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  1. New York Jets LB AJ Klein 3 stars
  2. New York Jets LB A.J Klein 1 star
  3. He ruined you. Another certain coach did that as well
  4. It only is valid if teams keep hiring and rehiring him in the game... In other news the Jets have hired Jeff Fisher. And now the Jets have fired him.
  5. I could think of about 7-9 reasons as to why this happened.
  6. If the Pelicans can get some three point shooting and a few depth pieces(VERY possible) then that becomes a good enough team to win a title. There isn't a team right now that can defend boogie and Davis, and Jrue is an above average PG who is a jack of all trades, very good at all type. They're not a championship team right now, but will be very soon.
  7. And @Deflated Football 14th may seem low but there are 64 starting safeties in the NFL. Meaning hes above average easily. I love me some Tony Jefferson, but Arizona won't let him go. I think we keep Juice at the end of the day. Still an underrated pick. I hate that people give Ozzie flack for this. Lol. He won't be too expensive. Love the Guy(no pun intended), but he's probably going to leave regardless. I think the organization is confident in Henry/Kaufausi going forward.
  8. Too far.
  9. Not the first time you've said that about this game... Still angry. I am as well given he doesn't usually like draft picks.
  10. This is just your daily reminder that Parity is dead in the NBA. Seriously.. You're putting the best center in the NBA(who will eventually be passed by Embiid but still is an elite player), with one of the three best players in the world? Both are big men with guard like skills? Both are very good defensive and offensive players? I hope they embarrass the warriors in the first round. But otherwise... OUTRAGE
  11. @52520Andrew This makes me hate you even more
  12. New York Jets P Jeff Locke .5 stars
  13. New York Jets WR Brandon Coleman 2.5 Stars
  14. Sadly I knew this was coming
  15. Holy crap lol. I hope the Texans can fix the oline, because if they do they're a legit super bowl contender now