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  1. Anytime a big name Raven gets cut and falls off the face of the Earth in terms of being a free agent, they re-sign. Dumervil will re-sign as well, just watch.
  2. Derek Barnett or Dalvin Cook

    1. jazz1988


      Derek Barnett

    2. mc_red23


      Has to be Barnett for me.

    3. JoeyFlex5


      undoubtedly barnett. ill pass on nearly any rb at 16, and cook has a laundry list of knucklehead incidents off the field including DV

  3. KO was not the same KO that we know today, he was above average at best because he was hurt all the time, so Urschel is comparable. Jensen is an average center but it should work out. Worse comes to worst, put Jensen at G and Urschel at C. The leadership will never be at that level, but Weddle and Suggs are doing a pretty darn good job in my opinion. The addition of Jefferson will also boost the confidence and swagger of the secondary. CJ is another up-and-coming guy after he takes Correa under his wing. My gut feeling also tells me that Dumervil returns. Flacco, Yanda and a grown-up Wallace will take on the leadership roles on the offensive side of the ball.
  4. I know that we have a lot of slightly above average RBs but if the Ravens draft a gamebreaking RB like a Dalvin Cook, Ravens will be really good. Build from the inside out, plus we already have the pieces to have a great run game (stout linemen, great defense, WR that stretch the field, Greg Roman). If the first round pick is used on a WR, that makes us more unidimensional. I see a lot of resemblance between the SB offense we had. We are only missing a Ray Rice-type RB and Anquan-type receiver on the team
  5. Will Perriman change his number? Kinda like him in #18 though

    1. polynesian15


      Has there been talks of that? If so, I'd like him in my lucky number, 15.

    2. JoeyFlex5


      he wore 81 and 11 in college. he doesnt strike me as the type to worry about a number change. i hope he keeps 18, its a good look.

  6. Carr is a great signing! Only gets a bad rep b/c of the Odell catch
  7. Is it just me who wants Corey Graham back???
  8. Weddle is a great recruiter but who recruited Weddle? The great SSSr
  9. Webb needs to be cut and re-signed like Doom
  10. why is the forum closing. Facebook is an inadequate replacement.

    1. Orange_Peanut


      Please reconsider.

  11. Like 10 inches more lol
  12. yea, I had a higher vertical than him too but people are comparing him to the Adrian Peterson's and guys who are inhuman. Now we know!
  13. is it just me or is there something very wrong with Fournette having a 28.5 in vert?
  14. Doesn't Joe's brother throw to Corey? Coincidence?
  15. he is a very interesting prospect with a unique skill set. CB convert so he can rush and drop back and cover which is enticing. he'll go in the first.
  16. The problem with his route running is because he is so fast CBs can easily detect if he's running long or not. When he does run a long route, the safety will automatically help making it a contested catch. He needs to copy Julio and be able to run multiple releases for just one route (which will take time to learn). All the battles are won at the line of scrimmage. If he can lose a CB early in the route, there's no way a safety will catch him.
  17. The only reason why he needs to make all these athletic plays is because he can't run routes well. The day he learns to run routes will be the day he wrecks the league, especially with a cannon-armed Flacco. It'll be a process but I like what I see so far.
  18. We never lose twice to the Pats in one season... we'll see them another time. ;)

  19. I understand why they call it the "cornerstone left tackle" now. In Ozzie We Trust
  20. Tavon Young is a steal. He's our future free safety.

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    2. Orange_Peanut


      I know he's a CB but I see him as a good safety too. I think he'll make the switch like Webb or we can use him like Tyrann Matheiu. He's a great open-field tackler.

    3. Tank 92

      Tank 92

      Tavon is a beast!  He plays like a Tavonian Devil!!!

    4. Sizzlebshu


      Requesting Ban. Seriously, can we go 1 day without X should be moved to safety even though he is a good corner. 

  21. I was just saying that when our team plays with a heavy heart we play some of our best football. It's just how this Ravens team is built.
  22. Remember the last time we wore a decal... We won a Super Bowl
  23. not the greatest win but the Brown's first TD shouldn't have counted. A WIN is a WIN at the end of the day.