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  1. In a way I agree 100% but its also falls on our coaching staff to put the players in the best position to win. I can honestly say looking back at last year that it was the coaches that let us down and not the players.
  2. I believe between him and Patrick we will be just fine and not have to waste money or a pick on ILB this year. I just hope that they stop trying to slide KC out and let him stay inside, when we drafted him I knew immediately he would fail if they put him at OLB. I dont know if its Pees or Harbs but they have been doing a horrible job with switching guys around so much trying to make them learn everything instead of just letting them do what they have been doing all their life.
  3. Concidering how bad the Oline is in this draft if we really want someone to improve our line it will have to come with our 1st or 2nd pick. I would love Taco Charlton with our 1st pick so that will leave Dan Feeney with our 2nd pick and he will play Center. That makes RT our only weakness on our line and I have faith we can find someone to step up for that position, either someone already on the roster or a cheap vet pick up after the draft. We learned last year with Zuttah that if the middle of your line is weak then your entire line falls apart. We can always put Crockett on the right side to help with the RT if needed. I just dont want to put our faith in a 3rd day player that will be playing the hardest postion of the line in a hard hitting run first division.
  4. I think your overvaluing him with a 2nd round pick, we will be lucky to get a 3rd for him since you can get Sheldon Richardson for a 4th. I wouldnt mind keeping him to play out this contract year knowing he will give 100% but no way do i see us paying him next year. We have a lot of depth on the Dline and will be adding another guy in the draft.
  5. Peppers will have a hands down better career than Bucannon, I would love to have him on our team not only for the return game but he can easily learn behind Weddle for a year or two before taking over and being the leader in the secondary.
  6. Im thinking it will be Hasson Reddick or Adoree Jackson as the dark horses. I would love Taco if he is still sitting there, he is just scratching the surface of his potential and would start opposite of Sizzle this year.
  7. No way do I see him making it past the 2nd round, I could the the Browns drafting him in the top of that round and if not the Niners need all the help they can get.
  8. For some reason I don't see Williams, Davis or Ross being there when we draft. There is a lot of teams lacking WR talent drafting before us and those guys are game changers that will help out any Offense. Don't get me wrong I would love to draft one of them but I think they will be forced to go with a different need, I have a feeling it will be Cam to fill the RT spot.
  9. Why is that? Carr signed basically a 1 year deal and if Tavon plays as good as last year then he will most likely be the starter opposite of Jimmy in 2018 if we dont draft a corner high. I think he will do great in the Nickle spot and we run it alot..
  10. I believe Bronson Kaufusi will show up and make an impact in the place of Guy but sadly I think KC is another Arthur Brown. I am not giving up on him and hoping for the best but I just never had high expectations when we drafted him and we all know the talent we passed up on. Im just hoping we dont make that mistake again this year but if we do then maybe its time for Eric to run the draft starting 2018.
  11. Its all about the comp picks, especially now that they are tradeable. Personally I didnt watch him play last year but if he seems to be as good as you say he is then I dont understand why the Niners or Browns havent signed him yet since they both have plenty of cap space and the need for a ILB. I would rather give Patrick and KC the chance to prove themselves and save the money for CJ next year. We could play a lot of hybrid defense's with Weedle and Jefferson playing the ILB spot and by switching it up they will have no clue which one is blitzing or falling back in coverage.
  12. You will be having a different attitude about him after this year, give the kid some credit. He was injured his entire rookie year because our team was to stubborn to do his surgery earlier and when he was finally healthy last year and gaining confidence he showed he could be great WR for us. This year will be his breakout season with over 1000 yards and 10 TDs. He is the reason why we wont be drafting a WR in the 1st or 2nd round and be able to draft other needs instead.
  13. Crockett fights to gain extra yards and has reliable hands but has had little amount of work to show for it because #5 ( I scream his name enough during the season and refuse to say it until he can step his game back up) doesnt want anyone showing up his bff. Pitta falls to the ground on contact which i dont blame him having back to back injuries. Just wait and see when he leaves for a bigger contract and a starting position, he will easily have better numbers than Pitta. Maybe when we draft Cam at 16 to take over the RT spot it will finally give #5 time to see his other options instead of dumping it off short of the 1st down every time. BTW I dont want them to draft him but im starting to think thats what will happen. I would much rather draft Dan Feeney in the 2nd round and have the option of playing him at LG/C allowing Alex Lewis to slide out to RT if needed. Im just hoping whoever we draft at 16 is a stud because there is a lot of great talent available. Worst case we trade back picking up an extra pick and draft Adoree Jackson to take over return duties and corner depth. Personally I wouldnt mind that if it gives us an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick. If its a 3rd I would package it up with our extra 3rd to slide back into the 2nd to draft Sidney Jones and he can start next year opposite of Jimmy. That would easily give us the best secondary in the league and with Jimmy being the oldest we wouldnt have to worry about the position for another 5 years.
  14. I think this will be great for Aiken and wish him nothing but the best, especially when he plays us. #5 did him dirty just like he did with Smitty and I would love nothing more than to see him have a breakout season leading to a huge contract. It doesn't matter who we have at WR as long as Pitta is in the game he will be getting the dump off pass, Crockett is 10 times better than Pitta but he won't get the chance to prove it until he is playing for another team.
  15. I would have to go with Taco Charlton and Dan Feeney.. I would love Peppers at #16 but pass rush is a bigger need and he would start opposite of Sizzle day 1. I know Feeney isn't a sexy pick but we could slide him to C or LG and kick Alex Lewis out to RT, either way he would provide a major upgrade over the guys we got and eventually replace Yanda.