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  1. Ahh thank you @SepticeyePoe! Looking forward to seeing every one there!
  2. As others have said, I don't post much but I read daily, this is truly a bummer. I have since saved the link to the new forums to my phone but for some reason can't find a user sign up link/page. I see the log in page but nothing to become a member. Could this be because I'm using a mobIle device and not a computer? Sorry, not so tech savvy.
  3. Long story short I say we take Buckner at 6, and trade up if we have to grab Alexander early second round if not earlier. It solidifies a need for us losing Canty and gives us a solid CB to back up Shareece if not a starter
  4. Ramsey definitely gone at 6, and if the case is the same for Tunsil then we will have a plethora of pass rushers to choose from if we trade back. CB at 6 is for sure a no go, I will say Buckner has the potential to be a solid pick. He may not be viewed as an early 1st but hes got the size and agility if he gets the right coaching to be a monster! Stanley def not a first rounder. If we cant nab the prospect our FO wants then we should trade back and grab a pass rusher such as dodd or lawson like you said. I dont want to hop on the Clemson bandwagon by any means but i feel if we trade back VH3 will be gone and i think if MAlexander falls to the 2nd we should grab him, even if we have to trade back up. He has Raw talent and an understanding of the game. He has some things work on but overall you can quote me on this "He will be one of the best CB's to come out of this class"
  5. Thanks man, Tunsil has a solid chance to fall with Beachum's contract (even with injury) and the Boy's O-line
  6. no way Lynch gets taken that early IMO, I feel as though hes going to go end of first/2nd round at best
  7. @Maryland agreed...everyones putting W's on the Oakland and Jacksonville games....im not so sure, Oakland i feel is going to be a solid team this year. heavy upgrades. on another note i have to change my profile picture....
  8. We also had the same record as the niners but we pick earlier because we had the weaker strength of schedule
  9. @MTRavensFan Jacksonville picks before us because they had a weaker strength of schedule
  10. Hey guys, i'll keep it short and sweet but I have followed most of these threads daily for some time now and for some reason never decided to join in on the chatter. First time for everything. My Top 6 1.Goff-Rams 2.Wentz-Cleveland/SanFran 3.Ramsey-Chargers 4.Bosa-Cowboys........maybe zeke 5.Jack-Jags 6.Tunsil.......although for some reason I really think buckner will be a forced to be reckoned with in the future with the right coaching