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  1. That's very reassuring to hear about Mahomes specifically mentioning Brees at the Combine. Very intriguing statistics on that Texas Tech team. He definitely did appear to have to singlehandedly keep that team in games at times. It was good to see him succeed in 2016 without his safety net DeAndre Washington as well. I'm reference to the point about Mahomes having good building blocks, I'm I'm in agreement. I liked what I saw on tape, especially his ability to throw on the run, keeping his eyes downfield as you said, and how most times he makes the correct reads. Yet again, I also saw how at times he'll make those 1-2 "ill-fated throws". That simply won't fly in the NFL, but with time, practice, and the mentorship of Drew Brees perhaps he can make the correct throw more often.
  2. I agree fully with all the points you have raised. I think his ceiling is as high or higher than anybody else's, but he also has the biggest chance to bust due to the issues you've highlighted. That being said, I think being picked by this Texans team is a great setup for Mahomes, because he gets to stay in Texas and he can sit behind a Hall of Fame QB for two years and learn from him. I think Drew Brees is the perfect mentor for him too, because of his work ethic and meticulous planning. If Mahomes can watch, learn and be teachable, when Brees decides to retire he can hopefully step in and play effectively.
  3. Whoops, my bad. Would you rather me edit the post to put in 5.3 or repost?
  4. With the 22nd pick in the third round of the 2017 Forum Mock Draft, the Texans are proud to welcome one of their own: Patrick Mahomes II, QB Texas Tech
  5. Texans give: Round 3, Pick 25 Round 5, pick 3 Vikings give: Round 3, Pick 22
  6. Good move trading up. I can guarantee he wouldn't have been there after pick 25. I agree with you completely
  7. Freedom never sleeps.
  8. Oh, you're right. I thought it was a 4.68.... my bad. A 4.62 is still a pretty terrible time for a cornerback in today's NFL.
  9. Hopefully that 4.7 was just a blip on the radar. He appears to be faster on tape. I expected he'd at least crack 4.6
  10. Straight savage
  11. I like Jarrad Davis a lot. He's a great athlete and there is a pretty steep drop off at ILB after him.
  12. Thank you. I would've picked Lawson had you gone with Moton... I think you got fantastic value with that pick. Not too long ago he was being discussed as a potential top 10 prospect. Agreed on the versatility of Moton.
  13. Thanks man, I agree completely on that comparison. The Texans desperately need the OL help too. I like him best at RG, but given the health record of Derek Newton at RT, he may be asked to kick outside. I would be thrilled if the Ravens got him... I think he'd be a good fit for our power run scheme.
  14. Sorry about that... It's good to hear I didn't reach though. I loved his tape, and he's not really an underrated prospect anymore so I felt I had to take him...
  15. With the 25th pick in the second round of the 2017 Forum Mock Draft, The Houston Texans select: The friendliest looking offensive lineman in this year's class- Taylor Moton, OL Western Michigan