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  1. haha yea, Narcos is a great show
  2. You must not know how to read, almost every single member here has said he needs to play better, Joe himself has said it. If you continue to ignore what everyone says it just makes you look flat out stupid. Its like going to McDonalds complaining that there isn't any big macs, while they are fully stocked....You just whine to whine and like the attention while you never make and solid points.
  3. One thing I don't get about the draft is when the word value is brought up. Im going to try to explain this the best I can, lets use Charles Harris as an example. I see a lot of people saying taking him at 16 is too early, but if we traded back to the 20s no big deal. Now I know we would be getting an extra pick out of that, but how do you put a value of the production difference from slot 16 to say 25. It would be like saying Suggs would have been a reach at 4 but at 10 it was a great pick. Well, considering the career he had, I think most people would of been comfortable picking him at 4. I don't know if im conveying my thoughts very is crazy busy.
  4. What kind of hummer?
  5. The only redemption for this season is to have everyone die and the series be over....and I don't know if that will even be enough to redeem it.
  6. I think that guy has such raw talent, I was really looking forward to seeing him develop this last year. He is a beast, but he might just be a bigger version of Camp
  7. I might hate this show so much that I unfairly judge it. I just seem to look for things to be mad about, although the show makes it damn easy.
  8. Just depends on the genre you like. The Newsroom is a great show and is only 2 and a half seasons. Westworld is a sci-fi genre that is very mind blowing. True Detective Season 1 is easily at the top of my list of favorite shows of all time. I love sleep as well, until im binge watching.
  9. Exactly
  10. I can easily see Jack Black being that voice
  11. Which is lol.....some people are heading to RSR and then there is @BOLDnPurPnBlacK board.