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  1. Wright's no longer with the team.
  2. Well that makes me happy then. Thanks.
  3. Well I hope he can play outside.
  4. Absolutely. For me, I like to wait until AFTER the draft until I start reading up more on draft prospects (like I care who the Pack who picked in the 3rd round lol). And that's why I don't say all posters because I've see a number of posters like Sami who are consistent and won't all lmao. The only thing I give ESPN an edge over NFLN is the TV graphics of the teams' logos. Other from that, I'd rather listen to Mayock over the guys on ESPN. Not to say like he's perfect or whatever, but when it comes to the mid to late rounders, you can see he REALLY does his homework. As a casual fan (pertaining to college ball), I appreciate that a lot.
  5. I mean.....the Saints of all teams. Wow. Can he play defense???
  6. I love the reactions lol, The emotions run so high like the Game Day threads. And then a couple of days-week later, you see posters admit they slightly change their opinions after settling down from draft night. Fortunately, I don't have a Twitter account so I'm good there
  7. Didn't even see the mock nor did I knew of this before looking at this thread. This is ike taylor letting his inner steelers loose.
  8. Wow. But hey if he's an All-Pro, I could care less about his lack of math.
  9. It's gonna be glorious.
  10. If I'm a prospect, not only would I not leave my house, but I wouldn't leave my room unless if I had to shower or go to the bathroom. Heck, I'd quarantine my house.
  11. Don't you just love draft night? From the moment the Goodell steps up to the podium to hearing the chime is all suspense. Heck, that little pause that Goodell does before announcing the player adds to it. I hated when they show the prospect on the phone with HIS future team before the announcement was made.
  12. Nope! I don't watch college football that much and when I do I never pay close attention to potential prospects during the games. I just watch the teams go at it. But I will say this: I truly appreciate reading all the insight from everyone who participates in watching draft film.
  13. I really feel sorry for you and the others on this site who have draft crushes/favorites every year. Oh the emotions when your crush/favorite doesn't get selected by us.
  14. LMAOOOOOO we play in Cincy for the season opener! EL OH EL!!!!
  15. Shouldn't that be a good thing lol?