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  1. Using Jernigan to move up five spots? Are you serious? Five spots? Sorry but that's just a bad idea. I mean c'mon. The computer in Madden isn't even dumb enough to make a trade that one sided.
  2. Just saw that too. Not sure how this works out. Think we'll probably just draft the best OL available and then line up the best five when the season starts. If the best is a LG, Alex is RT, and if the best is RT, Alex is LG. Harbs also said Taliaferro and Boyle are options at fullback. I don't mean to brag but I have said in the past that Taliaferro could find a roster spot because of his capability as a fullback. He's a decent receiving back, and he's hefty. He can pass block, too. To me, he matches the description of a new age fullback. Not sure if he'll be a great blocker at fullback but he's got the size and strength to do it imo. Boyle has gotten fullback snaps but I think he may be too slow and too tall to be a modern fullback. Good option though, and he fills multiple roles. Makes a lot of sense to use him as a fullback. Versatility could be what wins him the job.
  3. Ah, you're right. I forgot about him somehow
  4. Bynes I think, and before that we had Jameel McClain, another UDFA, in the mix. Albert McClellan too.
  5. Also: while it's nice to have an "impact" linebacker, it's relatively easy to find a solid starter at LB. Linebacker is one of few positions where it's pretty easy to find a guy that isn't a total liability. How many UDFAs have we had come in and look like aces? Hell, Orr was one of those guys. You always like to have impact players in the middle of a defense but let's not pretend that Orr was irreplaceable. He replaced a UDFA and he may even be replaced by a UDFA.
  6. Thinking on this more, I'd execute that deal in a heartbeat for a third round pick. No question. Whether Lombardi is right or not, it's an intriguing idea, and one that I think does have merit. We've got lot of young bucks in the DL stable who can't develop for lack of snaps. Throw Urban and Henry out there. Henry as a really low floor because he's so raw, but his ceiling is gigantic -- higher than Jernigan's if he can ever figure out how to use his hands and leverage.
  7. Not seeing anything from Zrebiec, Hensley, La Canfora, Schefter, or anyone who matters. Who is tweeting this? Moreover, I wouldn't be a fan of the move. Jernigan is the only guy we have who brings any interior pressure at all. What's the plan if we move him? Sign Art Jones?
  8. With all due respect, what the hell does that even mean? I'll forgive poor spelling if you actually convey a thought (it doesn't even have to be an intelligent one) but I don't even think you managed to pull that off this time. And I don't give a crap about yardage when his efficiency was garbage. Joe Flacco is about as efficient as a Hummer, but at least he's big and flashy with the big plays.
  9. It's been a weird year. I blanked on that.
  10. In seasons before 2016, I agree wholeheartedly, but in 2016, he had as much to do with his struggles as his poor supporting cast. His footwork and throwing motion were the worst they've been since he was a rookie. His accuracy was poor. His decision making was awful. In 2013 and 2015, I gave him passes. But, in my opinion, 2016 was the first year since "maturing" where he really got in his own way.
  11. Still would've preferred to cut him and throw the young bucks to the wolves but whatever
  12. Okay. I misspoke and said three and out. I'd still wager that we were among the worst in the league at finishing drives. We ranked 24th in converting third downs, converting just 36 percent. We were definitely among the most inefficient offenses in the league, anyway, and that's due in large part to Joe. The facts show that we were one of the least efficient passing offenses. We were 24th overall in yards per play and 27th in yard per pass attempt. Sometimes, facts really are hard.
  13. I'm not surprised. He gets to catch balls from Andrew Luck. Luck wasn't too hot this past season but he's one of the best QBs in the game and I think better than Joe.
  14. I see both sides. Joe could definitely use help -- he easily has one of the worst supporting casts of the upper tier of QBs -- but he doesn't do a good job at all of helping himself or others, and he's largely responsible for a lot of our problems. His sloppy play and risk taking cost us games. His craving of the big play leads to too many three and outs by ignoring timing routes and failing to move the chains. More and more I believe that he looks for the big play on every play. Doesn't it seem like every throw is either a check down or a down field attack? There's no in between. Only in the two minute drill -- when he's forced to move the chains to stay alive -- does he throw on the break and in timing with the receiver. That's really it, I think. He wants the big play and doesn't care much for precise, meticulous drives.
  15. We still debate over Flacco?