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  1. So problem is owners still want to make money on preseason games and players dont want to get hurt playing meaningless games? So why not have more ticketed events during the offseason that fans can attend? I mean its all dead as far as football season for like 3-4 months after the draft. Why cant preseason games be converted into combined team practices with a ticket charge to come watch? As it is, the stadium isnt packed at preseason games, so if teams ticket combined practices on multiple days in place of say 2 preseason games I think owners would still make money and the fatigue and risk of major injury would be reduced on meaningless games.
  2. "Harbs got rid of a couple thugs; pollard and Q" seriously? First off neither of those guys are thugs but yeah like someone else mentioned Q was the Walter Payton man of the year so far from a thug. In case you need a reminder, he was offered a restructured deal and he declined so no one "got rid" of him. Secondly Pollard could hit with serious conviction, but was a liability in coverage perhaps you should watch our superbowl tape as case in point. He was cut because we needed to go faster and younger same reason we let Ed Reed go. So enough with the crying get your senses right. You all talk like Bisciotti isnt in the room when all these decisions are being made and they are just cluing him in at the end. Neither Harbs nor Oz nor anyone below Bisciotti has free reign, he owns the damn team for crying out loud. so who is telling who to do what? how do u know these marching orders arent from the very top? and besides are u really clamoring for guys with questionable characters as first or second round picks? must I remind you of a certain Sergio Kindle (first round pick that is) that basically never amounted to anything because of character issues? mic drop*
  3. Brace yourself... snoozefest news a coming. Hate this time of the year.

  4. Baring injuries... (Cough* Perriman...) We need someone who is going to start like not even day one but like day -1. Of all positions, I think CB is the one where we need an immediate starter. Especially if we want to keep up with the Antonio browns and Aj Greens in our division, with the 6th pick we cant have a project player. Pass rush might be the next option but I think we have a reputation for breeding no name pass rushers (Mcphee, Arthur Jones) I think we wait, Apart from Bosa who I'm sure wont be avail the next pass rusher isnt worth the same value as the top CB. My call is Ramsey or Hargreaves if neither is available we are trading back with other teams who are trying to leap frog San Fran for a QB. OL I'm confident we'll address in FA, we did that and got a solid starting center to replace Birk or if luck would have it we'll restructure joe, get tucker locked up and tag KO. We've invested a first round last year at WR, Treadwell isnt worth it at pick 6, We can get DeSean Jackson 2.0 in Will Fuller in the second round. OZ and most people already know we already have Possession receivers we need a receiver that can catch canon bombs. Enter Will Fuller.
  5. I guess its safe to say the rams get around.... if you know what I mean.
  6. In a nut shell its called copyright and Trade marks. The owner of the team owns the rights to the brand and if they move it its up to them to decide if they want to leave it for free to the city which financially makes no sense you're talking millions in merchandise, branding etc lost ... Then you're talking about a complete rebrand in the new location, completely new merchandise, advertising, approvals, its just too much. Its not as simple as it is in Madden to just switch names. The other option which I'm not even sure is possible is for the city to buy the rights to the name which would not be approved because that would be using millions of tax payer money to sit on a name hoping another team would move into the city years later. So yeah money talks.
  7. Perhaps you should Matt... perhaps you should.
  8. Sir Esienberg, this sire, this! this is the best article I've ever read from you. Yes victory rocks, but there's nothing like seeing disappointment and disbelief in bengals city. I have to admit I shed a tear and I had a hoop in my step this terrible cold monday morning, in my heart I was filled with warmth. I raise my glass to looking forward to watching even my disappointment in Pittsburgh next week.. the further they advance and loose the more painful it is. YES YES YES!!! let the hurt flow through the streets of Pittsburgh like the river nile. ( Ok I got carried away there but you get my point)
  9. Sometimes not writing a story is better than writing a story. This is one of those instances.
  10. what else is next on the list to write about? how the water boys who spent two days in baltimore went on to be pro water boys for another team? I couldn't roll my eyes any further into my skull.
  11. such spoilt fans, I cant think of any other NFL team that wont grab tucker in a hear beat. You guys are so spoilt to him being so good that now you think nailing 55yd field goals on a wet and windy environment. Half of the field goal kickers in the league wont even be sent on the field to attempt that kick. just a dose of reality check our last kicker couldn't kick from 32yrds which is like an extra point these days. So simmer down with the bashing. He's still the best kicker in the league.
  12. Scout: It seems we're thin at passrush coach you think I should find some LB's or DE? Harbaugh: No, how about TE? what do you have? Scout: Ahhhh I have this bum from the Vikings, but arent we like set at TE? Harbaugh: lets sign him. Scout -___-
  13. So fire everyone and burn the house down basically? got it. Great fans.
  14. Omg I said that to my brother last sunday!!! its true too! he's totally elusive and honestly he does nothing but make plays either negative or positive. If there's one young player I could say flings his body out there and just leaves it all on the field it'll have to be Asa. This guy would be beast on screen plays. But hey what do I know I'm watching from my couch.
  15. I think I would rather my HC check on the status of his own players than