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  1. People have said this to me before, but from everything I've watched on him I think he's work fine at EDGE, the only thing that I haven't seen from him that would be an obstacle is his athleticism, but to me that's very much minor. Solomon Thomas on the other hand is a guy with all the athleticism in the world but I've never gotten the indication that he can be anything but a currently undersized 4-3 DT with some ability to kick outside to DE, I don't see EDGE ability at all.
  2. I'd take Barnett over all 3, I think people are putting way too much stock in his lack of game breaking athleticism. The guy has everything else you want in an EDGE player and produced against the best of the best. He'd be a steal at #16. Between Davis and Jones it's close for #2, I'd still go Jones just because he's my guy, I think he's going to be great, though I really like Davis. Cook is well below all 3 and below plenty of other players as well, he's a great player but I really don't want him, we just don't need him and his off-the-field stuff can't be discounted because of his athleticism.
  3. Seems like everyone else is taking you to task with this one...but I'm going to be a bit more generous. I have to agree with others on Lawson at #16. He's way too injury prone and there are just better options at that spot. Maybe after a trade back he'd be in play but at #16 I don't see it. I don't think Douglas would be a big reach in the 2nd as others have indicated. First of all I think he will test well at the Combine, people don't talk about his athletic ability but from what I've seen I think he's a better athlete than many give him credit for. I'm not saying he's going to be the guy that tears it up, but he'll put out solid numbers and take away any doubts about his athletic ability. Combine that with I think there will be a run on CBs to start the second and I think Douglas could be a fine pick for us there. I really like Switzer as most do, but I think mid 3rd is somewhat of a reach, the comp would be more realistic. But I think he'll be a fantastic slot receiver in the NFL and he's easily one of the best punt returners in the draft. I'll withhold judgement on Bisnowaty, I watched him months ago and can't really remember what I thought of him. I'm not really a fan of Smart, he performed admirably at the Senior Bowl and his tape is ok. It'd obviously depend on who's available, but I don't think I'd take him in the 4th even though he's rising a little bit. I like Henrickson, he's an interesting EDGE prospect and did very well at the East/West Shrine game - though, to be fair, literally all of the OTs from that game performed terribly. I'm still feeling out where he should go, but I think the 5th could be appropriate at the moment. Not a fan of Ford, if I'm remembering the right player then I have to say I came away from his tape with a different impression than you. Didn't like his tackling or the angles that he took.
  4. Love Sidney Jones, he's my top CB in the class and I always make him our pick in my mocks. Pocic looks good, but I don't think he'll be playing right away unless Wagner leaves and Pocic needs to play LG. I don't see him unseating Zuttah as the starter at center. Haven't watched Johnson yet Don't like Banner at all, he was terrible at the senior bowl and at 6'8" he's not playing guard in the NFL, he'd get manhandled, he's known to have lots of trouble getting out of his stance and on the interior that's a death sentence. Marquel Lee is getting a lot of hype lately and I'll be honest, I'm not really a fan. From what I've watched I don't see a guy that can do very well in coverage and that was Orr's biggest contribution - and a big reason why Mosley did so well this year since he wasn't tasked with being the primary coverage guy. Switzer shouldn't be around in the 5th, people love him as a slot receiver - myself included - and he should be gone by the 4th, maybe even sneaking into the 3rd because he's also a fantastic punt returner. I like Bryan Cox, from what I've seen he's kind of your dirty work guy, he won't be a big name but he'll be the one to round out the unit a la Jarrett Johnson Beathard won't be available in the 7th, just look at last year's QB class, they all went higher than expected and Beathard is a good prospect at QB. I'd honestly be surprised if he's around come the 6th, let alone the 7th.
  5. While I admit that OJ Howard is a possible pick for us to make, I'd still really, really hate it. Sure we don't have anyone at TE that's of his caliber, but we've got at least 3 solid players there in Pitta, Boyle, and Gillmore, with Maxx and Waller still developing (assuming Watson is cut). We simply don't need Howard, for us he'd be a luxury pick when we have much bigger needs and we're practically guaranteed to have a top player at one of those needs available when we're on the clock. I like Elflein in the second, he's still my top center in the class assuming Feeney stays at guard. Mid 3rd is too high for Elder. We're all pretty much in agreement that he's somewhat of a gem at CB but we shouldn't reach for him, especially since our CB need is mostly for outside CBs, which Elder probably can't play. I like Hunt, underrated back with fantastic balance, I've described him before as this years Dixon because he's good at everything and is sort of forgotten about. Not sure if he's the kind of back we're looking for but I'd like the pick.
  6. What? you don't like arguments with constant misrepresentations of opinion? blasphemy
  7. People rave about Takk McKinley's athleticism, and it's apparent on tape. If he tears up the combine and measures out as well as he looks like he will then he can cement himself as a top 20 pick. Prototype EDGE size, production against some top competition, and athleticism is a recipe to be the guy that explodes up the draft after the combine.
  8. Transition tag Ronald Leary, OG, 12.5 stars Cutting Alfred Morris, 1.5 stars
  9. I would agree that he's the best player on Dallas' D but Anthony Hitchens is legit, Posluszny is solid, Tyrone Crawford at DE is very good, I'm happy with the secondary I currently have in place plus I'll probably add a DB in the draft since it's so loaded. Smith's injury was terrible but from everything that's coming out he's ready to go and at very least he will still be able to play adequate coverage at WLB on instinct. And don't be so sure that I'll end this mock with only the LBs I have right now, just because that's who I have at the moment doesn't mean I'm putting all of my eggs in that basket.
  10. As of right now I have La'el Collins and Alfred Morris on the trade block
  11. Just a combination of age, injury history, and cap savings, plus having Jaylon Smith coming back from injury made him expendable. Unfortunately packaging Posluszny in the deal took the savings only down to 3 stars, but I still think it was worth it.
  12. Well I know that, I'm talking about replacing Kush with another camp body
  13. Are we going to work it out or are we just abandoning the trade altogether?