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  1. That's just what the team needs. It's also not a great start to Dixon's career with two starts of the season missed.
  2. I think about how we're able to use telescopes to see into the past and I wish we could look at the future.
  3. Life is too short to spend another minute watching mediocre tv. Did that work?
  4. I like Facing the Giants.
  5. I imagine the Falcons are in for a rough ride next season. That generally happens to Super Bowl losers, and their franchise isn't exactly a model of consistency. Plus their division tends to change leaders a lot I believe. Add all the coaching changes on top and it's going to be an uphill battle... but then I guess every season is tough.
  6. Which government? China might try to keep something like that from their people... Seriously though, I don't know if the US gov would inform us about it as much as they would confirm it. If the asteroid was that big I'd imagine lots of amateur astronomers would notice even if the govvies tried to keep it hush hush.
  7. Oooh I get it! Because the Pats always lose in the SB to the Giants and the Ravens always win. I like this plan.
  8. I think I'm going to have to steal that nickname, but I don't know if I can blame it on him. He didn't give up 34 points. Of course, the Falcons had a pick 6 so Ryan also can't get credit for anything beyond 21 points...
  9. I know, right? For a very few minutes, I thought I felt as tense about this game as I do about Ravens games, but then they lost and I realized that it was nothing like how I feel when my team collapses.
  10. 0 This was the first overtime in SB history.
  11. If Brady decides to retire at the very top (I mean really, it doesn't get much more impressive than this) will this have all been worth it to us?
  12. It was what second down? They were getting in the endzone regardless. When was the last time that Atlanta allowed anything less than a td? Like the third quarter?
  13. I hope Ryan gets it, but it's really rare for losers to win. (Pun intended)
  14. Joe Flacco be like "Not yet, Ryan."
  15. Rough couple of football months for us Ravens fans. Christmas was disappointing. January was spent watching the Steelers cruise pas lousy playoff teams, and now this.
  16. The one with the big catch by Jones? I think I saw them pass to get into fg range and then I guess people wanted them to stop what was working or something. Then there was an offensive penalty. I'm not sure the coach is to blame for that. That play that resulted in a sack was pretty bad, but you could blame the call or the execution, I would think. At the end of the day I'm probably going to blame the defense for giving up 34 straight points like that.
  17. Yeah, when was the last time the Falcons held the Pats to anything less than a td?
  18. They should throw a hail mary with the way the Falcons are playing "defense."
  19. If they were already in range, maybe they just figured they could go for it all or end up with 3 at worst, but idk I didn't see it.
  20. Oh I thought that's what the announcers were saying when I turned the tv on. Lol, that was almost prophetic wasn't it?
  21. What plays did Shanahan call that were so terrible?
  22. I didn't see anything before the 4th quarter so tell me what he did. I thought Ryan was more at fault for his int.
  23. The Falcons have to be throwing up right now. How do you let this happen?
  24. Meh, you take what the defense gives you. Atlanta did nothing the last time they were in field goal range, and they have no time outs.
  25. For what it's worth, Atlanta probably wishes they had playmakers like Lewis, Suggs, Reed and Smith too clean up their defensive mess like the Ravens did when they nearly let their SB win slip away.