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  1. Resurrecting the game from last year and I didn't want to wait for someone else to make the thread. Here's how it works: The object of this game is simple. Pick 32 guys at any positions throughout the draft that you believe we'll pick.The scoring is as follows:For every correct pick on day 1 (round 1), you get 1 pointFor every correct pick on day 2 (rounds 2 and 3), you get 2 pointsFor every correct pick on day 3 (rounds 4-7), you get 3 pointsIt's up to you how you want to develop your board. If you want to try to guess the early guys for minimal points, do that. If you prefer to guess on the later round guys and try to get the max points, that's an option as well.You can edit up until the beginning of round 1 on Thursday night. There are no prizes other than a greater sense of self worth and maybe some bragging rights if you so choose.Remember, you pick 32 players total. Here's last year's post if you need more clarification:
  2. I think the FO feels more comfortable at center than tackle considering we traded Zuttah when it was minimal cap savings. Not saying we are in good shape replacing him, but I just think the FO wouldn't trade Zuttah if they didn't feel some level of confidence in Urschel/Jensen/Skura as a replacement. Losing Wagner on the other hand wasn't exactly a choice.
  3. Honestly not upset about that, really didn't like him. People like to throw the low effort label at some players, but for some reason Brantley never got it, even though his tape is riddled with taking plays off and walking around.
  4. I actually thought that Ronald Jones looks alot like Bernard Pierce to me
  5. I really like Alvin Kamara, I don't really want a RB in the second but he's got everything you want in a RB in today's NFL
  6. I think it's a trade back either way... My head is telling me Cam Robinson, just makes too much sense But my body, my body is telling me yeah
  7. ZDS may not make the final roster as it is, simply being better than him isn't gonna cut it. And honestly it's too high for him in my opinion considering they have Dan Feeney, Watt available at 48 so within trade range, couple good CBs, Elflein,, and your guy Tim Williams doesn't go until mid 3rd. Anderson just isn't the type of EDGE that we're in need of.
  8. I understand the sentiment, but I don't see how you can honestly include RT in that. 3/5T and ILB are fine, we've got options already there and we have a history of finding guys late/undrafted to fill those spots adequately. But unless we plan to move Lewis to RT we currently can't feel comfortable with a competition between 2 guys that spent last year on the practice squad for the starting job and Hurst. Nobody said that means we have to take one early, the one you responded to was just pointing out that it wasn't addressed at all. We have a history of finding solid RTs in the mid rounds, not UDFA. Of course if Lewis is moved out then this is all irrelevant, but we can't just assume that he's going to. Even if we aren't looking for a starter, depth on the line was still a big problem last year, even before we lost two starters this offseason.
  9. I'm just going through some pro day stuff from the guys we've met with on this list and Keion Adams had a pretty impressive day Height: 6’ 2” Weight: 247 pounds Hand: 9.5 inches Wingspan: 78.25 inches Bench press: 27 x 225 pounds - One of the knocks on him is that he lacks strength, 27 reps is great for him Vertical jump: 36 inches Broad jump: 10 feet, 4 inches 40 time: 4.68 seconds Short 20 shuttle: 4.35 seconds 60 yard shuttle: 11.12 seconds - would have been the best at the combine Pretty great numbers for a mid/late round prospect, tape shows some solid bend and great quickness. Isn't really one to string pass rush moves together though. I wouldn't be mad if we grabbed this guy with our 5th or 6th.
  10. That's gotta be a smokescreen, I'm not as high on King as some people have been after the combine - I still don't see him as a first rounder - but 7th rounder tape is stretching it more than a bit.
  11. Don't rub it in, I've been awake for 52 straight hours doing nonstop work, I don't want to hear about you being off right now
  12. Only about two rounds too early for him to go
  13. I don't know if I can see him going in the first at all, let alone 16th overall. Way too raw on defense to justify taking him over any other top CB. Return abilities are great and all, but I wouldn't take a return specialist in the first. I think he's way too risky of a prospect to go so early.
  14. I'd be happy with a Fournette pick, even though I'm pretty much against taking RBs in the first round and I'm not the biggest fan of Fournette around, but having a smash mouth defense and a smash mouth offense that just burns time is a recipe for having a great defense all season long. The defense won't be stuck on the field with limited rest if our offense is burning at minimum a few minutes per drive, they'll stay fresh and a big reason our defense just fell off a cliff over the last few games was because our offense were kings of 3 passes and out. Also, pounding a defense is the best way to wear them down and that opens up the play action which Joe has historically ran so well - and getting Joe out of the pocket early will give him more time if we can't sure up our line pass-blocking-wise by the start of the season. We wouldn't be the most excited team to ever show up on the scene, but winning is winning, even if it ain't pretty - though I personally love to watch great defenses
  15. Besides the Browns obviously getting Garrett... I'd hate for the Bengals to get Hooker if he slides. Just considering our passing offense is built on speed and deep balls - despite our recent reliance on screens I don't think that's our true identity, I really don't want to have to take on a range safety with ball skills twice a year like him. Close second would be the Steelers taking TJ Watt at the end of the first, I think Watt is going to be something special, maybe not right away, but give him a year or two and I think he's going to be a nightmare to deal with.
  16. Talk about needlessly reading into something and taking unnecessary offense. All I'm saying is that everytime I used to go into those threads and say "well Flacco shouldn't be absolved of all blame, he's certainly nowhere near the biggest problem on the team and he has little help, but some of the decisions he makes are entirely on him" I get negged to death, and as such I stopped going into those threads. That's literally all i'm saying there, I certainly didn't say there was no such thing as objectivity here, you may be confusing me for the other guy who was saying that. I even said later in that comment that you quoted that there is plenty of sane discussion to have on Flacco, it just doesn't usually happen in those threads.
  17. I disagree, but we've all got our own boards and can judge our own value. To me he's fine value at 16, but there's lots of players I'd take over him that'll realistically be available at that pick I'll edit this in: I don't think anyone here said he was bad value there, but as I said earlier, I don't view him as a top 10, maybe even top 15, player.
  18. Possibly, I just saw a few mocks with us grabbing him and I've held the opinion for forever that I like Jarrad Davis the best, at least for us, in this ILB class. If the choice is Reuben Foster at 16 or trading back and landing Davis, then I'd choose Davis all day. I don't necessarily think he'll be available when we pick, but given his offseason I wouldn't be shocked.
  19. You want a surprise under-the-radar pick if we trade back in the first? Jarrad Davis, man I love this kid and I think he fits so well with what we've got. Mosley is best when he's got a primary coverage LB beside him and if there's anything Davis can do it's cover, he's, in my opinion, easily the best coverage LB in the class. We all assumed that Correa will be the replacement for Orr, but has anyone actually affiliated with the team said that that is our intent with him? All I have heard them say is that moving him around so much was a mistake last year, but I don't recall anyone from the FO or coaching staff say he'll be primarily inside next year. Personally I like Correa more at EDGE than inside, he's athletic but putting him inside takes away one of his biggest strengths - his jump off the snap. I think Davis can be plugged in next to Mosley and handle the primary coverage responsibilities from the get go. Recently I've seen a couple mocks giving us Foster at 16 and that's what's spurred me suddenly pushing Davis. I think Davis fits our defense much better than Foster does. You can always use a guy that sets a physical tone like Foster does, but I think Davis' coverage abilities really make him better for us. Pair with that his athleticism and sure tackling and I think this guy jsut doesn't get the love he deserves - mainly do to his injuries, which are a legitimate concern. I'd be surprised, but I wouldn't be disappointed if we traded back and grabbed him.
  20. Fortunately, as another thread shows, visits and reported interest actually aren't good indicators of who we're going to take aside from the first round.
  21. Not that this thread needs to devolve into more Flacco discussion, but around here in Flacco threads you get two sides and no in between - either you see him do no wrong or he is the sole reason we've been terrible - hence why I steer clear of any Flacco thread ever made on here. Usually in threads not made specifically about him you can get rational discussion about his strengths and weaknesses as a QB. But the Flacco v. Ryan debate was contentious regardless of what forum you're on until this past year when Ryan pull ahead clearly. But it's just plain wrong to say this is the only place where people would argue Flacco was better, as someone that takes part in the NFL subreddit, again, it was a contentious debate before this past year. I honestly would like any proof that any post saying Brady is better is negged, I strongly doubt that, that is an exaggeration. Only time that gets negged is if we're going into a Ravens v. Patriots game and in that scenario anything to do with the Pats is negged out of principle.
  22. Lol, weird, saying Foster isn't a top 15 talent now means that I'm against taking him out of the top 15, makes sense. Seems like you've got a bad case of "I'm always right and everyone is just against me" syndrome. I'd like to see if anyone in the history of this sub has every said anything to the effect of "Flacco is better than Brady," Who else outside of our range have I ever trashed around here besides Foster - whom I have never trashed, he's a fine player, but I do think he's overrated - and Solomon Thomas - who's trashing I'll stand behind any day of the week. I have not gone against any other player that is seemingly out of our range. I'm sorry that that fact doesn't jive with your "I'm always right and the negs prove that" mentality.
  23. Not to mention Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith who were both top 5 caliber LBs before they got injured