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  1. The only thing Ducasse proved to me was Juan and Harbs struggled with who was the best player for the position and flat-out ignored what the tape showed.
  2. Jensen. Heard he signed his tender this morning.
  3. The other reality is the fact that both Jensen and Urschel will be unrestricted Free Agents next year, barring Urschel not getting his accredited year this year (only if he's pushed back to the PS, which for many reasons, I don't see happening at all). The Ravens are going to need to draft to prepare for this reality. I doubt they are able to or want to keep both (depends upon who wins the job, if one does, and how they perform) I think Mangold's situation is related to questions about his physical condition. If the Ravens offered him a deal that included an injury waiver, he may have balked at it. I think the Ravens would be remiss for not asking for that contingency, as he is aging and has suffered decline in his game over the past two seasons. I don't think Mangold is going to be our option, right now. I think the Ravens will let Jensen and Urschel battle this out for the starting job. If they are concerned that neither fit the bill during camp, then I think you see them pursue a veteran and those two remain as depth for C/G going forward. I personally don't see the benefit of pursuing a higher round draft pick for the C position this year. I can see the sense in grabbing one in the 5-7 round to develop this year. I think we have glaring needs in the secondary, and we need a solid pass rusher. We need another solid receiver, and some additional depth at OLB. We will need to draft a RT as well, if the plan is to leave A. Lewis inside. I would take a RT in the 3rd or 4th round if that is so.
  4. Interesting. I've seen something that more than suggests it. Harbs has mentioned it:
  5. KO was a great Raven. Jensen had a broken foot that cost him his rookie campaign and a concussion that sidelined him for a week during preseason. John also had a concussion and a leg injury as well. It's tough in the trenches!
  6. He's 25 going on 26. Young enough. Remember also that he missed his entire first season due to a Jones fracture of his left foot. He got spotty play his second year, as illness moved him down to PS after being cut (Apnea). Fought his way back to the 53 by the end of the year. I think this is his year and I hope he takes advantage of the opportunity. Last year they monkeyed around with him as far as position. I think Center is where he'll do work.
  7. KO is a physical freak. John by no means is in that category. John is fairly tough, but he doesn't seem to have the killer instinct. He's an intelligent football player, but if his technique is a little off, he gets outmatched physically on pass pro. He's not bad at run blocking, but he's not even close to KO's caliber in that department. Jensen IS nasty at the point of attack. He's a good run blocker, and is always looking for that second level block. He has quick hands and placing him at center will play to his strengths. His opponent is going to be lined up closer to him where his hand speed will help him win battles up front. He's heavier in the legs and arms than John, and he'll be able to anchor better than Zuttah. I think that's the key for Joey. We've got to keep the center of that pocket out of his face. I've not seen Skura in action so I don't feel I could formulate an opinion on him. There has been a lot of saltiness over the prospect of John and Ryan starting. Lots of folks want the shiny new guy to show up and save our O-line. There is the sentiment that "they didn't start last year, so they're not good enough to start this year. I don't think a green player out of the draft is necessarily the answer. I say let John, Ryan, and Matt battle it out. May the best man win. Saying that a player cannot improve over last year, especially three guys as young as they really is pessimistic at best. We should pick up a C/G in the draft for development. I wouldn't burn a high round pick on one, though.
  8. I can see Jensen fitting into that scheme when he's 317-320. I am not sure Urschel will fit into that mold. Mangold is not what he used to be physically, but that's understandable. Jensen is an excellent run blocker. If anything when he was playing guard, he would get to the gap a little too quickly looking to get downfield and block at the second level. His problem is definitely not aggression. He finishes blocks with attitude. You don't see him jogging behind plays....he's up field looking to do damage. I like his potential. I think Roman will like it as well. He and TJ Lang had the same OL coach in college (Symington). I think he's an underrated player and I think he'll give any rookie and/or Urschel a run for their money during camp. Man vs. Man. May the best man win.
  9. Its currency to use during the draft.
  10. And with the lack of C options out there for others looking.........Jensen is still an RFA........Bills are going to be shopping. Jensen's versatility may land him someplace they are looking for a G/C. Seattle comes to mind. Green Bay as well...... John Urschel may end up with the job.
  11. Zrebiec is indicating that we are not pursuing Mangold
  12. I really think Mangold would have come off the boards by now. There are some from NY saying his performance wasn't all that great the last couple of years. I don't think we need to pump out cash to a veteran past his prime. Zuttah probably won't be released until June. Ravens don't want the cap hit and they've nothing to lose keeping him until then. Green Bay is going be on the prowl for a C and a Guard now with Tretter and Lang signing elsewhere.....If we're going to strike, now is the time for a FA guard/center.
  13. Now they are weighing releasing Brock.......LOL
  14. May pit him vs. Jensen or Urschel and then decide. I can see them waiting until June.
  15. Looks like Zuttah is staying put for now. Think they would have cut him by now.