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  1. I understand the logic behind the trade. 0 percent chance we were going to resign Jernigan after that deal we gave Williams. Eagles are basically moving down 25 spots in the third to rent Jernigan for a year. I'm neutral. It would be nice to get another year out of Jernigan and get a comp, but at the same time, this draft class is very special. We have historically shown to be able to develop DL talent with ease. It also displays some faith in some combination of Urban, Davis, Pierce, Henry, and Kafusi stepping up this year, since Guy left in FA as well. I like the trade because we just lose one year of Jernigan's sometimes talented sometimes spotty play and gain from it, but I can't help but feeling we could have gotten more.
  2. With the 36th pick in the 5th round, the KC Chiefs select: Brian Hill, RB, Wyoming
  3. 100% agree. I was just looking back and saw you took Elijah Lee. That's one of the best picks so far in my book.
  4. Fan of the Griffin pick; He's a great player and his brother is something special to watch. Despite only having one hand, his brother Shaquem was AAC defensive player of the year.
  5. I might be in the minority here, but I think Price ends up being one of those guys that will have trouble converting collegiate success to the next level. I think this is a decent range to take him and its still a pretty good pick, but I got my doubts. He's really small for an edge rusher, height wise.
  6. Boulware has a very high chance of going undrafted. He's just not an NFL player at 6' flat, slow, and t-rex arms.
  7. Heading back to Baltimore tomorrow, gonna feel good to be home. Going to miss the New Orleans weather a little bit. If my pick comes up about 9-12 EST, I'll be on the the plane and unable to make a selection. I'll keep an eye on how fast the draft goes and give someone my board if necessary.
  8. I made a poster in my dorm room of this goofy picture of Webb as an inside joke between my roommate and I. Huge Webb fan.
  9. Gotta love that 5.9% ABV
  10. I'm very interested to see what Perine can do in the NFL. I loved watching him (when he wasn't playing Texas) in college and he is the all time leader in rushing yards at OU.
  11. Nothing like a cold Natty Ice.
  12. I like Demarcus Walker. I don't like Demarcus Walker at 3-4 OLB.
  13. What kind of sick puppy would drink pink lemonade vodka?
  14. I'd agree in the first or the second, but not much risk taking him in the third. This WR class is kind of weird because I love the ceiling of a lot of the 2-4th round guys, but their floors are really low as well.
  15. With the 14th pick of the 3rd round, the Kansas City Chiefs select: Chris Godwin, WR, Penn State