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  1. Great points.
  2. Weird, we haven't drafted someone as good as Reed....who is easily considered one of the best S's of all time....damn our FO sucks. You act like we are the only one who misses on draft picks, its comical.
  3. When have i disagreed with "we need to draft better?" I dont get some people on here, they completely ignore when "homers" criticize the FO yet the moment we stand by a decision the negative neds come out and attempt to bash, with no informed opinions other than,,,,we suck at this, we suck at that, etc. You are so blinded by your negativity and lack of an informed opiion you cant even tell when people agree with you. Yea, cause DSmith, SSr, Boldin, Wallace, Weddle were such terrible signings..they're sooooo old. I didnt like the Watson signing, not one single fan will like every single move by the FO. If you want to pay a G 13mill a year, have fun, sound like a Raiders fan, Have they won anything yet? Nope. And poor drafting has nothing to do with retaining a player.....
  4. Facts must be hard to handle. It's ok, we have all been there, but most of us actually graduated.
  5. Yea he seems to be a playmaker. i have a feeling a team will take him ahead of us. Hes interesting
  6. please be true.
  7. Ah ok, i get what your saying Fran, i thought that sounded a little off. I definitely dont like the idea for drafting by position only, of course some of the BPA available has to do with position, but lets say we retained Torrey Smith, I highly doubt we go with BP because imo our need at the position forced us to take someone to replace Torrey. Now obviously i dont know the FO's big board, nor do any of us, i just find it hard to believe that he was the BPA when a guy like Byron Jones or Malcom Brown is on the board, but to be honest i havent followed Jones career to see how he has done. Maybe im in the minority with those opinions, wouldnt be the first time.
  8. 3 safeties in a row? No thanks. Besides, going in drafting for position is how you end up reaching and making a bad cut.
  9. Yea I can understand that and I hope I'm wrong. I was merely talking about the hype and not talent. Allen even look good at some points as did did last year, but still not enough evidence for me to be content. I'm not saying we need to trade up for cook/Fournette.
  10. Are you ever going to suggest solutions, ideas, opinions outside of this team sucks at everything? I'm convinced you were on this board with a different screen name. I get you don't like the direction we are going, but you literally just sit here and complain about everything. Why not actually try to say something where we can develop a discussion, ya know... What message boards are for.
  11. I am willing to bet there is no chance we take McCaffrey at 16. I don't think he will be an every down back and I don't think that would justify him at that draft slot. I do like his return abilities thought. I am interested to see what his 40 is, for some reason I don't see him running people over or outrunning guys like he did in college. I just don't see a gadget player being select at 16
  12. I can promise you filling the stadium is not an issue, we had 100% capacity last year. Every position cant be a play-maker, that's just not realistic. I can also promise you we have never signed someone based on the possibility of attendance increasing. A simple google search can reveal a lot of info, like... I don't know...facts. From 2008 on (I didn't go back further) we have been basically at a 100% attendance. We have no issues filling the seats. I am with you on the first paragraph, I have no issues bringing in older vets that know how to do their job and provide that veteran presence. Imagine if we could of got SSr about two years sooner. So yea, I am with you on most of that paragraph. The next paragraph, not so much. We have plenty of people that have no issue calling people out because they haven't done their job, I have seen Joe do it numerous times. But here's a news flash, Joe is not Tom Brady, he never will be. And this whole overpaid thing is just not accurate, like many have discussed on here, as do I, its called "market value." The only other option was to let Joe walk after he just had the best post-season of a QB in NFL history (tied with Montana), I don't know how you could justify that. Also didn't help we got rid of his favorite target in Boldin and expected Pitta to step up more, and got hurt. I am one of the people that think the FO has not done a sufficient job at give Joe weapons around him. The moment he would of hit FA he would of most likely got paid more by teams like Oakland, Cleveland, Jacksonville, etc...its simple economics.
  13. I understand what your saying and I am all about building the OL, my issue is that if we wait too long to replace Suggs and/or Doom, I feel like we will draft for need rather than a player that warrants that selection. Kind of like BP and the Torrey situation, we waited till he was already gone to find his replacement. I would like to see a defense/offense first round/ second round in either order, that's just my preference. I don't hate your first two picks, just taking a TE so earlier worries me as TEs normally don't produce much their first year. Taking a Jones/Q.Wilson/pass-rusher in the first and using your same pick in the second would make me happy. I understand Howard would help the blocking game, but im not too sure our RBs are all that good, I do like Dixon but im not jumping on his hype train. It reminds me of when every was stoked about Buck Allen. Dixon runs hard and slips through tackles nicely, but I don't think hes going to turn into that feature back we all want, really hope im wrong honestly.
  14. If it was my choice, i would definitely rather resign Wagner. Continuity at the OL would be great