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  1. I think his senior bowl more than quieted all doubt about that.
  2. I don't like trading down in my mocks, because often it just ends up being pipe dream trades so I can get all the players I like. But definitely, as deep as this draft is, trading down would be an excellent idea unless a Fournette/Foster/Adams type is on the board with our first pick
  3. I'm not too worried about age. He's not like Brandon Weeden old, so it shouldn't hurt him. I sort of agree about OL. That's a big need I didn't cover in the mock.
  4. It's a 7th rounder, hard to know anything about a pick that late so I just threw Beathard in. Most 7th rounders just end up getting cut anyway.
  5. Walterfootball just mentioned that he has character issues, not mentioning what they were. I haven't heard another source report anything about them.
  6. Projected comp picks: 3rd round for KO Round 1: Corey Davis, WR, WMU While CB and Edge are certainly huge needs, I'd rather go BPA to start the draft. I love Davis route running ability, size, and his tenacity to go after the ball. He'd be a great player to match up aside Wallace and Perriman. I think Davis will likely be available, as Mike Williams likely goes before us and I think the late teens/early 20s is probably Davis optimal draft position. Round 2: Desmond King, FS/CB, Iowa I am a huge fan of Desmond Kings playstyle, but I think it will be better for him in the long run to convert to FS. The former Thorpe winner has demonstrated excellent ball skills throughout his time in college, getting 8 picks in 2015. At FS, he would be able to both play overtop and occasionally walk down and cover the slot. Round 3: Carroll Phillips, DE/OLB, Illnois While his teammate Dawume Smoot has gotten more attention as of recently, Phillips was by far the more impact player the last year. After serving as a backup to Jihad Ward in 2015, Phillip broke out in 2016 with 9 sacks. I think Phillips is a player that could benefit with a move to 3-4 backer. Rasul Douglas, CB, WVU Douglas broke out in 2016 as an interception machine. He's still really raw and had some poor games in 2016, but there is no denying his talent. If he can develop, he could turn into a starting level corner. Round 4: De'veon Smith, RB, Michigan I feel running back is a position that is an underrated need for the Ravens. I really like De'veon Smith. He's an excellent and willing pass blocker. He catches well coming out of the backfield. He had great showings at the Shrine and Senior Bowls to really boost his stock. He doesn't have a ton of wear on his track. One might pause at his production numbers, but Michigan consistently faced great defenses this season will pretty poor offense line play. I don't think he'll be a superstar, but he could be a very nice piece to have with Kenneth Dixon andTerrence West. Round 5 Tanzel Smart, DT, Tulane A sort of semi-homer pick because I do go to Tulane, but Smart was a force for the Green Waves this past year. He was the best DL in the AAC not named Ed Oliver. He'd Be a good player to add to the rotation. Round 6 Jalen Reeves-Maybin. LB, Tenn While undersized and injured this past year, Reeves-Maybin has been a star for Tennessee. With Orr retiring, it's worth taking a late round flier on a talented player. Round 7 CJ Beathard, QB,Iowa I'm not sure how Beathard will pan out in the pros, but I like his tools and its a 7th rounder.
  7. I 100% blame Howards lack of tape on Lane Kiffin. Kiffin has show for years that his offense is get the play to the starplayer, whether it be Robert Woods, Marquis Lee, Amari Cooper, or Derrick Henry. Kiffin just simply had no idea how to use Howard.
  8. I like the talent acquired and all the picks are realistic. Not a fan of the elder pick. I agree some might not be keen on taking Howard, but he's going to be an elite TE. Only "but" from me is I'd be a little concerned if we had this draft and didn't address secondary/edge through FA. Eiflien would be a home run.
  9. I just don't like Barnetts fit at OLB at all. He's definitely a 4-3 DE. Great player, but I'm not sure exactly how he would fit in our scheme.
  10. Most the media have him on the border of rounds 1/2. I don't think he's being underrated like you say.
  11. Elite Edge Rush and Receivers. Add a Julio/Odell to our team or a Von Miller/Khalil Mack and we probably win 2-3 more games. Healthy OL would have helped a ton as well. As we sit this offense, we are basically a talented WR and healthy OL away from a fearsome pass offense. Wallace and Perriman would make an outstanding #2 and #3 combo, but they just aren't #1 caliber guys.
  12. The simple fact with Aiken is he was a product of the environment, not his talent. He's a below average #3 guy IMO. Nothing special at all and when he had other WRs that are at least semi-talented on the field, Joe rarely looked at Aiken. Wallace and Perriman are much better than him, but still neither of those guys are #1s. We have Pitta to do damage in the slot, so Aiken would still be a backup in that regard. That's not even to mention his basically said he's not coming back no matter what.
  13. Heck, I think it's more than possible we could land Desmond King with our second rounder as we stand right now, and he'd be a great safety as well. Sure, I love Adams, but I'm not sacrificing grabbing starters/rotation in the mid rounds just to get him.
  14. I find that going after FA is even more time consuming because you have to assign values to their play and then compete to sign guys, when with the draft, you could really just get a general sense of who you like and a reference a professional big board or two. You might not draft perfect, but you should still get some good players.In regards to time commitment, I'm glad I picked the Chiefs, because they are pretty maxed out cap wise and aren't extremely time consuming to deal with.