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  1. I agree,Q was tougher and stronger than Mase. Cordarelle Patterson is going to shoot up draft boards in the next month. Him and Keenan Allen are the best 2 WR in the draft. Not a good chance of getting him unless we trade into the top 10.
  2. There goes a sure handed 3rd down WR. Q was like the second coming of Mason that was never hampered by injuries. Good luck in SF..
  3. Agent Fairy won Worlds 2011.

  4. Looking fine!
  5. Excellent match Orton/Christian. #SummerSlam

  6. Great match by Orton and Christian. Both me brought it tonight. This PPV has been pretty good so far.
  7. My brother just asked if Ed from Cowboy Bebop is a girl or a boy. HAHA

  8. Futurama is just giving us fan service this season. Tentacles groping Leela?

  9. My new catchphrase is "Pretty ****** jazzed" thanks to @FitzyGFY

  10. listening to "Thinking About You - Frank Ocean" ♫

  11. played Madden NFL 11 (360) in the last 24 hours.

  12. Power Rangers 30 Day Challenge - Day 17- Something in “Power Rangers” that you want to exist in real life...

  13. Fixing up my house one hole at a time.

  14. It always feels good to squeeze one out on your friends' face.

  15. Check out Psych: Psych Comic-Con 2011 Panel on @hulu: