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  1. ^ goes out of his way to make a re-final mock to have us taking McDowell in the first round, guy comes out a few hours later as a flat Earther on twitter...whelp, guess who's making a new mock next week.

  2. Whelp, I underestimated Harbaugh's stubbornness, I thought even he'd concede that a change needs to be made at OC, guess not. Hopefully Trestman's playbook was the entire reason we were bad and not just Mornhinweg's own playcalling ability - I won't hold my breathe on that front.

    1. R@venFan808


      i dont understand why ravens fans want a coaching change now? look around the league for instance. 6 teams are with out a head coach right now. That means a lot of the league coachings staffs are about to play a huge game of musical chairs right now. Ravens are going to be worried about the draft and off season upgrades instead of who's coaching a huge step forward already.

  3. So reports are that the 49ers are canning both GM Baalke (Long overdue) and Chip Kelly. So how long until they ask for an interview with DeCosta? And how long until he turns them down?

  4. Not even mad we missed the playoffs, we did it to ourselves. The way our offense has played all year, frankly, we didn't deserve to make it. The disparity between our offense and defense is remarkably bad and it's not even a talent issue, offense has pieces but poor execution and poor coaching would wreck any unit.

    1. polynesian15


      I agree, should've won vs. Redskins, Jets, Giants and Raiders. Hopefully, this sparks constructive change in the off season - not just more of the same. Only sad part is Smitty (likely) retiring without a ring.

      As I see it, we desperately need to upgrade the pass rush. Furthermore, adding talent in the secondary and O-line wouldn't hurt. 

    2. ALPHA
  5. Not that we didn't know this already, but leaving Weddle out of the Pro Bowl is clear sign that it means very little at this point, popularity contest to say the least.

  6. I'll admit, i'm sort of surprised that literally no one ever picked up Will Hill, he must have been really unapologetic about his issues so no one even wanted to try signing him regardless of his 10 game suspension. I just would have thought that some safety needy team would have signed him for next to nothing at some point.

    1. jboy19


      He's a drug test away from an indefinite suspension. That's probably what's scared teams off. 

    2. ALPHA
    3. BmoreBird22


      What was this, though? HIs fourth failed drug test resulting in suspension? You have to fail three just to get a suspension at all.

  7. Disappointed that Weddle shaved the megabeard but it looks like he's growing it back...

  8. Could you imagine getting Weddle and Wallace in one day? This is turning into a really nice offseason even though we lost KO.

    1. raven22nation


      tomorrow i think Wallace will sign. 

    2. gtalk12


      imagine no more lol

  9. I bet we'll bring in another vet ILB to take Daryl's place, lots of solid names hitting the market soon. Wouldn't be surprised if he ends up back later this offseason like what happened with Canty last year. I feel like this move is us desperately trying to get KO signed, I think its worth it.

    1. ALPHA


      Nobody say Donald Butler, he's young and fast but from what I've read the guy quit when he got paid.

  10. If we wanted to look for a safety in FA - Titans cut Michael Griffin and I genuinely am not sure how much he'll go for.

  11. I'm a North Cackalackian, go Panthers tonight!

  12. Glad DJ Foster is now going to play in the Senior Bowl, I'm interested in what he can do. He was supposed to be a big playmaker this year but his position change hurt him. I don't know whether we'd even think about drafting him, as a RB he doesn't provide anything more than Buck but if he can show some playmaking skills during the game he can increase his stock quite a bit.

  13. I think Chip Kelly going to the 49ers changes things a bit as it pertains to the draft. I think he may stick with Kaep (which I think is a big mistake) because Kelly will stay with his high tempo offense and Kaepernick can run, that hasn't changed. In the draft that changes things because they may not target a QB.

    1. sflegend89


      True but they pick behind us and teams don't know what they will do, if somebody really wants a QB they're better off not risking the Niners passing on Goff/Lynch

    2. JO_75


      This just means Buckner is going to join Armstead in SF along with every other Oregon Duck Player.

  14. What the heck are we going to do about our TEs? We've got 4 that I don't want to cut. Pitta will be 100% again (or as close to 100% as he's going to get at this point), Crockett has showed a ton and then some to deserve his job, Maxx flashed toward the end of the season plus he was a high pick, and Boyle was doing better than Maxx until his injury. What are we going to do? Take up 4 spots?

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    2. Wildabeast88


      If Pitta is cut he will be post June 1 only saves 600k before that and 5 mil after although we will crry some dead money over to 2017

    3. Winchester


      Pitta is the obvious cut. Maxx and Gilmore are the guys. Boyle may not be the same player after getting caught with the horseysauce. On the other hand.... Maxx on juice to build quick twitch lean muscle for burst and explosion in a hurry. To go with his smooth savvy routes!! lol there would be no conversation to compare Boyle and Maxx. Maxx would be the best TE in the league.

    4. rmcjacket23


      0% chance even a healthy Pitta is back next season at his current salary. Guy had over a year to come back and still couldn't get clerance...

  15. So is Marvin Lewis on the hot seat now? in 12 years of being the Cincy head coach he still has not won a playoff game and now their are question marks as to whether he can control the team at all. Over the past few years some people have said he should get fired because his Bengals have run straight into a wall, even with Dalton they can't win a playoff game. Perhaps a coaching change is in store for them.

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    2. RavensFanMania


      I'd agree. Mike Brown doesn't make changes that quickly. He is very loyal.

    3. stampedehero


      Ha... They can win all season but the important one is all the owner wants s

    4. usmccharles


      He stays. But i honestly think he is on the hot seat. If Dalton never got hurt, more than likely they are 1 or 2 seed with a bye...

  16. Khalil Mack named All-Pro at two positions, he was my (and a lot of peoples') favorite player in that draft, I wasn't a trade up advocate but man if we could do it over I don't think it would have been a bad move to move up 10 spots

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    2. Winchester


      But when there is a complete prospect like Mack you do so!! Where else are you getting game changers?? You have to take a chance on them.

    3. Tru11


      price would have been way to steep and you are banking 2 drafts on 1 player. god forbid anything happens to him lol

    4. 52520Andrew


      RGIII says otherwise about sending a ton of picks to move up for one player

      That draft was stacked though. Up there with 2011 if you ask me and that is saying something.

  17. Mackensie Alexander is currently falling under the "more I see the less I like umbrella" for me. I love the attitude and the raw coverage skills but I think his aggressiveness will get him in trouble in the NFL. I have a tendency to give DBs the benefit of the doubt and even I think he gets away with a bit much. Also hate the fact that he can't get off blocks to save his life, if there's a body on him then he's a non factor on run D.

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    2. January J

      January J

      His aggressiveness scares you and not ramseys?

    3. hn68wb4


      I'm not a fan of Ramsey either...

    4. sflegend89


      I wouldn't worry about things that can be adjusted and coached at the NFL. I care more about their ability, size, athletcism, ect. the stuff you can't coach. Those are the traits that often separate special players from the rest of the pack

  18. Clarence Brooks has been my favorite guy to take over at DC all season, hope he doesn't follow Monachino out the door because our FO can't admit the Pees mistake and move on...

    1. TDubbs


      It's a tough one to lose Monachino ... hope that doesn't come back to bite us b/c I think he has great potential as a DC.

  19. Love Smith was fired today, defensive coordinator option? Awh who am I kidding, at this point it's pretty clear that Pees is getting another year because we are apparently gluttons for punishment...

    1. AsianRice


      pretty sure love Smith will get HC offered elsewhere cuz he will be for sure upgrade over Pees...

  20. Moving Webb to FS could be a homerun with a full off-season at that position to get ready, could also be a complete bust but what do we have to lose at this point? Our FS play has just been terrible the last two years.

    1. sflegend89


      Opens up a huge hole at CB. Will probably put VH3 and Ramsey very high on our big board.

    2. polynesian15


      I always liked his ball skills, can't get worse than Elam and Lewis.

      Wright has been decent at CB, and didn't Will Davis show some stuff before going down?

      According to many in the draft forum Ramsey and VH3 are hyped/boom bust. We might be better off trading back and taking Alexander/Fuller. Who knows, ultimately it'll be up to the scouts and the FO.

  21. Aiken needs 132 yards to make it to 1000, fingers crossed for next week but it'll be tough.

    1. January J

      January J

      I gotta feelin he will get it done. Mallet will give him the best chance

  22. Hoping for a big day with Mallett behind center...he used to be very promising coming out of college, maybe with a bit of maturity and humility from earlier this season he can get himself together...hoping for a big day from Butler and Aiken

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    2. January J

      January J

      I think he will do well. Don't have huge expectations but I think he does considerably better than the previous 2.

    3. January J

      January J

      And I would say he exceeded expectations. What say you?

    4. RavensFanMania


      without a doubt he exceeded expectations.

  23. "Fans" don't vote Williams or Koch into pro bowl...want further proof that both the pro bowl has become meaningless and "fans" should get zero say in the process?

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    2. JO_75


      Brady got more votes than Newton who is on his way to being the MVP. That is all you need to know about the Pro Bowl.

    3. TDubbs


      'All Star' games are a joke in all sports anyways, shouldn't be taken too seriously .. Or offended if our guys don't get in.

    4. redrum52


      I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind the vacation and extra cash, but who knows. Making a pro bowl also helps guys build their brand.

  24. I didn't watch the game, how did Osemele do at LT?

    1. JustinClutcher61


      Not bad, not bad at all

      Clausen was only sacked once I think

    2. polynesian15


      + Clausen moved and performed very well all things considered. Looks to me like we've got an ample backup in him.

    3. RavensFanMania


      The one sack wasn't on KO.

  25. do mock draft during exam week...

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    2. PurpleCity5


      I was up till 4AM doing a report. You are not alone :(

    3. PurpleCity5


      After that I got 3 exams on Friday.

    4. gtalk12


      Me? I just work all day as a car salesmen...i need to go to school :/