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  1. We signed Carr remember lololol, he's the savior. J.k but yea we still have holes everywhere, hopefully the draft can produce a few kids that are motivated and good enough to step right in and go hard!
  2. Bruh if you think this was a good move, your expectations of this teams performance must be seriously low. You get what you pay for! And in reality my "grand plan" wouldn't matter considering I'm a fan/spectator just as you are! I'm no guru or know it all but, I have seen many DB's come out of college and outperform tons of vets so, it's not out of the question to draft a corner that can be a plug and play guy. Tayvon being one. Bottom line is, I feel that Carr is not worth a dime, nothing you or anyone here can say to change that!
  3. The issue is throwing money at a guy that doesn't deserve it. Waste of a roster spot, the monetary value doesn't have anything to do with my statement about his performance!
  4. No we aren't kidding nor complaining just stating facts that are readily available to anyone who chooses to look. I mean let's face it, when has Dallas had a great passing defense? I'll wait...when have you ever heard Carr's name thrown out as a top notch, elite or "good" CB? I'll wait! We are steadily taking on other teams washed up, has been DB's and it's annoying. I watch lots of football as I'm sure most fans here do as well...Carr at best is a "decent" CB worth a tryout, not a 4 yr possible deal.
  5. Lmao not thrown at???? My goodness man I'm not gonna argue. The team stats don't lie, Dallas as a team and Carr has been one of the worst secondarys in the nfl for yrs. Once he left K.C he has sucked and that has been proven. 2015 he ranked 73rd in the league giving up a Passer rating of 117. Oh yea those are shutdown stats, you can put lipstick on a pig as the old clichรฉ goes, guess what, it's still a filthy animal.
  6. I'm not so sure these guys have watched this guy get torched week in and week out! Smh then go point out 6 decent games he's had over 40 seasons. Lol just like everyone here got on me about the Watson pick, I remember saying I bet he doesn't even make it through 6 weeks. Heck he didn't even get out of preseason. I'm not impressed with the guy at all Rise. But we shall see.
  7. You can throw out any state you want to against certain players. Where does he rank amongst every cornerback in the league? If he was so "good" why are the horrible Cowboys so willing to let him go? A 30 yr old CB signing a 4 year contract is a JOKE!
  8. I wouldn't consider this an upgrade. This guy is not good I'm sorry!
  9. I can dig that! That is a lot of money for a NT but hey he's the best at what he does and demands money. Hopefully we can fill some of our other defensive voids through the draft. I'm digging our defensive signings thus far.
  10. There's so many voids on this team, we NEED viable and reliable CB's, Pass Rushers, O Linemen, a WR that's dependable, heck the only position I think we have any depth at is RB. Something has to give asap.
  11. If we are to go after a WR, I'd like to see us go get Alshon Jeffrey, DeSean Jackson or Michael Floyd.
  12. Aye yah yah, it'll be the same old stuff next season then. Vanilla offense, nothing exciting nor inventive. Gosh this is just amazing that there's so many talented, young, fresh offensive minds out there in college yet we stick the the same old boring stuff year after year, I couldn't tell you one play to where I was like "dang that's a nice lil wrinkle right there" or "man what a nicely designed play" Smh not a good start to the year!
  13. Hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  14. I agree 100% our offensive line needs to be addressed as well.
  15. I'm not exactly sure of what needs to change but there's a huge disconnection be tween the players and coaches, it's evident in their play and preparation. Idk how many times I've read on these threads about us needing a secondary, or our secondary being our demise. How come it hasn't been addressed?!?!? Our offensive line got soft once K.O left, he's playing great for the Raiders if no one has noticed. ONE of our problems is, we are always trying to find discounted players, Ozzie seems to like letting players go because he doesn't want to pay them, or thinks recycled players can get it done, either way it's finally catching up to us, along with a few mediocre drafts. I hope some changes come soon because the past few seasons post our Super Bowl run has been very disappointing to say the least.