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  1. I think it is hard to know who will continue to work as hard as they can once they get the big paycheck. Most of these guys have grown up poor so if you give them a million dollar + signing bonus for a first round pick how are you going to know if their main concern will be football or partying.
  2. Watch kickers before the game. They all can make kick after kick from any distance. The difference between a guy like Cundiff and a guy like Tucker is ability to perform under pressure. Why did we draft Boller in the first round? It was because of his natural ability. Why was Brady drafted in the 6th round. Some players play a lot better than their talent and others a lot worse.
  3. So teams are getting rid of their message boards and NFL viewership was down what ? 15 percent last year? What is the goal down 50 percent?
  4. The Ravens should really see how well the Orioles reporters on MasnSports cover the Orioles. It is the first place I look for Orioles news and two writers who provide at least daily articles on the team. Biscotti has had it easy as the team had been winning in the past. If the team continues to be losers like the last two seasons the casual fans like the ones who post on Facebook will stop attending games. The season ticket holders who sell some or most of their tickets will stop buying tickets if they can't recoup some of their expense. With the Orioles, the Capitals and Wizards all winning there will be more competition for sports fans dollars.
  5. The Ravens send out a daily email with what is on the site so no reason to visit. No way I would pay. This isn't someone's personal site this is the Ravens official message board. Biscotti has made 100's of millions off the Ravens and my tax dollars already subsidizes the team. If he doesn't want to pay the minimal money it costs to run this forum to promote his business why would I?
  6. How is Kafusi a rising Sophmore? He didn't play a down,
  7. I don't think the posters on here are bullies like the one person poste I tend to see more negativity about the players and the team. It amazes me how people quickly turn on their favorite players once injuries catch up with the player. There are not many bad football players in the NFL. Maybe a guy like Cody who was totally out of shape. But it does bother me when I hear people blasting Webb. He was great before his injuries. And for a NFL cornerback it doesn't take much drop off from being a great cornerback to a below average one. When you get burned it is pretty obvious to everyone.
  8. Rough sport. Guys like Webb great talent who always gave it his all gone after only 8 years. He will be missed.
  9. If it isn't about money why shut it down? The thread about Webb was started after my post. I would have started one myself but figured it would have been moved. So I didn't bother. My guess is with the two straight seasons with a winning record they don't like people on here calling for people with the team to get fired. Also so the down votes are you people serious. Who cares about down votes?this board will be closing in a couple of weeks. The people I was criticizing don't want you on their site. They think you are a nuisance.
  10. Really this board is pretty bad. Webb gets cut and there is t even a post about it. And if someone did create a post about Webb being cut it would either be locked or merged into another thread. This board is terribly moderated and that is why it doesn't have more traffic. Why would you pay five dollars this isn't someone's personal board this is the Ravens official board. The owners gets a free stadium and has made hundreds of millions of dollars off the team. If he thinks it is too much money to have a board I think it would be better choice to stop attending games and watching them on TV.
  11. 2 years from now the Cap will be 190 million. I am sure the first couple years are less of a cap hit.
  12. Yeah. This is probably Suggs last season and the Cap goes up every year. If you don't retain any of your draft picks after their initial contract you are going to be in pretty bad shape.
  13. They seem to have mostly videos now. Videos with advertisements. Really don't watch them. I guess they think most Ravens fans can't read or something.
  14. It seemed to me they never wanted this forum the way that it was run. Shutting down threads. Merging threads that had nothing to do with each other. To me this is not expected. I guess the Ravens don't like fans.
  15. I read that when he played inside linebacker in college he struggled.