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  1. Wagner was a loss but you can't keep everyone. Plus he got so much money. I'm extremely glad we didn't resign Juice or Aiken. I can't believe how much money Guy got, that's ridiculous. We kept Bwill. Added a durable and underrated corner, that will play close to a pro bowl level on our defense imo. Most of all, we added a young, amazing safety, that can cover, and hits and blitzs like a LB. Rated as the 2nd best run defender in the NFL. He essentially replaces Webb in Run defense. Our run Defense is going to be Better. Our overall defense is going to be better. Much better. Not to mention there are big talented Men on the roster that need to hit the field in place of Guy. I'm excited about and waiting to watch Carl Davis, Urban, Willie Henry, and Pierce. Plus the draft. I couldn't be much more stoked on how the Ravens handled FA.
  2. Carl Lawson is a Beast. I think he's underrated. Could be a big dark horse
  3. I don't know the value and what exactly we would get, but I would think we'd be able to at least pick up a late 3rd or 2nd. I also think we need to do that 100%. I think the talent level between players 16-50 in this draft is very marginal. So many awesome first rounders will go in the second this year. I think we should trade back for sure I think Carl Lawson and Ju Ju Smith are MUST grabs for the Ravens, and at this point it looks like they're both going early second
  4. Im thinking it will be Hasson Reddick or Adoree Jackson as the dark horses. I would love Taco if he is still sitting there, he is just scratching the surface of his potential and would start opposite of Sizzle this year. I don't like Reddick at 16, I don't think we need another small LB. Esp. at 16 in this draft. Adoree Jackson looks interesting. Awesome return guy, which would really help us. He seems like a talented corner, but really raw, and not ready. Which means he May be an asset next year, but I think 16 would be a huge stretch for him. I know what you mean as a dark horse pick though, he has a high ceiling. I just think if we take someone at 16, they should contribute right away. I'm with you on Taco! Putting him opposite Suggs would be fun. Seems like he could also play both the OLB and DE role as well. The dline makes such a bigger impact when they're swatting and tipping balls, and it seems like we haven't done that much since Ngata left. Taco could do that for sure. Carl Lawson is my dark horse for 16
  5. This guy is Exactly what we need. If we selected him at any point in the second it would be a steal. Ju Ju is a first round pick in any draft class. If he switched places with Mike Williams last year, I think he would be selected before him in the draft
  6. I am all about getting the extra picks this year. We just need someone valuable sitting at 16 that we don't exactly need from a positional standpoint. The thing this year is there are at least 50 players that could go in the first so I just want as many picks as possible early. Guys like Harris and Tim Williams are needed, but could they possibly be there in the second? They might. I agree 100% that there are at least 50 players that could go in the first! it's nuts! I want as many 2nd round picks as possible.
  7. I love Lawson, so much potential. His injury history just scares the heck out of me unless we got him in the second. Talent alone warrants a top 20 pick. That's what I was thinking. I don't know about his injury history. But on tape the guy easily looks like a top 20 pick to me. Top 10-15 even imo
  8. Charles Harris and Carl Lawson are both edge players. Almost every mock has Harris going in the first round and Lawson in the are Lawson's youtube highlights He honestly looks like a top 10 pick to me. Am I missing something??
  9. I like Charles Harris, but I like Carl Lawson more (way more after watching highlights again just now). And Lawson is going later in the draft. Carl Lawson is easily one of the strongest, nastiest, and toughest football players I've ever seen. Go watch his tape please! He's insane!!! I think Ju Ju Smith and Carl Lawson are MUST grabs for the Ravens. Long term and short term fixes in so many ways. Kinda looks like they're both going in the second at this point, but who knows. This draft is insane. So many of the second rounders this year would be high first rounders in a lot of drafts imo
  10. Me too!!!!! Only if we could add Mangold or Zach Brown to add to that! So much talent between picks 20-60 this year. I really hope we chose more than once in the second. Whatever it takes to do so. I also love the Carr signing. I think I would've puked on all my Ravens gear if we signed Claiborne instead. Say we sign Zach Brown. Here are 4 names that will probably all go in the second. And they all look like Ravens to me. I know there's about 1% chance we choose 4 times in the second, but here's my dream scenario. Trade out of 16 and the first to get maybe an extra 2nd and 3rd. Also trade up to the second twice, leaving no first round picks, and 4 second round ones. I know it's a bit crazy, but I really think it would benefit us. So sign Brown. In the 2nd draft Ju Ju Smith wr- EXACTLY what we need Carl Lawson- nasty edge rusher with grit and power Ethan Pocic- Big awesome Center for years Chidobe Awuzie- 6 foot tough and excellent corner that could play inside and out. He's also gotten completely lost in this year corner class. That would leave us with one "hole" on the whole team. A left Guard, or Right Tackle, depending on where Lewis is gonna play. The second round is going to be more interesting to watch this year than the first imo. So many legit first rounders will go in the second. Whoever put a "minus" on this...I agree! LOL it's too crazy. I put my new ideal draft on the Charles Harris Page
  11. I like Charles Harris, but I'm pretty sure I like Carl Lawson more. Not to mention is looks pretty clear at this point that he'll be taken a bit later than Harris. Can't help but think about the draft, so here's my ideal draft. Dig it, or pick away it, all opinions welcomed. It includes a trade with the Raiders- not sure if the trade value is right but I'm guessing it would be something similar to this- Ravens get picks #24, #56, and # 129 Raiders get picks #16 (maybe we need to throw in a 5th or 6th as well) Ravens 2017 Draft pick # 24 Ryan Ramczyk -OT- Best in this class pick # 47 Carl Lawson -edge setter and rusher- impactful 3 down player imo pick # 56 Ju Ju Smith -PLEASE! wr - Exact type we need pick # 78 Sidney Jones -Cb pick # 99 Ethan Pocic -Center Boom. We're set. We would still have 2 4th rounders as well. I'd probably be looking for a speed rb/returner, and another corner with those picks. I think it's pretty doubtful at this point that we'll sign Zach Brown. You never know though. Regardless, I think the spot we're looking to fill won't be hard to fill. Especially for the Ravens. It will be a position that will just be surrounded by studs in every direction. It's also possible Patrick Onwausor or KC-(kinda doubt KC is) are ready to step into that role. Jefferson can definitely a LB role in certain packages too. So I think filling that spot next to Mosely is the least of our worries. Teams are still going to cut vets too. It'd be nice if a cheap steal became available. The SSS pick up was unreal. Too bad we couldn't send him out in style. I sincerely believe this would make us absolutely and completely set. Without giving up any future picks too. Go Raven!
  12. I agree. I would love to move back 5-10 spots and take him. While grabbing maybe an extra second and fourth. So much first round talent going in the second round this year. Ju Ju Smith is exactly what we need now, and to pair with Perriman for the future. In any other draft, this would sound pretty ridiculous, but I'm hoping we can get 3 immediate starters/impact players by the end of round 2 this year. And that "Doom role" qualifies as a starter role imo. It's a crucial one. A couple examples would be pick 24: Charles Harris pick 47: Ju Ju Smith pick 56: Chidobe Awuzie pick 19: Ryan Ramczyk pick 47: Carl Lawson pick 50: Ju Ju Smith Then add Ethan Pocic in the third in either scenario and boom, our team is ready to take down anyone Either way, I think it's pretty clear we're going to add some defense/pass rusher pretty high in the draft. I think us fans are in for a treat next year when it comes to the Defense
  13. We have a couple thirds. This draft is going to be super interesting, and nobody knows how its going to shake out. But I wouldn't mind trading back from 16, to not only pick someone of similar value 10 picks later, but to pick up an extra pick or two so we can grab Sidney in the second. I wouldn't mind if we didn't even get to use him til next year. But the playoffs this year are still like what, 9 months away or so? Such a bummer that happened to him. He was my favorite corner in the draft by far. Whether we took him in the second or third, I hope he ends up wearing purple and black. Medicine is getting better and better. Who knows
  14. interesting you know how much we would pay him. I knew you were on the inside with all your knowledge. Plus, it doesn't imply that at all. It might imply that we have 5 other tight ends. And a second rounder that needs to hit the field, in addition to Boyle, Gilmore, and Pitta. Who knows if they'll keep trying with Waller. Watson is coming off an Achilles and will be 37 before the season's over. Think it through, it's not that hard.
  15. I like this guy. If he's able to add 10-15 pounds of functional strength, look out. I feel ya with the raw Sizzle comparison. I think 16 would be a little rich for me, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if he's off the board before 16 too. No way he makes it to day 2