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  1. And people say he was dumb.....
  2. Just like no one should ever respond to him, but alas..... Love it man. Those first four picks i think would be huge for both sides of the ball for us. Ill check out the other guys as well. I like how you went different routes then most. I prefer Mwill over Davis but i would be more than happy considering the rest of the draft. Hope you nailed it.
  3. So Your saying we don't hit on mid round comp picks But we do on regular mid round picks? Im guessing your going to elude to the fact whats the point of collecting comp picks when we don't hit, which I guess you can make the case for, I just think the premise would be wrong. Or maybe im not comprehending your point. Or some people just understand what market value means, ironic how most people who don't like Joe don't understand the market value premise. While those who support Joe do understand market value, that doesn't mean/imply he is elite their minds. The number one player at a position as far as talent might be the highest paid player for a year, then because of inflation of the salary cap, someone else signs a deal who makes them higher paid.
  4. While I agree with injuries having a huge impact, there isn't a significant way to prepare for those injuries other than doing what every team already tries to do: sign the best possible players and then add the best depth players possible. While I agree we have underperformed 3 out of the last 4 years (hard no to agree compared to the standards set previously), I think most fans forget the amount of change that can take place from year to year, good and bad. We have made some good additions this offseason as almost every analyst would agree upon, we also still have the draft coming up (as my sarcasm remarks made clear), so imo most fans want love to throw around the phrase "Not For Long" league only when it comes to bashing but choose to ignore the upside of "Not For Long." While you may think we are not a good team, what we finished the last 3 out 4 years really doesn't matter, but last year can be used as a basis. We may have been 8 and 8 but its not like we were completely out of contention. I honestly believe that if Jimmy doesn't go down, we would of made the playoffs, which eluded to your point of injuries. So what did we do? Signed the best DB FA on the market. Signed a more than capable #2 corner who has started every game for 9 years. We signed Webb for depth, which I find absolutely hilarious that people bash that signing. We have Young who is a promising young CB. I know there is concerns about Jimmy's health, but I don't think there is any reason not be excited with the secondary we will field. I will say that the pass rush situation worries me as well as the OL. I believe im a realist and I see no reason why we cant compete, even at 8-8, that's competing. Don't confuse your standard of success to the actual act of succeeding, Meaning: So what if we go 8-8 and squeak into the playoffs, so what if we don't win the division but still make the playoffs, playoffs mean we have a chance to go all the way. Just because we don't go 12-4 every year doesn't mean we aren't a good time.
  5. I wish there was this annual thing where we selected players from college. I also wish there were players that are able to play in the NFL but aren't on a team right now that we could sign whenever we want.
  6. Im an optimistic person, but when someone brought him up as a solution to our problem on the line, I thought it was hysterical. I hope im wrong though, seriously.
  7. Joey 'went off' because you stated Oz cant find mid round picks which is something that is considered his most successful area by almost everyone. Hell, even on here, haters of Oz have even said might as well trade our first and second so we can stack up the mid rounds where Oz kills it. I get the point your trying to make and I think others do, but then you say stuff that's just not true or contradicts your points. Once again, who said we have an elite QB? Does anyone on here even think that? Im a big Joe supporter....he is not elite. And I don't get how we aren't sniffing the playoffs, sometimes there is a difference between being optimistic and realistic, but I believe the Ravens making the playoffs falls into both categories here and I think its harder to argue that we have a lesser chance than more of a chance.
  8. Nice job. I like that you did the full first round, as im sure people have seen me note that for mocks I think its important for context to see who is available at least in the first round when we select. I would be overall happy with this draft considering the positions taken, although im not to familiar with some of the names. Some people might not like this draft because there isn't any 'sexy big name' guys but I would think this would be a solid draft. Im sure you have discussed in other threads, but what would be your preference for 1 and 2?
  9. Talk about trading back. If this scenario happened id be happy with getting Davis in the late 20s, but that's not happening. The rest isn't great with the amount of picks imo. Not a fan of Anderson
  10. It all depends on who we go in the first. If we take Mwill or Davis in the first and Tim Williams-Carl Lawson-Watt I would think about it, but most likely would stay put. \ There is just so much potential in this draft that I would hate to lose picks, but...just depends who is available and who we take in the first. My preference would be Mwill/davis then Tim Williams or Lawson, but doubt either will be there for our second unless we trade up. I know we are speaking in hypotheticals for the sake of discussion, there is just too many variables for me to be sure what id rather do. Also, if Cook is there in the second, that would be hard to turn down, but I believe in no way in hell Cook makes it past 20
  11. I like everyone on that list other than Anderson, just not a fan, maybe some here can convince me I see a lot of people on here aren't a fan of Takk. Very intriguing options
  12. Yup. I think it could have be A LOT better. Hand of God is interesting. Betas is a Silicon Valley type show, not a bad watch, pretty funny. Mad Dogs I recommend Sneaky Pete, Aaron Paul, good watch. Fortitude is another one that I recently watched, its pretty interesting. Amazon is killing it.
  13. Yea, loved that show. Definitely underrated