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  1. Jahri Evans to the Packers
  2. From what I have heard the Saints have a solid deal in place with him if he is traded. I don't think Butler is all that into New England right now after they signed Gilmore and I'd imagine he plays this year but I don't see him sticking around.
  3. Okay now I am curious what happened lol
  4. Maybe Walterfootball is doing his mocks for him all of a sudden lol
  5. Or if Myles Garrett is available like he probably will be
  6. I'd say Perriman is the closest to those 2 combined. He even has been injured like both players lol
  7. Yeah I know the offense can do better than it is right now, kinda frustrating but I guess having a slump at this point of the year beats having one in September and October
  8. Miley only giving up 2 runs in 7 IP but the Orioles not hitting tonight
  9. Unless you are the Browns, then you just get Trent Richardsons and Brandon Weedens along with your Justin Gilberts and Johnny Manziels
  10. I agree that it is pretty useless, I mean Andy Dalton has made 3 of them somehow. Still, it is a solid barometer to take with this big a sample size as there aren't too many all pro nods being given out
  11. Yeah I am too curious to not do 2002-2008 here so lets do it 2002: You may have heard of this guy named Ed Reed, he was pretty good. Went to 9 pro bowls Since we counted the undrafted guys in recent drafts, we must do the same here. Bart Scott couldn't wait to make the pro bowl in 2006 Total = 10 2003: Sizzle has been to 6 Ovie Mughelli made a pro bowl in 2010 with the Falcons 2003 Total = 7 New Total = 17 2004: Didn't get anyone in the actual draft but Don Muhlbach was picked up as an UDFA before going to the Lions and making a pro bowl 8 years later 2004 Total = 1 New Total = 18 2005: Derek Anderson had that one year in Cleveland he was good and made the pro bowl in 2007 2005 Total = 1 New Total = 19 2006: Ngata of course made his 5 pro bowls Sam Koch also was able to make a pro bowl in 2015 2006 Total = 6 New Total = 25 2007: Ben Grubbs made 2 pro bowls, once for us and then once with the Saints in 2013 Yanda has been great making 6 pro bowls for us Le'Ron McClain made 2 pro bowls 2007 Total = 10 New Total = 35 2008: Ray Rice out of Rutgers our Running back 2008 Total = 3 New Total = 38 So yeah this is a lot more than 10 and also means that I counted the pro bowls differently than in the list since it doesn't add up to 42. Don't feel like figuring out where the differences are though so whatever. This was more classes than in the first post(7 vs 6) but there were some really good classes there and our only top 20 picks were Suggs, Flacco, and Ngata compared to CJ for the more recent stretch. That did not stop our team from finding some serious gems though in Reed and Yanda along with some other good picks in Grubbs and Rice outside that range. Outside the guys listed though we had only 7 total pro bowls so a lot of that total is due to some really good players like Reed, Suggs, and Yanda(who accounted for 21 pro bowls between them and counting as I think Yanda has more in him). Also the 2004 and 2005 drafts were pretty bad
  12. Heap was 32 since we had just won the Super Bowl when we got him
  13. Actually ended up only being 3 top 20 picks. We made our picks on each of them(Suggs, Ngata, and Flacco) but there were some other really good picks we made
  14. I think they are capable of making it if they have a good year. I am keeping it as unbiased as I can, just spitting out the figures and my thoughts. Doing 2002 - 2008 now. You will probably enjoy it.
  15. I think the reason he was selected along with Mosley was that there was a huge tie between different LBs who all had one vote