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  1. Derek Barnett or Dalvin Cook

    1. jazz1988


      Derek Barnett

    2. mc_red23


      Has to be Barnett for me.

    3. JoeyFlex5


      undoubtedly barnett. ill pass on nearly any rb at 16, and cook has a laundry list of knucklehead incidents off the field including DV

  2. Will Perriman change his number? Kinda like him in #18 though

    1. polynesian15


      Has there been talks of that? If so, I'd like him in my lucky number, 15.

    2. JoeyFlex5


      he wore 81 and 11 in college. he doesnt strike me as the type to worry about a number change. i hope he keeps 18, its a good look.

  3. why is the forum closing. Facebook is an inadequate replacement.

    1. Orange_Peanut


      Please reconsider.

  4. We never lose twice to the Pats in one season... we'll see them another time. ;)

  5. Tavon Young is a steal. He's our future free safety.

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    2. Orange_Peanut


      I know he's a CB but I see him as a good safety too. I think he'll make the switch like Webb or we can use him like Tyrann Matheiu. He's a great open-field tackler.

    3. Tank 92

      Tank 92

      Tavon is a beast!  He plays like a Tavonian Devil!!!

    4. Sizzlebshu


      Requesting Ban. Seriously, can we go 1 day without X should be moved to safety even though he is a good corner. 

  6. Does anyone know if Webb has gained weight for the safety position?

  7. whoa, Ramsey just tore his meniscus :o.

    1. raven22nation


      its that jacksonville sod man, fowler now ramsey

  8. I really liked Ramsey but I think Stanley ends up being our LT for the next 10 years. 

    1. VeiledPsychosis


      It's not a popular opinion but I always thought Ramsey was a bit overrated, he's a safety in the NFL, I don't think he could be an outside CB and I'm hesitant to take a safety all the way at 6.

    2. Orange_Peanut


      I think Ramsey is the real deal but I do agree with you, he's a safety because of his instincts, range and lack of ball-skills.

    3. ALPHA


      Ramsey could be another Michael Huff for all we know, we're not going to know how good or bad this draft is for 3 years.

  9. We essentially got Myles Jack.

    Wentz, Geoff, Tunsil, Ramsey, Bosa, Jack


  10. Steve Smith is RETURNING next year if healthy.



      I read that too on great news

    2. redrum52


      Figured he would after getting the surgery that quickly.

    3. gabrielgrissom


      I can't wait until preseason week 1 were gonna get to see the whole gang back together

  11. More fights at joint practices, this better not happen with us.

    1. JoeyFlex5


      im not sure any team in the league has the stones to pick a fight with us

  12. Of all the guys who left in FA who are you rooting for the most or will have the most success. My guy would be Tyrod Taylor (he has Watkins, Woods, Harvin, Clay to throw to, McCoy out of the backfield and a decent OL).

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    2. ravensdfan


      I love Jacoby and will root for him to do well. Except against us.

    3. RavensFanMania
    4. edreed2o


      I know Brenard pierce was cut but I would really like to see him show hes a great RB.

    1. VeiledPsychosis


      Not terrible in my opinion. Like that players can now get two points for returning a blocked FG/failed 2 pt. Conversion. We'll see how the relocated FG position plays out.

    2. Orange_Peanut


      i was surprised but this is no problem for tucker

  13. Last year it was Mosley vs. Shazier, this year it'll be Z. Smith vs. Dupree. Love the competition.

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    2. raven22nation


      Z Smith alll day anyday over Dupree

    3. JoeyFlex5


      whoa now 22. take it easy there lol

    4. raven22nation


      hahah I got confidence in the men in Black and Purple

  14. I'm on Steelers websites and the fans are either very salty or are in denial about being played by the Ravens for Maxx. Ozzie, U DA MAN.

    1. RavenSince1998


      I love it. Then they took almost their whole clock time, to pick a tiny db.

    2. Orange_Peanut


      tbh, i like Senquez but that was a reach and a panic pick

    3. TDubbs


      Ozzie truly got one over on them. Jumped 1 spot ahead of them for their guy, a haha I love it.

  15. Greg Jennings anyone?

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    2. ravensdfan


      My point isn't about last year, or the last 3 years, I am talking about the last decade. If you think there have not been more than 2 WRs in the last 10 drafts worth taking in the first 3 rounds, you'd be dead wrong.

    3. Orange_Peanut


      A decade is a long time. Have you factored in how much technology has changed the way scouts evaluate prospects in the last decade. With nowadays's technology anybody can find any prospect no matter how small a school he comes from and evaluate them. Back in the day, the draft was a crap shoot, nowadays, it isn't as much so.

    4. ravensdfan


      So? It was a crap shoot either way. No difference taking a risk on a WR than a defensive player. My point still stands. WR is a position we ignore come draft time (at least in the high rounds, where you might actually hit one) in relation to other positions. Why do we do that? I can only speculate.

  16. Just heard this Bill Polian character on ESPN saying that Ngata is a cap casualty because of Flacco's contract and that the Lions won the trade. He couldn't be more wrong and ignorant.

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    2. RavenSince1998


      Timmy J. time.. Bottom line. It Hurts to see Ngata go. Even more of an impact will be felt by the versatile McPhee. Homeboy is a DAWG. Big mistake.

    3. stampedehero


      This team will be middle of the pack unless the Oz reveals stunning results. McPhee and Ngata were stalwarks in the D

    4. ravensnick


      McPhee played less than 50% of all defensive snaps. I'm fine with staying pat with Suggs and doom. With the young guy getting more experienced (particularly BW, Mosely, and Jernigan) plus jimmy back and a full year of will hill, I think the defense should actually be overall much better.

  17. Final cut of CJ Mosley Highlights HERE:

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    2. Ravenseconbeast


      thank you! tenacious and focused...he is BEAST!

    3. Alaska Alaska!
    4. chunkywill25


      love the ending with cris carter praising mosley. nice video!

  18. Raising the cap to $143.28 million (+10 million) really opens up some options for Ozzie.

    1. BmoreBird22


      Not really, just means that they won't have to make any major cuts to get under the cap limit

  19. Heartbreaker but Campanaro, Jernigan, BWill and obviously Mosley have a very bright future.

  20. Check out these highlights I made of CJ Mosley.

    1. Alaska Alaska!

      Alaska Alaska!

      Awesome! I love people like you!

    2. TDubbs


      I second that .. cool video!