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  1. This fan has a theory
  2. Like Reddick, don't know about double dipping at CB so early with OL and WR kinda being left until later. Would like that defense though
  3. Would not be surprised to see this I think the last time the boards were happy with a first round pick from us was 2011. Think most people liked the pick when it was made. Lots of people cooled on Jimmy of course as it took him a couple years to get going. I wasn't on here these days but I remember hearing that most fans liked him I don't remember Upshaw being too popular(not a first rounder but first pick so figured I would throw him on here) Elam was pretty hated Most people liked CJ but didn't like us going ILB at all(thought Arthur Brown was gonna be the next big thing) Perriman was hated by almost everyone Think some people liked Stanley but a few people myself included were against getting him, lots of discussion on that reaction thread. We will see how he develops but pretty happy with how he finished the season and fine taking the L on that one.
  4. Corey Davis to the Saints is just funny. I guess I could see them taking a speed guy with Cooks gone but not in the first round. I would be fine with Cook here as a player but the off field concerns make me think we pass and I am fine with that.
  5. I guess it depends on if this person considers Michael Bennett an edge guy. I think Thomas can be an okay edge guy rushing the passer but I would much rather him inside because A: I think he is better there B: I value inside pressure more than edge pressure Also McPhee doesn't really have good bend but he has been really effective in Chicago as an OLB. He isn't that Von Miller type player sure but he has been really good against the run and I think his pass rush is fairly solid. He doesn't finish sacks because he just doesn't have that bend but he gets his share of pressures at least. Like Thomas though I think McPhee is a lot more effective inside like he was with us in 2014. The Bears just don't have much depth at OLB (Sizzle and Doom in 2014) so they have not had that luxury hence why they drafted Floyd last year who can bend that edge and get them sacks. But Thomas being that SAM guy blowing up TEs in the run game and then shifting inside on passing downs is a very valuable player for just about anyone including us in the event he falls. I guess I haven't really addressed your thoughts on whether he can be an edge guy and I think it really depends. He could adjust to the position and be really physical against the run while getting solid pass rushing numbers or he could be like Quinton Coples was on the Jets and just not fit that scheme. I think the better question though is why you wouldn't move him around as you can get so much more out of him as opposed to just leaving him on the edge. If you just stick him at OLB you are not gonna be able to maximize his potential and even if he can handle the position, you are losing out with him as he can do more. Guess we will see who gets him and how they are going to use him since as with most players, the team that takes him will go a long way to determining how his career ends up.
  6. Fixed
  7. I see another Michael Bennett with him, think a team will be really happy to get him and move him along the line
  8. I don't think Conley makes it to 16 so I think Barnett will be the next great OLB for us
  9. What the title says I'll go with my own... Gareon Conley will be the best corner from this draft Dalvin Cook will get over 1,200 rushing yards this year and close to 500 receiving yards
  10. Conley Ju Ju Witherspoon OL Or... Ramczyk Zay Jones Ryan Anderson Desmond King Or... Mike Williams OLB Sidney Jones OL
  11. Flacco is the perfect example of this
  12. Yeah I don't see anything talking about Jake Butt on this thread
  13. Gonna have to wait another year before you get too excited for him, he is staying at school
  14. Man, Bundy gave up 6 hits tonight and didn't get into the 8th inning. He really needs to get on Ubaldo and Miley's level lol Sarcasm btw...
  15. I posted on wrong thread
  16. So Ubaldo and Miley both pitch absolute gems back to back...
  17. Nah ah aaaaah This time we play the Bengals at home lol
  18. Monday night home game?!?!?!?! Also means no Thanksgiving game for the Ravens Jeff Zrebiecā€Verified account @jeffzrebiecsun 4m4 minutes ago More Jeff Zrebiec Retweeted John McClain Monday night home game in Baltimore vs. Texans, per @McClain_on_NFL. Would be Ravens first since 2012
  19. Zrebiec just participated in a mock draft and got us Corey Davis at 16
  20. Yeah Ross beat Witherspoon a few times that game but his QB could not get him the ball. You could argue that one time Witherspoon was only a step behind on another one of those underthrown deep balls but a good QB is making that throw. Look at this man put the moves on Chidobe Awuzie
  21. I think they got the 4 part right as I think the Jags will get him but 40 is just silly. Any reason why he fell?
  22. Yeah there are plenty of in between people, it is just so easy to get sucked into those thread arguments though that it really isn't worth posting in there.