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  1. What do you guys think about Budda Baker at 16? We are very thin at safety behind Weddle and Jefferson, and we currently do not have a single-high, center-field type safety on our roster. He showed his speed at the combine and from the tape I've watched he seems to have good hand and instincts on the back end. He may be the reason why Jones and King weren't reluctant to act on their instinct when it came to undercutting slant routes or playing press coverage since they had a good safety behind them who could cover and make up ground quickly. He also is a sure tackler and uses his body. I wouldn't mind picking him up with our first rounder and have him spend a year or two learning behind Weddle and coming in on passing downs with Jefferson playing as a nickel LB next to Mosely.
  2. I was reading about the shrine game, which he is in, and reports were coming out with him dominating so far.
  3. There is no way Zettel makes it to the 6th. He is rising pretty fast, could go in the third
  4. The draft is alright, but I would not be happy if it ended up this way. I like Ngakoue and Scooby Wright, but I do not think they will last to where you have them. Both may get drafted in the second round as of now.
  5. There is no way floyd makes it to the 2nd round. He is one of the top, if not the top, pure pass rushers in the draft. For him to fall to the 2nd he would have to run a 4.7 or lower.
  6. i went off of walter football's board. after the fourth round i just went by position needs. we needed a lineman and i just picked him.
  7. Thanks. We have options at 6, that's what excites me.
  8. Canty is old, and the only guy we have to replace him with is Guy or Urban. Neither of those guys have proven that they warrant a double team or can consistently get to the QB
  9. We have shown that we can do more than get by without a #1 receiver. There is also no guarantee that Treadwell won't get injured or become a bust if we draft him. We have a great front 7, and that is what we know how to do. If I remember correctly, the Patriots did not run the ball at all in the 2nd half of last years playoff game. If we just had a slightly better secondary we could have won that game.
  10. I didn’t mock us to make any draft day trades, but there is pretty much a 100% chance we make at least one trade, with a very high chance we trade our first to a QB needy team, like the Eagles or Rams, wanting to jump the Niners. But for now I just stuck with our original picks. 1. DeForest Buckner DE - A lot of people probably aren’t too happy with this pick, and most likely the next one, because it doesn’t address one of our larger needs, but I looked at the pick from a different perspective. While we don’t really need another lineman, especially one this high, I don’t see this draft being too deep at this position like WR or pass rusher. Because of this I think we delay picking one of those positions and address it later in the draft because we have so many picks in the middle rounds. Buckner has the ability to both rush the passer and stuff the run lane. He often overpowers run blockers, but when he fails to he still occupies the run lane and doesn’t get overpowered himself. He has a few good DL moves to rush the passer, and with some work he can be a constant threat to the QB. 2. Kentrell Brothers ILB - This is another pick that I justify the same way as Buckner. Arthur Brown has not made an impact in the time he has been here. While I was optimistic at the beginning of the year, seeing Orr having more reps than him at the end of the year took most of that away. We cannot bank on him becoming a difference maker next year. Brothers will have a year to sit behind Smith and learn how to become a 3-down backer next to Mosley. Like Mosley, Brothers is not a thumper, but he has the speed to cover receivers out of the backfield and vision to work his way through blocks and traffic. He has good lateral speed, and should complement Mosley very well in the future. 3. Yannick Ngakoue OLB - Ngakoue is one of the better kept secrets of this draft, and I don’t understand why he isn’t being talked about more. He is quick enough to cover in passing downs if he is asked to, and he knows how to use that same quickness in pass rushing situations. He shows good bend when he tries to run around blockers, and he translates he speed to power very well when he bull rushers a lineman. He is a trade up candidate for me if we fear that he may be taken at the end of the second. 4. Sterling Shepherd Wr - He is a big time player in a small body, much like SSS. In the big games where Oklahoma needed someone to step up, Shepherd shined. He has good hands and route running, and he is a very physical player. He fits well in the slot and will be a integral part of our offense. 4. (Denver): Cyrus Jones CB - We needed a punt returner this season so badly that we had SSS fielding punts. Jones, IMO, will take over the same role that Asa Jackson had. A special teams player whose main responsibility on defense will be to guard the offenses third or fourth best receiver on the field. 4(McPhee Comp) DaMarcus Robinson Wr - About a month or two ago I had Robinson in the second round due to his ability to stretch the field and run routes. He has dropped, however, due to his off the field concerns. While I believe that they are blown out of proportion, much like Marcus Peters, he does not have the pure talent to overcome them. If we get him in the fourth, we get a second player who has the ability to stretch a defense, in case Perriman is not fully recovered from his injury. 4 (Smith Comp) Harlan Miller CB - Tall, lanky CB who excels more in press than he does in space. Needs to bulk up. More of a small school project at CB like Tray Walker. Could be a vital cog in our defense a year or two down the road. 5 (Tyrod Comp) Kenyan Drake RB - He was buried at Alabama behind very good running backs, and due to injuries he never really got a chance to shine during his collegiate career. I believe that due to those injuries and lack of a decent body of work, he will drop in the draft. He will have to compete with West and Taliaferro for a job. 6. Sedrick Flowers OG - I needed to pick a lineman here and I chose Flowers. 7. Jordan Simone S - I needed to pick a Safety and I picked Simone.
  11. I don't know why the Eagles are being talked more about as trade partners at 13. They have a new coach and Bradford is a Free Agent. The new coach is probably going to want to pick his own QB. They have two 3rd round picks this year. A trade down to 13 for those picks is more than fair.
  12. If we win our next game, I would not mind Leonard Floyd at 10. He is a good athlete with pass rush skills, he may be a bit undersized, but he will have the chance to gain some weight in the NFL. I wouldn't mind Calhoun in the second either, although I would prefer Ngakoue.
  13. I would take him in the third. Don't think he will last until the 4th or 5th.
  14. I'm pretty sure we traded our fifth round pick and gino to the Broncos for a fourth.
  15. We will draft somewhere between 10-15, games will start to break our way so we should end up with around 6 or 7 wins by the end of the year.