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  1. I say as much!
  2. Outstanding point!
  3. Nor should he be. They all know the Ravens overpaid an average sub par quarterback. Respect is earned loyalty is returned.
  4. I'm not buying any tickets until, I see the product on the field. I have been to London several times no big deal but before I spend my accumulated $$ on a Ravens game on foreign soil that will only enrich others and placate the NFL, I want to see a viable product w/ merit. Otherwise, I'll be sitting on the crouch like most of you watching the game from home.
  5. Really. What you called stability many of us see as nothing more than greed and mediocrity. Stability at what? Losing? or simply checking the box at the QB position? Speaking of stability, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, made the Ravens what they were prior to the advent of Flacco and his side kick Pitta. Now, it like watching a circus w/ a QB who is only in it for his own self serving purposes.
  6. There is absolutely nothing attractive about him other than his undeserved paycheck. To me he looks like bart simpsons nothing more to be said. Brady is handsome, Flacco is not! Just average Joe.
  7. Excellent point. This is old so pathetic. Bottom line slow intercept Flacco needs to get off his lazy behind and put in the time and effort it takes for him to be effective or at best average! He does little to nothing but take up needy cap space and wine & dine w/ Pitta and family during the off seasons. I'm so sick and tired of his lame duck excuses of why after more than 9 yrs in the league, his foot work still sucks. Coupled with the fact, he still can't read defenses and his so called strong arm is.....inaccurate. He's awful! Please Ravens draft a QB. No doubt, If he continued to do the same in 2017 then we fans can expect more of the same. What's has change. Absolutely nothing!!!
  8. LOL, Agree!
  9. Negative. I think they both are awful. One is a buffoon and the other is clueless. The Ravens and their fans deserve better. Each are way too needy.
  10. I agree. Let's hope he does it! It would behoove Flacco to do so!
  11. I didn't see an offense, all I saw was slow intercept Joe playing catch with Pitta the entire game. Shameful!!!
  12. Excellent point and I have said the same exact thing for years. Just think, in four years since signing his massive contract slow intercept Joe has thrown 60 interceptions, 23 fumbles, 79 touchdowns and has made a # of terrible bone head decisions. QB competition, would be welcome sight.
  13. Duped indeed. The fact he is being paid like a HOF QB is unbelievable and shameful!!!