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  1. Atlanta Falcons Trade Update: Mohamed Sanu (6 Stars) There's too many "ifs" on the Free Agent WR market and the proven commodities are going be overpriced. I'm willing to listen to offers for what possibility a top ten WR in the free agent market.
  2. Atlanta Falcons LB Korey Toomer - 1 Stars
  3. Atlanta Falcons LB Korey Toomer - 0.5 Stars I think he just got added...
  4. Atlanta Falcons LB Jeff Knox - 0.5 Stars
  5. Atlanta Falcons LB Michael Morgan - 0.5 Stars
  6. Atlanta Falcons LB Jon Bostic - 0.5 Stars
  7. EXAMPLE: Robert Alford Base Salary $2,000,000 Dead Money ($19,000,000) Cap Hit $4,000,000 So let's say I cut him with the special rule, then it means I save 2 Stars, since I wiped out his dead money.
  8. I need an example
  9. I don't understand what the special cut rule or the special trade rule mean. Can someone give me a better detail on it? Is it something like a get out of jail free card that wipes the dead money that exceeds the cap hit?
  10. He ain't going anywhere. New England will match that contract easy. I don't know about the Cowboys though.
  11. If that is the case, the Redskins should be having a fire-sale instead of holding on to expensive talents like Josh Norman.
  12. Yeah, I noticed when he shipped off his only option at QB with $70M+ to spare.
  13. Saving stars? When did Daniel Snyder become a cheapskate. You better go out there and pull another earth-shattering splash like back in 2009 to reclaim your spot as Offseason King. I can already see it, C "Almost" C is going to play for the Redskins for $20M per year.
  14. I remember back in the day, everyone had 2 teams to manage. I remember trading between my two teams to max out the talents was a fun option.
  15. It's cause all the top free agents got tagged, so they got a lot of money, but not enough talent.