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  1. Well I did it and it went well. He was surprisingly very understanding and happy. It turned out nicer then I thought it would.
  2. So. I guess my next worry is how do. I even start a conversation like this off? Or should. I just open up with saying that "I'm putting in my two Weeks.and this is why_______." Resignation letters aren't very helpful.
  3. I guess. It's just award. Since. I've never done this and it's only been almost About a month, so There is a lot of guilt. I can't imagine there are many people who Change jobs after working for a Month or less.
  4. My problem is I can't wait two weeks. The new job wants me to start next Wednesday, so idk how to spin it and not burn any bridges without giving less than two weeks
  5. Damn they could release me just like that?
  6. So, I've never had to do a two weeks notice. What do I say? How do I even start a conversation like that off with a boss. This seems like Such an awkward thing to do and I'm very inexperienced.
  7. Mike Wallace looks. Promising. That's all I got to Say.
  8. So here is my story. I graduated from college this past spring studying graphic design. However, I recently took An offer of a sales job three weeks ago because I needed a job. However I don't like sales, it just isn't for me and it won't help me Career wise. Good news is, I just got an offer from a Company to who I applied for in July. Anyway the job is great because it is in my field(graphic design) . This is a dream job for me, but I feel bad leaving my current job. Is it bad to Quit a job after just One month due to getting a better offer? Will they understand or hate me? How can I do it, if I should do it? Does a 1 month job deserve a 2 week notice if I'm still In training and they have high turnover rate? The new job requires me to move to New York which I have 0 problem. Doing but they want me to start by next Wednesday, so how do I give a two week notice without it being 2 weeks?
  9. I hope this isnt true, but if it is then the Eagles will have to give up A LOT for him. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/01/04/eagles-owner-wants-john-harbaugh-probably-cant-get-him/
  10. So with Dolphins losing, Ravens losing and the 49ers winning and Chargers losing. Where do the Ravens stand now in the draft?
  11. I'm happy with a #5-7 draft pick. Preferably 5 or 6, but we can get some good value
  12. So where do we stand now with the Dolphins winning and us losing? Also what teams need to lose or what needs to happen for us to get back into the top 5?
  13. What teams need to lose today for the Ravens to fall back Into a top 5 draft pick
  14. Get rid of dean
  15. To be honest I PERSONALLY perfectly believe that an ideal situation would be if Colts fire Pagano and Lions fire Caldwell. We bring Pagano back as our DC and Caldwell back as our OC Again this is just my personal opinion.