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  1. Chris Moore will be a star in this league. You heard it here first. If you are not convinced, watch this: 

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    2. ALPHA


      I see a poor mans Torrey Smith, although I hear he tracks the ball well

    3. DomMcRaven


      If he and Perriman become good route runners, they'll be a problem. 

    4. juanman7


      @bravensfan52Yeah and he also beat #10 pick Eli Apple who is now a Giant, who we will face.

      @ALPHA I see that comparison but I will say that I also see a more physical receiver than Torrey at least from the tape I've watched, he will jump up and fight for the ball more than Torrey. He had similar combine numbers to Mike Evans who is a physical guy (not comparing the two, just saying they are similar athletically).

      @DomMcRavenI agree with you.

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