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  1. Anyway lets face it the Ravens don't play typicak 3-4 anymore. They play Nickle 70% of the time so with Mosley you need another LB who can move well and play the run as well as the pass. Thats why I think we might see Jefferson play more LB than we think and Webb back out there with Weddle. Jefferson played some LB snaps as well last year. and since half of the season last year, the Ravens played 4-3 Under vs 2 WRs formations
  2. I'm really not saying this is the case, but I've been in the football world a long time to know when it can be a problem. Once again I don't know Foster and I'm not saying if this was the case here... but what I learned about Foster is that he tends to make irrational decisions based on certain moods. And what I've learn over the years with sports players : Party + alcohol + money = drugs. Drugs can lead to diluated samples. I'm not saying this is Foster case, not at all. But he fits the mold and that scares me. Thats why teams wanted to interview him and I heard he had some bad interviews and bad temper. Impulsive people will be impulsive in anything in life. Training, drinking, gambling, working. When you have a pattern of a player not making the right decision because of impulsive behavior, it HAS to raise a red flag. Thats what I brought the tattoo thing. Its useless, but it showed once again an impulsive behavior. Once again he also have some problem with his rotator in his shoulder and might require another surgery. (Just like Shaw Lawson last season). We all know how it went down for Lawson right ? They said pretty much the same thing at the combine. So when you add the behavior, the health concerns, the impulsive decisions with the diluated sample... thats a lot of red flags. I've heard he could fall as far as 40-50th pick. It would SURPRISE me a lot but last year I was kinda surprise on Myles Jack fall as well. Teams know more than we do.
  3. Solid draft. Very solid. I'm a BIG fan of Chase Roullier. Man I think he could be a real steal. Taywan Taylor is a very good playmaker as well. Very good route runner. Jeremiah scouted him last week and he was pleased with him as well
  4. My problem isn't only the drug test, but his lifestyle outside the football field. Yes I agree he is a top5-10 talent. Just like Rolando McClain was or maybe Trent Richardson but all of them had a toxic circle of people around them. We are talking about a guy, who's got a big AU tattoo on himself because he committed to Auburn but then changed his mind and joined Alabama. Also a guy who loves to party so unless he proves drastic improvements, I wouldn't draft him in the top 16 pick. Then again, Ozzie is the right guy to make the call, he's got great info coming from Bama I'm just stating my opinion.
  5. Even if he drank 4 gallons of water RIGHT before his test, the tester would see right away his piss is too clear and would ask for a second sample like 1 hour later and he couldnt leave the room. I don't get the I drank lots of water to bulk up, it has no sense. This wouldnt be a failed or positive test, they would just take another test. Sounds to me he drank something to cover something else or he manipulated the sample, which is almost impossible because when you take a test, they need to see your hands at ALL time. Unless this isn't the same at the combine for whatever reasons. Why in the world an adviser would tell a prospect to drink lots of water so he would be a little more heavier (like what 5 lbs ?) if this could result in a failed test, which means a lower draft rank, which means LOT Less millions. Who would spit on millions for 5 lbs ? Teams aren't that stupid. If he was really sick and lost bunch of weight, you tell teams and they weight you at your Visit or Proday or whatever and you normally gain the weight really easily. Thats just a bunch of bullcrap by a liar to me. I wouldn't draft him in the 1st thats for sure
  6. Sydney Jones will not slide that far. He was a sure 1st rounder before his injury. If Jaylon Smith who couldn't play for the entire 2016 season and maybe ever could get drafted high 2nd, I'm sure Sydney Jones is a high 2nd as well. CBs go off the board so quickly these days
  7. Well I'm sorry I didn't read the entire thread I just read the comments on the first 2 pages and seemed to me he was a very not popular pick here. My mistake
  8. You don't have piss too clear by mistake. I already took some pee tests and if its too clear right away they'll ask another one. You need maybe to drink something to hide other things. I'll just leave it at that but I have pretty good idea of what went down there
  9. I'll be real honest, he's off my board. LOVED the player but his path reminds me too much to Rolando McClain. Bad circle around him. Love the party scene and seems like a liar to me. "I was sick I drank too much". or This will enver happen again bullcrap I'll just say what Ray once said : Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. and right now Foster is like McClain or T. Richardson. His head isn't 100% in the game
  10. You're right about that. And this year some that flashed for me are Malik Golden and that young corner form Miami Corn Elder. Both seems like typicalRavens pick. Golden is a Special Teams Ace in the NFL in my mind and could earn a way playing the Dime and Elder would be the Tavon Young type of pick. I'm not as high on Elder as I was on Young in term of ball skills but both players are fierce and undersized sure tacklers.
  11. I don't get the hate on Barnett here. Have you guys seen him bend around the edge ? His hands skills at this point are VERY good for a very YOUNG age player. Add some training from NFL coaches he'll be great. Yeah he's not the most athletic freak but I mean this guy is very cerebral on the field as well.... he's not getting faked like hell or he doenst seem lost on any play. He understands the game. In my mind he's a top 10-15 pick so when I see some fans here not wanting him at 16 I'm like come on. Best realistic case scenario at 16 : -Barnett -Corey Davis -Forrest Lamp. I know once again some of ya'll don,t like O-Line but this guy reminds me a bit of Yanda in term of tecnique. He plays such a sound game. Not a flashy pick I know but he would anchor the Right side for years to come. What is the new trend in the NFL ? Pass rushers on the left side playing versus RT that can't block. Von Miller, Mack, Watt, J. Houston. Thats why the Lions gave that much money to Wagner. And I'll be real honest with you, I'm a defense guy with a defensive mindset. But can't get over the facts that the Ravens need a playmaker WR and they need to add either a Guard or RT depending on where Lewis plays next year.
  12. Yeah I feel the same, I see Reddick as a 4-3/Nickle type of role. Blitzing LB, can cover lots of ground. I like the player. I don't think he's a top 15 but could go as high as low first top 2nd. Its hard to find a comp for him.. maybe a mix of Jamie Collins/Lawrence Timmons/Lavonte David
  13. Fournette with a good OL and a good ankle was phenomenal. I believe this season wasn't the real Fournette and he was still quite good. He's a very good runner I want him ahead of Cook thats for sure. Cook is so fast on tape but gotta be clean off the field imo.
  14. Sorry guys I haven't read the whole thread but what are your thoughts on Foreman ? A friend of mine is trying to sell me that player big time in the 2nd, 3rd round. He LOVES him a lot. Heard Foreman lost 10 pounds and working on his catching skills. I see the potential, Bettis/Jamal Lewis type of player. What about his lateral agility ? At the end of the day I'm really not high on drafting RBs in the early rounds. Unless they are like Zeke where we all knew he was a top 10 pick.
  15. At the end of the day, I'm really not sure who I'd take between Humphrey and Jones. The Ravens are playing more Cover 2 than before, your CBs gotta be able to tackle I agree... but Humphrey worries me a lot on the deep ball. Reminds me of Jimmy Smith pre superbowl area. Maybe its a lack of knowladge of the game/routes concepts. Gotta play better when trailing his man. Jones is a gamble but could turn out big. You can't play Cover 2 on every play. Gotta be able to play some Cover 1, Cover 0 and thats the problem I see with Humphrey. Sabban is pretty good at limiting his players weaknesses. Kinda easy with that defensive front thought. I don't see Humphrey covering a guy past 4-5 secs. I'm not the biggest fan yet. Would need some people to convince me on that one