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  1. The Ravens haven't figured this out in their entire existence...
  2. http://www.powerhousegm.com/blog/nfl-draft-prospect-grading-systems Here's just an example article with two grading tables with round designations beside it. A grade of 7.5 is required in this table to be a first round talent. There's zero chance you would find 38 players in this draft with the ability to become a day one feature player on his team and create physical mismatches for the opposing team. It just isn't going to happen.
  3. Again, 38 is way too much and just isn't realistic, but hey, you all do you. Finding a starter late in the draft does not equal first round talent. I think there must be some huge misconception about what a first round talent means. Matt Miller is the lead draft analyst and actually communicates with scouts, unlike any of the other writers. He's the most invested and the most actively involved. The others are giving an opinion. I heavily maintain that there aren't going to be 32 first round talents in any given year, but then again, I don't have an arbitrary grading system, either. I just like a prospect or I don't and I'm not going to sit here and make up my own system and give out my own flawed grades.
  4. I don't think there's ever a draft year where you'll have 32 players or more receive a first round grade. If there were such a class, you can bet that you'd be walking out with several day one starters.
  5. He's so extremely patient with his press. He waits patiently and never overcommits or lands a bad punch that'll put him in the hole. If he doesn't feel comfortable with his punch, he'll lay off and not force it and get thrown off balance. He's also really good about not opening his hips too early and committing to the deep route too early and getting burned underneath. He uses his punch to create a wide release by the receiver that drives them to the sidelines and waits for them to show their route before he will open his hips. I think if he had 4.40 speed, he'd be a surefire top 10 pick.
  6. Every draft has to have 32 players go in the first, right? I think that's where the 36 players could go in the first comes into play. It's not like we end the first round after all the players you had a high grade on are gone. As for what does it mean to have a first round grade, I'm not entirely sure what a scout set the bar at grade wise, but they might say a first round player has a grade of 7.0 or higher on our board. That's a really high grade that not many players will reach, so maybe they only get 10 players with that grade. Then you naturally fill in the next 22 to get your top 32.
  7. Having 36 first round grades is entirely too high. Having 36 players that can go in the first is different, but 36 first round grades is way too high. I think Matt Miller said he spoke to several scouts that had maybe 15 players with first round grades in this draft. Just wanted to throw that out. Anyway, Njoku is absolutely a first round player. I don't think anyone has risen faster, but he's going to be a nightmare up the seam and as a receiver. He's a freakish leaper and is extremely fast. He'll be a real terror in the red zone and over the top of linebackers and safeties. He's really just learning how to really play his game, too. Wait until he gets NFL coaching and has a chance to really learn the nuances. If Njoku catches onto coaching, he's going to be a game breaker. I wouldn't take him in the first for the Ravens, but he's going to be a very good pass catcher for a team looking for that game breaking element.
  8. I don't value the combine nearly at all. The combine should never be the determining factor in deciding a players athletic ability. The combine should serve to confirm what you see or make you go back and watch again, but never to be the deciding factor. Anyway, I don't view Barnett as a guy who will be the "next Suggs" or an elite edge rusher. I think he's going to get his dues with his super refined hand usage and motor that never quits, but when you can't change direction well and don't have great burst or quickness, you're just not going to do a ton of damage in the league as a pass rusher. With Charlton, he's an athletic freak for someone his size. He's inconsistent as all hell and will require some serious coaching to really reach that ceiling, but he's got All-Pro potential written all over him. Will he ever reach that? I don't know. However, is he going to be a good starter anyway? I think so. If I'm picking between the two, I'd take the upside if I know I'm getting a strong starter either way.
  9. If he's there in the second, he's BPA by a mile unless someone really unexpected flat out free falls...
  10. I wouldn't be surprised to see Barnett fall past 20 at all, honestly. This is a very talented edge rusher group and while Barnett is very refined, he just lacks that burst and quickness to put him over the top and doesn't have excellent lateral agility. Someone like Taco Charlton may be raw, but he presents far more upside as a pass rusher and I'd very much expect Charlton to be in play for the Ravens at 16. I think of Shaq Lawson some when I think of Barnett in the sense that both will be extremely refined against the run, but really lack the elite athleticism to make them forces as pass rushers. Yeah, you'll get your production, but you're probably never getting the 12+ sacks a year type guy.
  11. I wouldn't compare any corner to Wilson as a press man. He's way too refined to be compared to and White just isn't halfway there.
  12. Many, many of his tackles were well beyond the LoS because Mosley ate blockers and allowed him to clean up.
  13. Favorites are NE
  14. It may be boring for Ravens fans, but extra points across the league were, I believe, under an 80% conversion rate. They aren't as routine for most teams anymore.
  15. Borland may not have been extremely fast, but he was definitely bursty and quick in short areas. He was just considered too small with short arms. If he were a little bigger and had longer arms, he'd have been a potential first round pick. There's no comparison between him and Boulware.