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  1. Really going to miss these boards. All of my Ravens memories are accompanied by memories of fan discussion on these boards. I haven't posted a lot but I always came here to get fresh takes from real fans on the latest Ravens news. Just want to thank all of you guys for contributing and really breaking down the game. These boards had some great contributors over the years and its a shame to see them being taken down.
  2. In this year of despair for the Ravens, I'd like to highlight one bright spot, at least for me. Ever since Daniel Brown was called to try out for the Ravens, I have been hoping that this guy would get a shot. I am a current student of where he played college ball, an FCS school called James Madison University where he made many game changing plays for us. When he blocked a punt and scored a TD in game 4 of the preseason I knew he had NFL promise, and now this last week he beat Richard Sherman in coverage for a 31 yard gain! He also had that ridiculous call in the Dolphins game take away his first career catch and TD. I just wanted to share with you all this cool story, he has been making plays for us and I hope he factors into our offense's future plans.
  3. Maybe he's doing this in order to say that the players who don't show effort will not be on this team next year. We need bodies now but with a roster overhaul Harbs won't tolerate players who didn't put their heart on the line every game. I just wish he found a less corny way to say it.
  4. One positive of hiring Ryan would be TV screen time on our DC would increase by 500%
  5. Why does he already look older than Steve Smith?