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  1. Borland was not athletic at all haha
  2. This thread is delightful
  3. Maybe but he was no athlete by any stretch of the imagination. And his arms were ridiculously short, like shortest I have ever seen on a prospect
  4. Should have watched Logan @LosT_in_TranSlatioN
  5. I seem to remember another short ILB with T'rex arms that was hated around here a couple years ago that went on to do well. He then retired of course once you took that team over but still had a good year for himself.
  6. Maybe you should trade all your picks to me so that we can make better progress
  7. Really liked Logan
  8. What are you talking about? That movie kicks some ICE But no it is actually pretty funny to sit through and make fun of it. It isn't as fun to make fun of as a certain other movie though
  9. @ArsenalRaven666 trying to be real sneaky deleting and reposting his trade block posts
  10. You know I am a fan, could be really good early if he goes to the right team
  11. I'd say more likely than not that this is true
  12. @LosT_in_TranSlatioN going for another pun opportunity
  13. Ha I get it... Cause he is the STEELers
  14. Shocking pick by @BmoreBird22
  15. Maryland made the tourney!!!... ...aaaand they lost
  16. I think Ludy51 is gonna be able to make it to 10k
  17. My guess is that the forums exceeded his facepalm tolerance
  18. I can see @GrimCoconut and @Inqui are colluding once again...
  19. Field Yates‏Verified account @FieldYates 19m19 minutes ago More Eddie Lacy's weight incentives breakdown ($55k for each month achieved) May: 255 lbs June & August: 250 lbs September-December: 245 lbs
  20. True but then Fitzpatrick happened
  21. Pretty sure that was like 6 years ago
  22. Well this should be fun
  23. 1. Not every Center is Birk and can go until they are 36 2. You pay FAs for what they are going to do, not what they have done. 3. You would be paying Mangold for what he is and he is only getting older. 4. Decline in play happens quick, look at Reed from 2011 to 2012 to 2013. I am sure plenty of people thought he would be a good fit in Houston, this rings those same warning bells. 5. If you are Mangold, why the heck would you take less than half of what you are used to making and risk your body at 33? Maybe with a contender after rotting on the Jets but we have too many holes to seriously compete for a Lombardi trophy right now. Good luck trying to convince him we are that team that is going to win it all within a couple years after missing the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years. 6. If all you want is for them to not stink, just start Urschel instead of shelling out about 5-6 mil per year at least(I mean Reed got 5 mil per after his 2012 season) on Mangold. Or better yet draft someone although at this rate we may have to double dip if we don't want to see Hurst out at RT again and if we have any injuries... yikes. 7. Have not heard anything about the Ravens being interested in Mangold from any reputable sources, if there were something imminent we would have heard something.
  24. I don't think he would still be out there if he were asking for a cheap contract, either that or teams know more than we do with his injuries
  25. I don't see how we are getting him any cheaper than what Zuttah was