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  1. The pick is in: With the sixth pick the NY Jets select Patrick Mahomes QB Texas Tech
  2. Looks like Jabril tried to pull a fast one at the combine
  3. Reddick
  4. Uh no, I never said he couldn't hit on mid round picks. I clearly stated Whom COULDN'T hit when you get a ton of mid round comp. picks each year? And I didnt pay Joe big $ the FO did so apparently some circles think highly of him
  5. Here comes the "they are pumped" on Skura comments
  6. A fight? He repeatedly smashed a guys head into a brick wall. He's lucky he isn't in prison.
  7. He knocked some dude out cold by bashing his skull in a drunken rage
  8. It would cost them dearly. A 4th rounder wont cut it.
  9. Applying that ridiculous analogy: The Ravens sweep the Steelers but The Steelers win the SB and the Ravens finish 2-14, the Ravens are still better lol. Another great analogy in Antonio Brown..Ozzie's strong suit -WR's. Shall we list that dreaded cast of whiffs? It would consume too much data storage for that list probably crash the site.
  10. A dope head ILB at # 16? No thanks, as a matter of fact Pocic is the only one that makes sense. No more over achieving high motor guys like Hansen. They need football players.
  11. I did. And i changed my tune. At 8-8 the Ravens are a better team than the division winning Steelers. A team that went to the playoffs again, while the better team, the Ravens played golf. Ozzie is a better GM than the Steelers have because they got better UDFA's and wonderful 4th rounders. Got it.
  12. Yippee that and 5$ should get them a cup of swill from starbucks.
  13. I dont recall making an "argument", it's called a statement. So your definition of being better than another division team (Steelers) is by finishing below them in the standings? Now I'm the confused one...
  14. Again, you go off on some tangent and put words down I never did. Just because someone gets paid doesn't make them the "best". All teams hit on UDFA's some better than others. One reason the Ravens jump out are most likely you are hyper focused on the Ravens. Point is if Oz is so great and they have a elite QB they should be able to beat the Bungles and at least sniff the playoffs.