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  1. Bold prediction: Derek Barnett is available at #16, but Ozzie and co. pass on him either by taking some other edge rusher (similar to passing on Tunsil last year for Stanley) or by trading down (similar to passing on Mack and Spence last year for Correa).
  2. I mean, if the picks fall in such a way that OL meets BPA, then I'm all for it. However, every OL in this draft is a reach at #16 overall, at least in my opinion, so we'd have to trade down for OL to be the BPA. Furthermore, it should be recognized that Alex Lewis is best as a RT; he lacks the leverage and push to be anything more than an average LG. Given this, any RT that is drafted essentially addresses the hole at LG by forcing a RT to play out of position at LG. If they reach for someone like Cam Robinson at #16, then I hope it's because they think he can be the next Osemele at LG; otherwise, it's a terrible pick.
  3. I've been seeing more mocks lately where Corey Davis is available in the late 20s (Charlie Campbell's latest mock is an example, but I know I've seen others elsewhere). Makes me wonder if he's one of those players that the media is higher on than the coaches/GMs. I think we agree on Za'Darius Smith being mediocre; I just don't see Anderson being anything more than average depth. He might get some hustle/coverage sacks (which is why I compared him to Smith), but I just don't see him being a real contributor, not with his lack of burst.
  4. I'd honestly like to see what Correa or Onwuasor can do at ILB and live with the potentially disastrous result than spend a first round pick on an ILB, especially one with the issues Foster may have. It's a luxury pick when you consider how you can plug in a guy like Orr and get good results thanks to Mosley attracting blockers.
  5. That would be a weird draft. It seems like we have too many holes to fill to justify that trade up, although I like the trade-back part of it. Agree on Anderson. He's not going to add anything that Za'Darius doesn't already do.
  6. Adoree Jackson, Zay Jones, Watt Those tend to be my favorite round 2 targets when I do those computer mocks lol
  7. He has to love football, have a high motor, be quicker than fast, be a competitor, have a high floor, have upside, have rare athleticism, possess good instincts, and any other cliches I'm forgetting.
  8. lol, classic wizard
  9. Are you including the postseason? ;)
  10. I'm used to Bucky Brooks projecting us a total reach who doesn't fill a need. This is a major deviation from the norm for him.
  11. Flacco and Wallace are saying what they need to say in order to pay respect to their teammates. Fact is this team has a below-average receiving corps as-is. There's a reason our FO was close to signing Alshon Jeffery (according to RSR).
  12. If you want a consolidated list of reasons to hate Joe Mixon, I've done the work for you: --- Alleged incident from high school --- Video where Mixon assaults Amelia Molitor, breaking four facial bones (I'll let you Google that one yourself) --- Orange Bowl presser excerpts concerning the Molitor incident --- Sugar Bowl fake-punching TD celebration --- Intimidating a female parking attendant after being issued a citation (not long after being reinstated) Worth mentioning because I saw Charlie Campbell suggest the Ravens as a fit for Mixon, as absurd as that is to suggest in the wake of the RR saga.
  13. OJ Howard or Derek Barnett Zay Jones Sidney Jones Tanoh Kpassagnon Zay Jones is probably going to sneak into the back of the first, however. Sidney Jones will be a 2nd rounder most likely. Kpassagnon might be available in round 3. Hopefully we address LG and C in draft and/or FA lol
  14. Kiper had Barnett falling to 28 in a recent mock; gave us Lamp at #16
  15. The Mosley one I remember, now that you mention it (it was the sole reason I didn't want him lol). Jernigan's diluted sample controversy always seemed overblown to me though. I'm unfamiliar with any Alex Lewis pre-draft concerns, although he wasn't a high pick anyway. If we're including players with motivational problems, then add Carl Davis.