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  1. Hopefully a team takes John Ross for that 40 time, ahead of either Williams or Davis so they can fall to us. Just like in 2013 when Tavon Austin went ahead of DeAndre Hopkins.
  2. Is there any point to the game now that the boards are closing after the draft?
  3. We might be getting Morris Claiborne, the CB need is getting pushed down a bit. So I wouldn't mind spending a 3rd on an injured Top 15 prospect. The draft is full of good CB's so I can see him falling to the third.
  4. Now that the Eagles have Alshon and Torrey, the idea of Corey Davis in the first is enticing.
  5. Is this the 3rd or 4th time where our coaching staff made a greedy decision that cost us the game? Just kick the field goal. I know if we made the touchdown then people would be praising the call, but it's a greedy call. Play the game safe and you have a chance to win later in the game. I mean what's the point of paying Tucker if we don't even use him. SMH
  6. Aww Sarah, you had to jinx it. Yesterday's LFW article you said everyone but us in the AFC North has had a bad injury. Now Kaufusi is out for the season. :(
  7. I bet you were one of those fans calling Jimmy a bust, because he didn't make an impact until his 3rd year. It's only Perriman's 2nd year, give it some time. Just look at how patient the Ravens are with Matt Elam with his first 3 years of below average play. They're not so quick to give up on one of their 1st round picks.
  8. Well he can move Flacco and just about everyone down the list with Lucks new contract taking the top spot.
  9. Well if he's not rising, he'll definitely be falling. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000600138/article/report-ole-miss-robert-nkemdiche-fell-from-hotel-window
  10. Well who knows, Randy Gregory was a top 5 prospect but once word came out that he failed his Combine drug test he drops to the 2nd round and gets taken 60th overall. I'm not that well informed but I read somewhere that Bosa also has some off field issues.
  11. iirc Maxx Williams came of "cocky" and "arrogant" in his Combine interviews and we traded up for him.
  12. Never thought the day would come where we would lose to the Raiders, Jaguars, and Browns...all in the same season.

  14. Guys I'm sorry to say that I will have to drop out of the game. Something came up and I won't be able to get on for the next month. I apologize if this inconveniences you, I felt dropping out now would be better than saying nothing at all and making you wait on my turns. Good luck on the rest of the game!
  15. Hurdling over people.