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  1. Where's the big board for round 5?
  2. With the 1st Pick in the 5th Round of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Defending NFC Champions select: Blair Brown - LB - Ohio
  3. With the 31st Pick in the 4th Round of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Defending NFC Champions select: Jeremy Sprinkle - TE - Arkansas
  4. So this is the round where all the falling prospects get picked up.
  5. 4th round should go faster than the 3rd Round. It's going to be the Cleveland show.
  6. Falcons: 4.17 4.21 Browns: Joe Schobert - LB - 0.5 Stars Spencer Drango - OG - 0.5 Stars 5.1 6.1 6.15
  7. Falcons Trading Block: 4.17 4.21 4.30 I'm going for quantity over quality. Looking to trade down all my 4th rounders. Will take depth players (depending on their positions)
  8. Trade: Falcons: 3.31 Raiders: 4.17 6.31 Daimion Stafford - SS - 1 Star
  9. I didn't mean tentative trades. I meant Tentative Guideline, meaning try to send an offer similar to the confirmed trades that happened to move up in the 3rd. Unless I posted it confusingly. I'll try to clear it up a bit. Even if it is a tentative trade, nothing wrong with it because these trades are discussed way ahead of the pick. If the prospect is not there, then the trade is confirmed. If the prospect is there, then I just send in the draft card, Anyhow, looking around to trade out of the 3rd round. I'm not getting any of my target prospects drop to me at the end of each round, so I'm switching gears and just going to go for quantity over quality.
  10. Planning to trade down my 3.31 for more picks. I'm looking for these types of offers. Example: Texans give: Round 3, Pick 25 Round 5, Pick 2 Vikings give: Round 3, Pick 22 Example: Ravens Trade: Round 3, Pick 14 Chiefs Trade: Round 3, Pick 27 Round 5, Pick 16 Round 6, Pick 34
  11. Yeah, the suspension for decling a drug test was abig red flag. Teez is highly likely going to get a 4 game substance suspension. Belichick might not have time for his attitude. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets cut before the season starts.
  12. That was a rough 2nd Round... Everything I wanted got taken. Might as well take all the risky players and hope one of them turns out ok.
  13. With the 63rd Pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Defending NFC Champions select: Jourdan Lewis - CB - Michigan
  14. Willing to trade down 2.31 if my targets all get taken. Send some offers this way.
  15. If RGII goes for three first rounders, then the offer involving MVP Matt Ryan was considered cheap.
  16. I did offer you Matt Ryan for all your picks in the top 100. I thought the real Browns would've taken it since it's valued at three 1st Round picks.
  17. And what's the chance that I will land a pick that can replace 1/4 of my offensive production?
  18. I know draft is exciting but giving away an established player for a pick that has somewhat of a 50/50 of success only works seems counter-intuitive for this mock forum setting.
  19. Man, it sucks being on the bottom of each round and watching the opportunity cost of all those good players being taken before you. It doesn't help that I don't have a lot of picks either to make maneuvers.
  20. When did we became a big player in free agency? As long as Carr performs better than Wright, we should be fine. I guess we aren't double dipping in CBs in the draft after all. However, it worries me that the OT position in the draft is very thin on talent. It's Ramczyk and Robinson, and then a huge drop-off with projects.
  21. Double Dipping on TEs? What are you trying to pull here? a Belichick? It could be a double down to make sure one of them turns out alright. If both get developed, then Derek Carr is going to have a field day like Tom Brady back in 2011. However, Bill Musgrave didn't use the TEs or even the RBs enough to make that offense very unpredictable, thus he is gone. I wonder how Todd Downing will use the new pair of TEs.
  22. When are we going to give Carolina a new owner? It's obvious that the game is over for the GM. I say we take matter into our own hands and draft him all kickers.
  23. A lot of teams trying to trade down. However, this year's draft is ridiculously deep like 2008. You can at least land 3 starters with the first 3 picks. If lucky, then 2 Pro-Bowlers with your first two picks.
  24. Ozzie, if you land the player I think you will, then I have no excuse, but to love this draft.
  25. You know what's funny, looking back at our past mock drafts, some teams got some very good steals. 2016 Mock Draft 2015 Mock Draft 2014 Mock Draft 2013 Mock Draft I wonder if anyone is going to a forum mock history to show the community our hard work as a fantasy community. Also, are the stuff in the forum going to be archived, or all gone?