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  1. Who remembers the days when Billy Bajema was our depth at tight end? Now we have like 5 quality guys. I kind of miss Bajema though.

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    2. JoeyFlex5


      i think the plan was to never, ever let that happen again, at all costs, as you can see from our attention to the position in the past 3-4 years

    3. gtalk12


      Dickson was a weird one bc he was pretty good at first, it was Pitta that was backing him up at first...

    4. 52520Andrew


      I remember when he was... then wasn't... then was... then wasn't...

  2. What is everyone's opinion on Marlon Humphrey as our pick? Is he overrated because he plays for 'Bama or is he a potential lockdown corner?

    1. BmoreBird22


      I really like his zone coverage ability and that fits what Dean Pees wants. He's got the height/weight/speed to excel in the Ravens Tampa 2 and Cover 3 schemes.

    2. JoeyFlex5


      what bird said. hes not overrated because of his team, he may be overrated because he really needs to learn how to use that speed and fluidity to pursue his man downfield better, and he needs to learn how to turn his head to play the ball. but when hes allowed to play downhill hes about as good as anyone in the class. if he doesnt succeed as a corner i think he has a bright future as a safety

  3. Anybody know how much cap space we have going into this year? Also, who do you think is a virtual lock to get cut and how much would we save?

  4. Chris Moore will be a star in this league. You heard it here first. If you are not convinced, watch this: 

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    2. Deflated Football

      Deflated Football

      Bet he's excited to have a good QB. 

    3. DefensiveMind


      THAT was suppose to show me that he is going to be a star....

    4. juanman7


      @DefensiveMindyes because one, he didnt have an accurate QB and two his leaping ability to go up for the ball and that one TD where he was well covered but came down with it and the fact that he produced while going against the bengals first round pick. So not necessarily the game itself but the skills he showed through this game.

  5. Anyone know where I can buy a Breshad Perriman or Maxx Williams jersey online?

    1. juanman7


      I can only find a woman's one for Perriman and I can't find a Williams one at all.

    2. sflegend89


      Yeah they only have women's for Perriman on NFL Shop, very strange. You could pay extra and do it custom or just wait closer to the regular season and they will probably have it available

    3. Tank 92

      Tank 92

      Look on ebay for an old Demetrius Williams jersey. lol

  6. WELCOME TO BALTIMORE, MR. PERRIMAN. I see a lot of JF to BP connections in the future!! Don't listen to those fans who are trying to bring you down. You are too big, anyways and they would have a hard time doing that. JF + BP = TD

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    2. juanman7


      lol i just thought of Bernard Pierce too haha..too many BPs in raven's history! but he will be the best BP we've had no doubt. And @AsianRice i love that nickname....I just don't know if it would stick.

    3. hn68wb4


      bit early but I'll roll with it

    4. hn68wb4


      I don't think he should have a nickname that references his hair line, call me crazy but i don't think he'd appreciate it

  7. Chris Borland is retiring! So shocking and sad, he seemed to have a bright future ahead. And the 49ers have a huge problem and need defense bad. Probably takes them out of the running for a receiver in the first. I wonder if they might try to trade for Arthur Brown.. Any thoughts?

    1. DomMcRaven


      I wouldn't get your hopes. Seems to me that anytime we (the people on these forums) are interested in a player, we are ended up disappointed because the player goes somewhere else.

    2. juanman7


      Yeah but in this case it's about me hoping a player leaves, by getting traded to the 49ers in exchange for more draft picks so we can trade up, or possibly for Vernon Davis in a package deal.

    3. JoeyFlex5


      yea 26th is the perfect range to take perryman or mckinney and they will be desperate for extra picks. we could possibly package our 1st, 4th, and 5th for their first if we see a player there we want. id be willing to bet that they are desperate for a trade back at this point

  8. I am starting to get a little impatient and annoyed with the front office because I know Ozzie is a great GM and all, but they have had several opportunities to sign some quality defensive players and are letting them go to division rivals (Tramon Williams) I just want them to fill defensive holes and draft offense. I don't want to anticipate the draft and then have them take a pass rusher or DL or CB in the first round when they could have filled these holes better in FA. We need playmak...

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    2. juanman7


      I'm not stressing over the fact they're not signing guys, I'm stressing at the thought that they will go DL or CB in the first round which I really don't want. There are more pressing needs like WR or TE and yet i could see them drafting defense like every year. Unless Trae Waynes or marcus Peters is there, I really really hope they take offense.

    3. JoeyFlex5


      i think if we pick at 26th, its gonna come down to a few players, peters, strong, gordon, or gurley.

      i just cant envision any other defensive prospect being at the top of their board at 26th except for peters.

    4. JoeyFlex5


      unless someone takes a massive tumble down the boards for whatever reason

  9. I feel like something is brewing....It was one year ago from tomorrow that we signed Steve Smith Sr. Could tomorrow be the day we get a couple acquisitions like Stevie Johnson, Dwyane Bow, Scott Chandler, and/or Kenny Stills?

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    2. stampedehero


      Stills is now out. Chandler isout and a few in here said he is slow.I think we stay with our group and go college

    3. Ravenslifer


      Chandler is now a Patriot. Unfortunately Stevie Johnson could be one soon as well.

    4. JoeyFlex5


      so much panic. ozzie is smarter than all the gm's making these signings and that will be apparent by september.

  10. The Ravens are reportedly interested in Terrence Knighton. I had a feeling once we traded Ngata. If he comes cheaper than Ngata would be a great replacement and give us flexibility in the draft! Come here Pot Roast!!

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    2. juanman7


      Definitely not at 8 mil, but if he lowers his asking price, as I heard the only team interested with that kind of money to offer are the redskins. He might take less to come to a stable organization like us.

    3. xxDarby


      @juanman7 maybe. I think that he is going to try to cash in because of Suh's megadeal. It might have raised DTs' asking price. Idk honestly. I only know this much because I have been following the Raiders' every FA signing.

    4. RayRiceistheman27


      Redskins jus signed him to a one year deal worth 4 mill. We could have totally done that -__-

  11. I don't know too much about this draft stuff so for those that know, what would it take for us to move up to the 20th pick, if there's a guy we really want?

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    2. BmoreBird22


      Parker won't go top 10, but there's a chance he goes in the top 15, but probably won't slip to 20

    3. JoeyFlex5


      this isnt a great draft to move up in, there is alot of depth and it isnt that top heavy. were better off taking whoever falls to 26. i dont see us trading up for parker, nor do i see him falling far enough for us to be willing to

    4. stampedehero


      Stay at 26 look for gems in the rounds that follow

  12. Favorite part of tonight....ending Roethlisberger's streak of 30 games with a touchdown!! :)

  13. Let's hope the fax machines are on our side again this off-season and help us get someone like a Larry Fitzgerald or a Demaryius Thomas ;)

    1. Jokerraven


      If a broken fax could bring either of those guys to Baltimore show me which fax machine needs adjusting :)

    2. AsianRice


      time fax machine would do it....

  14. This season is like the opposite of last year's regular season. Last year we started strongly and ended ugly, this year we started ugly but we'll end strongly all the way to XLVIII!!!!!!!

    1. sagar524


      Just wondering out loud if using a 2 fullback backfield might jump start our poor running game, can't hurt it any from what I see

  15. I'm really scared of losing Pitta in free agency, he was one of my favorite players on the team last year and he has the potential to be one of the best TEs in the game, PLEASE DON'T LEAVE PITTA!!!!!

    1. redrum52


      He'll be resigned. The question is if the injury will linger. Too many people lower on the priority list will be FA, meaning we'll have cap room.

    2. Europoljuice


      Even if he doesn't re-sign. Then we have options and don't forget the other teams have guys that are also free agents and there's the draft!! If he thinks the grass is greener....just ask Ed REED how it worked out...or Ellerbee.... He should stay, but all the players want big money like Joe Got. It sounds good till your on a horrible team and losing every game!

  16. Last week I was so mad and disappointed, but then I thought about all the positive things this team has done the past few years and even some this year. So from now on I've decided to just simply enjoy the games, the touchdowns, defense and accept that its possible we will lose. There will be next year and the year after that. Ravens football doesn't end after this season, so I'll enjoy the moment.