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  1. Dimitroff must be thinking. "We need another Julio Jones so we don't blow a 25 point lead again"
  2. Yup. He's gonna call us all losers in a second. Just wait. I love me some Barnett. If he falls to us we are blessed. @OriolesMagicPlease. You're not allowed to have two accounts Winchester. Cmon man. Smh
  3. I was starting to think I was alone in this train of thought. Should we draft Alpha Males and players with fast twitch muscle?
  4. Dude, put that thing away. There are like, children here
  5. Actually hearing something similar from La Canfora eases my nerves. that dude is fake news
  6. It makes me more worried for the Cam Robinson stuff. I think foster is going to be an excellent player but I initially thought we'd pass on him due to the concerns. But if Ozzie gives Foster a pass, he's likely to give one to Robinson as well. Only because of Alabama. Ozzie Newsome is a hypocrite if this is the case
  7. I love Rueban Foster. But if he's okay with his character concerns.... then. Well. I guess Alabama players can do no wrong
  8. Players I would LOVE at 16: Derek Barnett- my favorite player for us. Instant pass rushing upgrad Hasoon Reddick- Modern day defensive player. See above. Jamie Collins type of an impact. Forrest Lamp- Another JC Tretter. Could slot him to play at C, LG, or possibly RT if we are desperate. But his best fit is the interior. Players I'd really like Rueban Foster- STUD. I know ILB isn't as important when you already have a good one, but he'd make the middle of the field virtually impossible to run against/throw into. Mike Williams- I think Davis is a better fit for the team short term, but that Williams has a larger ceiling. Not quite as good as AJ Green, but similar impact. Corey Davis- See above. Except more fluid. #1 WR at the NFL level from day one Ryan Ramcyzk- I'd hate slotting Lewis at G(I'm starting to think that he's been overrated by the fanbase. He really wasn't that good), but Ramcyzk is a potential pro bowl on the right side of the line. "Meh" Marlon Humphrey- I don't think he's as good as others do on here. But I wouldn't hate him. John Ross- Good player, injuries scare me though. OJ Howard/David Njoku- Hell of a player, but given that we've invested a lot in recent years at TE I'd be slightly dissapointed if we went TE in the first. That said, I think these two are future studs so I wouldn't be mad. Players I'd hate Malik McDowell- Worst pick we could make. Overrated. Physical gifts are there, but he's not a good football player. Would make the Jernigan trade even worse. Cam Robinson- No doubt in my mind that we are drafting this guy today sadly. He's a lousy fit at tackle, good fit at guard, but since the team (foolishly) sees Lewis as a guard, he'd play tackle. I'd feel awful for Joe if we drafted him. And I have 0 doubts in my mind we will. Dalvin Cook- No chance we draft him due to character concerns. I think he's a future superstar, but given what he did to a dog, Hell no. Overall. I'd like most of the prospects that are likely to be there. However, we have to PRAY that the Colts take Robinson and save us from ourselves.
  9. Then we draft him no questions asked and laugh our way to the bank. He'd be an upgrade over Jernigan in the long run and a potential stud to build around.
  10. Matt Miller, Mayock, and DJ are my go tos. All three could honestly be GMs, even if they have their fair share of misses. If I need any advice from a person I know, I generally look @-Truth-'s way. I don't trust Kiper or McShay and Walterfootball and Charlie are freaking terrible
  11. My money is on OJ Howard and Cam Robinson. Possibly Ryan Ramzcyk, but Ozzie will go Bama. I'd like 2/3. then again. I am broke for good reason so I shouldn't be putting money anywhere
  12. Time to win this, aka not score a single point Cam Robinson(Screw you Ozzie) Forrest Lamp OJ Howard Marlon Humphrey Eddie Jackson Takk Mckinley Jake Butt(I hope) Ejuan Price Channing Stribling Derek Barnett Chidobe Awuzie Corey Davis Tim Williams Ryan Anderson Dion Dawkins Taylor Moton Cooper Kupp Mike Williams Isiah Ford Rueben Foster Carlos Henderson Hasoon Reddick Fabian Moreau Tyus Bowser Jahad Thomas Pat Elflein Shaquille Griffin Chase Rouiller Randall Goforth Nico Siragusa TJ Watt Sidney Jones 33. Jose Jose(joke)
  13. I hope they draft Trubisky at this point tbh. I would not mind facing him twice a year at all. Just watch. Myles Garret will pull a Joe Thomas... Have a hall of fame career but no one will care because he's a member of the Browns
  14. I intentionally want to feel miserable if we draft Robinson
  15. WHY OZZIE WHY? "Lost come out of there" In a few minutes *refrains from finishing to avoid getting banned*