards in a season...... 85% OF ALL PLAYERS DRAFTED ARE BUSTS! Once again, I ask you what you're burnin. I want some. lol trade up in the first.............DGB and Hunter were picked in the second round.........
  8. Agreed! Barnett or Davis would be tempting if they're there though
  9. I love your optimism and would like to share it but reality keeps beating me up! Reality? It's not like he predicted 14-2?? at all? Where has the confidence gone in our fans? I know the past few years haven't been what we're used to but every year is a new season, and frankly I agree with him 100%, if not I have even more optimism. We are very close. With an excellent draft we will be a top 3 team this year in the AFC. We must have an excellent draft to jump back on top of the the Pats and Steelers though, which is very possible. Especially considering this draft, the Pats don't have a first rounder, and we have much better picks than them. I know we won't be able to tell right away, but Thursday and Friday are going to determine whether we're back to being a top 3 team in the conference every year for at least the next 5 years, or if our fans are going to be calling for Ozzie and John's head next offseason. This draft is going to make at least 3 or 4 franchises
  10. Wwwwwhhhhhaaaaaatt?!!! I usually enjoy reading your perspective on things but you lost me on this one. that comparison is like saying. Williams may need surgery, I'd rather take Mickey Mouse in the 5th round because we're probably not gonna play with 3 WRs too often lol LOL I agree with you. He's an animal, and I would be very intrigued if we took him and paired him with Mosely. Our run defense would be nuts. He just has quite a few red flags with injury and character, but I definitely don't know the specifics and details on those so it's kinda hard for me to judge that. I guess the main thing that makes me hesitate about taking him at 16 is I feel like ILB isn't a position that you need to take high in the draft, or sign to a big contract as a free agent. ( I know, ironic coming from a Ravens fan- Ray Lewis). But we did already take Mosely that high, and I just think the 16th pick might be best spent elsewhere. If he didn't have injury or character concerns I'd be a lot more for it, but still. I think a lineman, pass rusher, or wr would make sense for need and bpa at 16 this year. A lot of options, we'll see soon. All in all, I wouldn't be bummed if we took Foster at 16, but I'm hoping we take Barnett, Davis, or trade back. So much value between 20-100 in this draft. Lamp looks awesome and almost most importantly, I hope we grab Ju Ju in the second. Thanks though, I know my views on things are kinda extreme sometimes. I just put it out there though, I'm not shy and I love my birds
  11. It's going to be a long year on Offense if we don't grab a possession, 3rd down, tough contested catching wr. Ju Ju Schuster Smith is a younger and more explosive version of Q. Very underrated as well. We need to draft Ju Ju in the 2nd, it's that simple. If we add Ju Ju to Wallace and Perriman, and hopefully Camp and Moore as well, our receiving core will be as complete and as dangerous as anybody's. We have to add an awesome possession wr though. Looks like Zay might fit the mold as well
  12. Sign Mangold or go Elfein with our 3rd pick
  13. 6-3? I think 8-1 is more likely. I know all the haters will disagree, but if we do really well next week, and get even average coaching, I see 7-2 at worst heading into the bye
  14. What?? The Steelers have arguably the easiest schedule in the league. Also, they finish the season against the Texans and Browns, which is advantageous in any sort of tight divisional scenario. I don't understand how the Steelers keep getting easy schedules despite winning the division. I really don't think anybody has an easy schedule anymore. There are only about 3 bad teams in the league these days. Though the lame Patriots get to play in the easiest division in football every year so they get home field in the playoffs before it even gets close to thinking about that. Not to mention I think someone said they have the easiest schedule in the NFL, after winning the SB?cool, that makes sense? But you're right. The Steelers schedule doesn't look particularly tough, but weeks 10-16 looks like a pretty tough stretch for them in the second half. I think our schedule is set up beautifully. I hate going to London, especially before the Steelers game, but besides that, I think we're super fortunate as far as the schedule goes all around
  15. 4 "prime time games" + a Saturday game at home. BOOM. Respect. We'll get it back this year
  16. We'll play him 2 weeks before the big game
  17. Second half of the Steelers schedule is nasty
  18. We need to get Ju Ju in the 2nd. It's that simple. Younger, and more athletic and explosive version of Q. Great character and drive too. Ju Ju, Wallace, and Perriman would be deadly. They would all compliment each other perfectly. Absolutely killer though that Dixon is out week 4 vs Pitt?!?!?!?! He's the only reason we were in that game in the end in week 16. At least he'll be fresh for the rest of the year. He's a key ingredient for us. I wonder if we draft a back before day 3. Or Perine in the 4th maybe. Would West and Woodhead be enough vs Cincy and Pitt?
  19. Good news is that its NOT possible. I'm sure you'll continue to bring it up though. Seems like a great use of time to constantly troll post about things that quite literally are impossible. Says the Leader of all trolls
  20. In general, it's maybe not that hard sure. But when you're running in an NFL game, and James Harrison is about to blindside you, it can be a little awkward to say the least if you fight your instincts and try to get down by sliding on the "wrong" leg, all while trying to save your head from getting knocked off your shoulders
  21. Amazing schedule. I was hoping we would open in Cincy.
  22. AWESOME Schedule! Anyone that complains about any part of this schedule clearly just likes to complain
  23. We've made awesome moves this offseason and we're headed in the right direction. But it'd be nice if our 2nd and 3rd round picks contribute this year. At all. It'd also be nice if Harbaugh doesn't sabotage the season again
  24. And again, I can spit out example after example on an annual basis of why your statement is completely false. You can keep digging a bigger and bigger hole with these ridiculous, baseless premises if you want to, but it only makes you look less and less like you know what you're talking about. If that's what you're going for, then you're succeeding. Comes off as just a failed trolling attempt though, which I suspect is what you're really going for. another awesome response from just wow.
  25. Ya, Joe has taken a beating on his worth as of late (and rightfully so) so, it's good to see him out there with everyone. I'm hoping he's a man on a mission because the heat will be on him again and once we get him some more weapons, the heat cranks up exponentially. I believe Joe will be on top of his game this year. I think he's in for a big bounce back season as well