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  1. Probably. Poor Robin Williams' Genie. I pity the idiot who has to recast him.
  2. If you want to watch a great movie, watch the original, which still holds up incredibly well. I swear to god though. If they remake Aladdin, someone is going to die
  3. Beauty and the Beast. It was a play on the song "Belle" It was bad. Really bad. Emma Watson can't freaking sing. She has more chemistry with her father. The CGI on the beast is horrible. And frankly, Emma Watson is just a bad choice to play Belle
  4. There goes the remake oh my god I hate it. I hope this movie burns in hell Everything is the freaking same Oh my god it is so lame No doubt this does not deserve a crowd
  5. LOL. Could you imagine if an NFL team was just totally absent for 3+ rounds in the draft in spite of having picks. I'd hate to see how the fanbase reacts.
  6. All the more easier to burn a house down.
  7. Hmmm.. My chronic headaches have suddenly returned. Duz enywon hev n xplancion 4 diz?
  8. With the 43rd pick in the 3rd round, the New York jets select. Tim Tebow, QB we will never use. i mean Samaje Perine RB.
  9. You win
  10. It''s okay. You have Lindsey Duke. You win.
  11. I'll bite rodgers brady ben brees carr luck wilson ryan
  12. You've moved to the very top of my crap list.
  13. Hmmm. The Third Matrix The fifth die hard Batman and Robin Superman 4 Percy Jackson 2 All the twilight moveis(didn't willingly sit through them. But I did them nonetheless) The Star Wars prequels(1 and 2. 3 isn't bad) The Notebook(see Twilight. God that movie sucked) Gods of Egypt.
  14. Wut en Tarantination? Dood, downt desraspekt tha man's genuiz. Nawt kewl
  15. You're cool. Just a lot of fools.