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  1. I've been giving it more thought since I've recently read reports about us having interest in Cam Robinson and.... Yeah Cam Robinson would still be terrible. Probably the worst pick we could make. And I have this gut feeling we take him. Say what you want about the Correa pick last year, I think given the success that Zach Orr had last year that Correa could hack it at ILB at a pretty decent level like Orr did. So Ozzie. You don't take Larmey Tunsil, clearly a superior physical talent and has a higher ceiling than Stanley because of drug concerns(a move I actually agree with. I don't need my players being the next Randy Gregory/Josh Gordon), but Robinson has drug concerns and there are reports out that we really like him? Freaking hypocrite. Tunsil had upside. Robinson does at guard, but he has a low floor. I swear to god when he takes him... But yeah. I'd like to add a name to the list: Christian McCaffery. Not that I hate him as a prospect, in fact, I like him a lot, but we have far more pressing needs. I know he's rumored to go in the top ten(and when the Panthers take him I will LOL), but I highly doubt he does and think he will be avaliable then. I'd be upset, but live with the solace that I think he's gonna be a good player. So let me ask this then Who would you be upset with in the second round? Me: Any RB really. Any dlinemen since I'm not impressed by most of them. I think that Kevin King and Jalen Tabor are overrated. Yeah. @-Truth- Cam Robinson has overtaken James Harden on my personal hate scale.
  2. When literature and hollywood fail... So never
  3. Ozzie. Please draft Jake Butt. Thanks.



  4. I'd be happy with this outcome. I am a big fan of both Barnett and Dawkins. I agree that Griffin is underrated. But no Jake Butt = automatic F grade
  5. LMAO. Savage
  6. Smh..... That said, he did technically complete his life sentence.
  7. She has to bear the burden that her father was a convicted murder(even if there is currently a legal loophole that states his death might allow him to die) for the rest of her life. Who the hell cares if anyone knows her identity. She will know. It will probably affect her. And she has to grow up without a father. Just a horrible situation all around, especially for the Lloyd family and his daughter.
  8. Yup. He needs to confirm that he's an alpha male
  9. Is it? @LosT_in_TranSlatioN? We all know that @OriolesMagicPlease Is Winchester
  10. He will be on my list
  11. Title confusing? Let me explain In this mock draft I'm switching up the format. I'm going to include two options per pick. A best case, and a worst case(and unfortunately likely for some of them). Oh, and rather than post pictures of the prospect, I'm just gonna post pictures of Jake Butt. Regardless of who the pick is. Cause let's face it, Jake Butt would be the best case scenario for every round. Round One: Best Case Scenario: Derek Barnett: If Barnett falls to us... We are blessed. #BLESSED infact Again, don't let the combine fool you. He's fast on the field, knows how to use his hands, and would instantly upgrade the pass rush for us. I love me some Forest Lamp, I love me some Mike Williams, and even Ryan Ramcyzk. But Barnett would be too good for me to pass up. Worst Case Scenario: Cam Robinson: LISTEN UP OZZIE(Even though the fans have no merit). Ozzie, I swear to god, if you take Cam Robinson I will say this: YOU WILL BE DEAD TO ME. Especially since I know for a fact, that if Lamp, Ramzcyk, and others are on the board, and Robinson is too, you'll probably take him because of your crimson colored glasses. Robinson would be a HORRIBLE pick if those two are on the board, and I know we like him. Not to mention, you won't take Tunsil because of drug issues, but then Robinson has the same problem but you'll make an exception for him because of freaking Alabama. Not saying that Alabama has bad prospects in this draft, in fact this is the only Bama prospect I'd dislike entirely. But screw it. We all know you're gonna take him. He's Michael Oher 2.0. No thank you. Round Two: Look. Stickers. He'd clearly fit in here Best Case: Rueban Foster. "But Lost, I thought you hate Bama players", I don't. I think they can be overhyped. But overall Bama is putting out a good class this year. Foster will likely not fall here even with his recent drug test, but if he takes a Jernigan tumble, I think we should pull the trigger. This dude is super talented and he and Mosely together would make a hell of a tandem. To put it into prespective: I'd like it if we took Foster IN THE FIRST ROUND. Worst Case: D'Onta Foreman I actually really like Foreman as a prospect.. But any RB early when we have much more pressing needs. Round Three1 Best Case Scenario: Sidney Jones- Again, might not fall here, but if he does even with his injury he'd be too good to pass up. A potential starter going forward and having Carr gives us flexibility to make us wait this long. Worst Case: Ethan Pocic- Sami84 would be happy we took an LSU player. I'd be freaking pissed off with this pick. I think Pocic isn't a starter in this league. He's physically gifted, but he's not that good of a center. His height worries me to be totally honest and he might lose many battles on the lines because of it. Unfortuneately, I think with the whole "bigger and stronger" thing he's a realistic possibility. Round Three2 Best Case Scenario: Jake Butt Worst Case: A TE not named Jake Butt Let's get this BS out of the freaking way. THERE IS NO HARBAUGH CONNECTION. Last season was the first time we've ever taken a player from one of Jim's schools. We didn't draft any stanford players during his tenure there, and last season was the first we took a Michigan guy. That said, if we don't take Jake Butt. I will die of sadness. IDC if I like others TES after him. I think he's an ideal fit on the team, and he'd fit in right away.... once he got healthy Round: Four BC: Damonte Kazee WC: Tyler Orlosky You all know my thoughts on Kazee. But Orlosky is another pick that would be horrible. This oline class is terrible and Orlosky's tape... Sucked. There's no other way to put it. I hope we take a center earlier, but I'm having my doubts. AHHHHH. Okay. So from this point on the BC/WC format is really hard. So I'm going back to normal Round Five: Erik Mangunson, OT Michigan Same exact logic as the McDermott pick last time. Just a different player. I tihnk that with some coaching Magnuson could be a good pro. Round Six: Jaylen Brown, ILB, UCLA Brown fills a need late in the draft with a guy who is a good coverage linebacker. He'd be nothing more than a rotaitonal guy, but a valuable one, and someone I could trust. Anyway, my next mock will be next week, and my final mock will be after the draft. Hope y'all liked it. Or not. either way screw you if you did not. I like Jake Butt and I cannot lie
  12. Ozzie betrayed me, he didn't keep his promise, he tricked me, and I don't care anymore.
  13. Sorry for the late response. But no... Just no. 1. Zachary Orr was far and away the most overrated defensive player on the team last year. I know that everyone here loved him, but as @-Truth- and @BmoreBird22 pointed out, Orr got a ton of those tackles because Mosely ate the blockers and allowed Orr to run free. Orr was a decent ILB, but my god was maybe the most undeserving all pro I've ever seen. If there's on thing that pisses me off more than the Jernigan trade, it's the fans who say that CJ Mosely is "just another guy", and Orr had a better season. Nope. When Orr was thrusted into the #1 ILB spot because of CJ's injury, he struggled mightily. There's no surprise why. CJ made the defense work. He's our biggest asset going forward and there's no question about it. He's gonna be a Raven for life. 2. There is no way in hell we would have gotten anything less than a fourth rounder from Jernigan comp pick wise. Even with his inconsistencies, a player with his talent would easily command $6.5 million on the open market. Which btw, given that our cap situation is significantly better next season, we could have easily afforded to keep him. That obviously wasn't in our plans(which is foolish and I'll explain why in the next point), but the return absolutely SUCKED. If we had traded him outright for that Eagles third rounder and not given up our own pick, you would hear 0 complaints from me and I'm a huge Jernigan fan. In my eyes, that'd be a solid trade. 3. Sorry. But we picked the wrong guy. Timmy Jernigan was an inconsistent pass rusher, but was a consistently excellent run defender who fit the defense well and was young. I'd rather have a guy who is very inconsistent as a pass rusher like Jernigan, but when he's hot he turns it on, then a guy who only plays 80% of the snaps. Given that the nfl has evolved into more of a passing league, Jernigan's ability to play three downs makes him, at least in my eyes, a more valuable commodity. I know he flat out dissapeared at times, but it's not like he was getting any help either. If we had more of a pass rush, I think we would have seen more pressures and sacks from the man. He's not an all pro, he's not even a pro bowler. But finding a defensive lineman who can rush the passer at a decent level is harder than most people think. And we just traded away our proven/best guy. For pennies on the dollar. 4. Finally, the returns are idiotic. Timmy Jernigan playing next to two very good pass rusher is probably gonna have a season where he gets 6-8, possibly 10 sacks. The Eagles would probably be inclined to sign him again afterwards, for a sizeable contract but one that'd be well deserved, and they suddenly have one of the better defensive tackle tandems in the league, and they basically gave up nothing to get him. I don't give a damn if he is inconsistent, trading up 20 spots and giving away your best pass rusher, even if he is a locker room problem, is a HORRIBLE return. It literally makes no sense from a logical standpoint. The Eagles paid pennies for a dude who as a total package is an above average player, and they move down and still get to keep a pick in the round. I can personally guarentee you that Timmy, especially as a proven commodity thus far, is going to be better than at least 90% of the players drafted in the third round this year. I could go on and on about why this trade was totally and utterly idiotic, but honestly, it's post 4/20 in the state of Colorado. I'm going to bed lol
  14. Malik McDowell but I doubt it given the flat earth stuff. But given the context I don't think so. I like 90% of the prospects in this draft. If we decided to take David Njoku at 16, I'd honestly be okay with it because he could be a monster. Same goes for OJ Howard. Hell, Ross isn't my favorite fit for this team, but if we draft him, fine by me. I'd be okay with any of the corners in the first round. A Lamp and Ramzcyk are very likely to be on the board at that time. Both are clean, very polished prospects who could be effective day one starters with Lamp having the ability to play every position on the interior. And Ozzie, in spite of Cam Robinson's character concerns is still likely to take Robinson because he went to freaking Alabama. And I'm sorry, but I just don't see it with Robinson. If we took Foster, I'd be happy. If Allen fell to us by some god given miracle, I'd be thrilled. Mid rounds, I like Eddie Jackson. I like both Alabama edge rushers. But freaking Robison looks like he's gonna be Michael Oher 2.0. Ozzie, as of right now, is on very thin ice with me. If he drafts one of Robinson, or McDowell, I will turn on him entirely. I've had enough of his crap recently. The Jernigan trade and Williams deal pissed me off like you wouldn't believe.
  15. @SepticeyePoe Easily the greatest song ever.
  16. Was the bug at Fudruckers?
  17. You know how baskin robins always finds out? Bob Evans never finds out
  18. There's a reason I don't go to Bob evans
  19. Either/or
  20. Okay. Worst dining experience ever. Go.
  21. Jake Butt goes in the top ten and I die of sadness
  22. Why not both?
  23. 1. Jake Butt 2. Jake Butt 3. Jake Butt 4. Jake Butt
  24. Normally I'd neg someone laughing at the death of someone else but I can't bring myself to do it. Hernandez was a monster. that being said, I'm sending prayers out to his four year old daughter. She must feel terrible/had to bear the burden of having a convicted murdered as her father
  25. We traded away a very good(albeit inconsistent) player for basically nothing, when we have plenty of cap space next year. It just wasn't worth it. That deal is terrible. And I would have picked Timmy over Brandon personally.