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  1. Joe Flacco didn't attend the draft if that's what you mean? I don't remember Matt Elam coming up to the podium when we took him. I could be wrong but I also don't think Jimmy Smith was in attendance when we took him.
  2. Corey Davis/Mike williams in round 1 Anyone else round 2 Anyone else round 3a Anyone else round 3b lol i really want one of those guys but realistcally Corey Davis Quincy Wilson Derek Rivers Ethan Pocic or Pat Eflein
  3. Let's not forget Kaufusi will be back. He could soften the blow too. We have too many "young DE's with potential" and finally they can unleash that potential....at least thats what I'm hoping lol. Plus two early(ish) 3rd round picks this year is looking quite nice
  4. Just saying this but I haven't seen this point brought up too often. Mike Wallace's option was picked up, but if I understand his contract correctly he will be a UFA next offseason. This is another reason i see WR as a round 1, or round 2, addition to get a top guy who can develop to replace Wallace. If we don't get a top receiver this year we might be looking for two in next year's draft which I don't think the FO wants to do.
  5. I am warming up to the idea of john ross for us at 16. if he is healthy he is the fastest player in the nfl. breshad already has size so he could be that possession guy as well as go deep. Ross is a great route runner, and with him, wallace, and perriman on the field someone will get open quick. Plus imagine we get a guy like Boldin in free agency after the draft whose sole purpose is to grab the short to intermediate routes, along with the tight ends, defenses won't know who to cover! Three of the fastest guys in the nfl would be crazy. Draft some o-line men later in the draft and maybe an explosive running back and we could have a lethal offense. If the running game works next season and the other things happen too, the play action would be insane.
  6. Who remembers the days when Billy Bajema was our depth at tight end? Now we have like 5 quality guys. I kind of miss Bajema though.

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    2. JoeyFlex5


      i think the plan was to never, ever let that happen again, at all costs, as you can see from our attention to the position in the past 3-4 years

    3. gtalk12


      Dickson was a weird one bc he was pretty good at first, it was Pitta that was backing him up at first...

    4. 52520Andrew


      I remember when he was... then wasn't... then was... then wasn't...

  7. I agree 100% however, I do believe getting a pass rusher/elite lineman type/top WR should be the priority with round number 1. I still think we will definitely sign a CB after round 1 and even between rounds 2-3, though.
  8. What is everyone's opinion on Marlon Humphrey as our pick? Is he overrated because he plays for 'Bama or is he a potential lockdown corner?

    1. BmoreBird22


      I really like his zone coverage ability and that fits what Dean Pees wants. He's got the height/weight/speed to excel in the Ravens Tampa 2 and Cover 3 schemes.

    2. JoeyFlex5


      what bird said. hes not overrated because of his team, he may be overrated because he really needs to learn how to use that speed and fluidity to pursue his man downfield better, and he needs to learn how to turn his head to play the ball. but when hes allowed to play downhill hes about as good as anyone in the class. if he doesnt succeed as a corner i think he has a bright future as a safety

  9. There were rumors about this, and if true, would anyone want the Ravens to try to trade for Brandin Cooks? If so, what do you think it would take to bring him on from NO? Also on this note, what are some teams and players you could see being traded specifically at the WR position? We've gone that route before with Boldin so its not out of the question.
  10. Anybody know how much cap space we have going into this year? Also, who do you think is a virtual lock to get cut and how much would we save?

  11. I love Joe Flacco, but the dude is done. Please don't call me a fair-weather fan and look, I get that there are problems around him but maybe a change of scenery is needed. PLEASE PLEASE make some changes biscotti or we will tread mediocre waters for years and years. What separates bad teams from great is that they know the definition of insanity: "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Great organizations make changes when needed and we are the definition of insanity week to week this year.
  12. Lol I was thinking about this as well. I used to love these even before I was a member of the forums board. I agree with someone above who posted that they should just do them every two weeks or even just one big session one time during the summer. I would definitely enjoy having them back.
  13. Mike Mularkey!! Just kidding of course, but Mularkey is a fun name to say.
  14. Chris Moore will be a star in this league. You heard it here first. If you are not convinced, watch this: 

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    2. Deflated Football

      Deflated Football

      Bet he's excited to have a good QB. 

    3. DefensiveMind


      THAT was suppose to show me that he is going to be a star....

    4. juanman7


      @DefensiveMindyes because one, he didnt have an accurate QB and two his leaping ability to go up for the ball and that one TD where he was well covered but came down with it and the fact that he produced while going against the bengals first round pick. So not necessarily the game itself but the skills he showed through this game.

  15. Can someone please tell me what would happen with Monroe if we drafted Tunsil? I get that Tunsil is a dynamite OT prospect but at the same time if we take him we would probably start him at LT and so where would monroe go? Would Tunsil potentially start at OG like many rookie tackles do? And also isn't he injury prone? We would still need a replacement for Osemele at LG. I would much rather take a defensive player at 6 than Tunsil, and take an OG in the mid rounds where they can easily become quality starters. Any answer to these questions would be great?