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  1. I keep hearing people assert this, but you can't at all say that based off of one single tweet that he was uncomfortable at RT at the end of the season, coming off a high ankle sprain having played on the left side all season - of course he was uncomfortable, not every olineman is Yanda and can make a seamless transition at a moments notice. With an offseason of prep it's a non-issue and people are acting as if that tweet is the big proof that he won't move under any circumstances. Come on man, one tweet given the circumstances of his trial at RT, literally the last game of season with all of the other problems, that tweet is effectively meaningless as it pertains to next season. As far as Robinson goes, as solid as Lewis became as the season went on (btw many seem to forget that early in the season he was really struggling in the run blocking department, from the start he was a good pass protector but his run blocking was sketchy until the two post-bye games that he played) Robinson would be an upgrade at guard and is a far better fit for the "mauler" type we want compared to Lewis, who again is a natural pass protector. As far as the tape goes, everything points to Lewis being a natural OT - frame, good movement/footwork, technician of a blocker with sketchy strength, strong pass protector, etc. - and Robinson being a natural OG - mauler mentality, footwork issues at OT, strong run blocker, size, etc.
  2. I always mix up Carr and Flowers, both played for the Chiefs and were drafted in the same year
  3. Can we just ban Confora at this point? twice in one offseason he's linked us to a player, both times it was wrong I'm honestly sort of happier with Carr rather than Claiborne. Sure Claiborne could continue to break out but we all know the guy can't stay healthy and last year was literally his only good year. Carr might not be as potentially good, but he's healthier and safer to consistently put out solid results out there. People around here calling Claiborne a shut down guy were going a bit far (and it wasn't only around here, over on reddit people were saying the same thing).
  4. Swapping 6ths is better than nothing I suppose. And controlling where he ends up isn't a bad thing.
  5. I wouldn't mind if Robinson is the pick, a little disappointed that we wouldn't be getting EDGE/CB/WR but the line is vital to success. I think Robinson will be an elite LG from the start, don't like him at OT at all, but he looks like he'll do work on the inside. Next to Stanley the left side of our line will be deadly and Yanda, Lewis on the right side ain't too shabby either. Center is really the spot that concerns me.
  6. There is literally no olinemen left on the market worth signing, honestly a draft pick would be better than any of them and as Zrebiec reported, we are not tied to Mangold at all, who would be the only serviceable option.
  7. Still don't like getting rid of Zuttah, he wasn't great this past year but we could certainly do worse as we found out during the in between faze between Birk and him. Don't like that we have done literally nothing to address the line that was a huge limiting factor this past year, we've only taken a step back in that regard. Get ready, because I think this is a clear sign that we're targeting oline in the draft.
  8. I'm as big a fan of Watt as anyone but I still can't see him at #16, he's just too unproven and raw as an outside rusher for me. If we trade back in the first - which I think is actually very likely - then I can see us grabbing him in the 20s. His ceiling is the roof as they say. I've always been somewhat of a defender of Humphrey and I really don't think he lasts until our second pick, he checks all of the intangible boxes from what I've seen and I expect him to go in the first, possibly the second CB off the board now that Jones tore his Achilles. I don't have any complaints really about the rest. I'm not a huge fan of either Asiata or Mathis but I don't think the value there is bad, to each his own I suppose. I think we all have Elder as a "sleeper" CB - though I think that sort of flies in the face of what a "sleeper" is - and grabbing Toth and Rogers later would be great.
  9. You're delusional if you don't think Tavon was starter quality this past year. Everyone likes him better inside - which in today's NFL is a starting position regardless - but be real dude, if Tavon starts on the outside then we'd have an above average #2 CB. But keep pushing Butler, you're welcome to not except that he's not even being considered but you're only setting yourself up for disappointment. Luckily the sub won't be around long enough for you to complain endlessly about it.
  10. CB is not the weakest part of our defense, that designation falls squarely at OLB, we have 2 starting quality CBs on the roster already, at OLB we've got 34 year old Suggs and nobody else. Our pass rush was one of the worst in the league this past year. Trading our first for Butler would be an idiotic move, putting aside the fact that #16 is just way too high for him as a player, he doesn't want to play without a new contract, one you can bet we're not going to pay him since we just paid Jimmy last year. Our first round picks in recent years have been fine, especially when we've picked in the top half of the first round, Elam has been the only first round whiff we've had in at least the past decade. Also, btw, neither Cody nor Kindle were first round picks, both were second rounders, and Elam was 32nd overall, so it's not like we were picking the cream of the crop there.
  11. Do you think Darrelle Revis is done? his drop off last year was steep and he admitted to weight issues, but I think somewhere I read that he lost a bunch of weight already for next season. Just throwing that out there.
  12. I can't believe there are some on other forums saying they wouldn't touch him until the 4th, you're crazy if you think Jones will fall out of the second. In a class loaded with CBs beyond belief he was one of the best, many would even argue the best. The guy is too freaking good to tumble far, some team will happily grab him as a steal in the second. Achilles tears are certainly not irrelevant but in recent history they have been far less devastating than they once were, especially for the younger guys.
  13. Sucks for Jones, but I still want him and I'm not dropping him as my top CB unless we hear rehab set back leading up to the draft. Achilles injuries are tough, but the 6 month recovery period means he will be able to play in his rookie year, but he'll probably miss a couple games. If we pick up Claiborne them I'm still 100% on the Jones bandwagon, maybe now we have a prayer of landing him in the second, not likely, but a possiblity and I'd be in favor of moving up if need be. The good news about a strong CB class is that teams won't feel the need to reach or take a chance on his injury, they're much more likely to just bump up the next guy in line.
  14. I like Lamp, like Lawson, but after that it goes off the rails. You can keep pushing Kelly...but even if you think he's draftable the 3rd is a big reach for a guy with as many character concerns as him - and the recent comments by Bruce Feldman that his baggage is even worse than reported doesn't exactly help his stock. We already had a back and forth on him so I'm not going to get into it, all I'll say is that you think way, way, way higher of him than I do. Jermaine Eluemunor is a reach in the mid 3rd, he a developmental guy through and through and in that scenario we already took Lamp to play guard. At that spot we can easily grab a Dion Dawkins who's also more developmental but is more ready to play right away, and he's more versatile, or some other lineman could be there. Or we could take a CB there, even if we sign Claiborne we'd be fools to let the deepest class in forever pass us by completely, we're definitely in the market for quality depth pieces, that won't change with the signing of another injury prone CB like Claiborne. A better possession WR could be there between Juju, Kupp, and Jones. Dede Westbrook isn't more conventional because he's not even on our board. He has domestic violence red flags and the FO has made it clear that we aren't even going to consider taking guys with those concerns. I'd be surprised if Riley is available in the 5th after the success of Deion Jones and Riley is in the same mold as him.
  15. None of the official contracts have been reported so we have no idea what the cap numbers are. Years + total amount doesn't give you cap number.