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  1. What I mean is that Torrey never worked out as a number one receiver and he still got paid big. I dont expect Aiken to be paid that much, but he is going to get paid based on past production, and he doesnt want to be with ravens after not getting on the field this year.
  2. not every veteran, but after the expected moves, if you cut webb, your starting safeties would be weddle and marqueston huff. Not only they are your starting safeties, they are your only safeties. If ravens bring someone good in free agency, someone that can start alongside weddle and costs less than webb then sure, cut him and free up cap space. but right now, the ravens cant afford to cut webb unless they want to stick with kendrick lewis as their starter
  3. because you dont know if the young guy will contribute. its your safety net. imagine we draft a guy high and end up with another matt elam who is not good enough to be on the field. And the extension I would only consider it if the ravens are saying salary cut or release for him. In a dream scenario, I would leave him as it is, draft a young guy and hope he can play. then let webb go next year
  4. Torrey Smith got paid 8M per after posting his best season not in a contract year. I dont expect Aiken to get 8M per, but 5/6 sounds reasonable to me. not that I would pay it or want the ravens to pay it, I just think someone would pay it, browns maybe depending on what happens with Pryor. I agree with you, him being here wouldnt make a difference in our success in 2017, thats why I would like to see him leave.
  5. there are teams willing to pay big money for one year of production. ravens paid shareece wright based on 9 games and he now has to be cut. And I dont think its even money related wether aiken stays or goes. he had some comments that basically said he was mad with his position the depth chart and it would certanly factor in free agency decisions
  6. with so many free agents and have-to-be-cut players in the secondary, webb has to stay. Get him a 2 year extension, that lowers the cap, gets paid like a safety instead of a corner, draft a young guy that can contribute and see where to go from there next year.
  7. No way Aiken remains with Ravens after falling from the number 1 receiver last year to the number 4 this year. plus, with his production from a year ago he could very well make around the same money wallace will make this year
  8. 16 overall safety in the NFL per pff.. seems good enough to me for a first year safety
  9. I don't think so. $10 mil per is what the starting price for Wagner is. If we had to choose 1, Williams would be it. IMO I dont expect Wagner to get 10M per unless someone overpays him like the raiders did with Osemele. 7 is what I expect but there are a ton of teams willing to overpaying a pretty good right tackle so who knows..
  10. Guy and Kamar are already UFA, letting them go wont free any cap room. Plus Kamar is already gone, he said that, after being the leader last season but falling this year, it will factor in his free agency decision, translation, he is gone
  11. Ok but are you sure the pass rusher that will drafted will be good? Are you sure that Judon and Z.Smith will be better next year? That is why you need Dum at reduced price in the team.When healthy, he is our best pass rusher after Suggs. He is a proven pass rusher and has only been bad because of injury. Even while injuried, he still has a better sack number than all of our young pass rushers. If he takes a pay cut, he will help the team. If cut he will be good in another team. We need Dum, Webb, Pitta and Wallace at reduced prise. They still have things to give to the team and help develop the young kids in the team. Dumervil hasn't been much better than Zadarius Smith and Matt judon. Thing is Dum takes 8.3M and smith and judon take 1.3M combined. thats a 7M difference for a slightly better performance. I'd rather give the chance to a younger guy than stick with someone who hasn't been productive the last two years. Maybe sign someone in free agency that will come at a much lower price than 8.3M (bringing back john simon maybe?) Pitta isnt going to take a pay cut after a career year where he lead all TEs in receptions. With Steve Smith retired and Aiken gone, Wallace wont take a pay cut because he has to know that the ravens arent going to go with Perriman and campanaro as their starters.
  12. 2014 was too long ago to have it as your expectation for a 33 year old situational player. ravens dont need more pass rushers, they need better ones, and dumervil hasn't been good enough.
  13. webb played really well for a first year safety and you cant lose so many people in the secondary without a solid plan. Levine, mat telam, jerraud powers are all ufa, kendrick lewis and kyle arrington have to be cut. if you add webb to that list you have eric weddle and marqueston huff as your only safeties. levine is a solid back up and pretty good special teamer, he wont cost much to keep and webb has to stay with so many turnaround going on
  14. I really hope ravens dont hold on to dumervil. he is a pure pass rusher and ravens need a new do-it-all outside linebacker like suggs is. his cap hit is way too high for a guy who only plays on 3rd downs and hasn't been productive enough lately(9 sacks in 2 years). unless he takes a significant pay cut, the ravens shouldn't keep him
  15. cut dumervil, watson, wright, arrington and lewis. extend webb with a maybe 2 year contract, he played pretty good in his first year as a safety so I would try to keep him while lowering his cap hit. resign anthony levine for secondary depth plus special teams, resign guy (highly underrated team player), juice and if possible wagner. Williams will price out and we know it.. ravens cant overcommit to just one player with so many holes in the roster, specially when michael pierce played so well as an undrafted rookie. hopefully he can take a step forward next year.