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  1. No way d is available at our pick
  2. What a moron. See you later loser
  3. lol I forgot to mention I'll be throwing some shrimp on the barbie and sinking some tinnies in the pool as it forecast to be 104 degrees
  4. The Raiders have about 10 times more fans then they did last season and they all voted?
  5. Well the game is on at 8am on Boxing day here and this will be the one game of the year I watch the Ravens whilst having a beer, so I am looking forward to it immensely. I'll be watching the Cricket test in the afternoon and then going to a soccer match in the evening. I have bought the wife an extra special present this year in anticipation of whatever trouble I get myself into. Also my in-laws are in town. This is living on the edge, Aussie style!
  6. It really doesn't matter, our guys won't be available for the game anyway
  7. Especially if he hasn't scored many TDs
  8. Sign him up and then trade him to Dallas for Dez
  9. I'm Joe Flacco, I don't post much I mostly just down vote people who say I'm elite. I'm sick of that and wish it would go away.
  10. I'm more concerned about the fact that Flacco watches The Bachelorette than this
  11. Are you being sarcastic? Normally it would be pretty obvious but we are talking about the Browns here.
  12. Watson, Weddle & Wallace. My son reckons the 3 Ws stand for our 3rd Superbowl win. Smart kid.
  13. Because we beat the Steelers at home with Bell, we lost narrowly to the Bengals at home and Alex Smith. Nothing really screams blowouts based on recent evidence.
  14. At least he got that experience working in that shoe store